July 8th, 2019


Saturday Sum-Up (late)

I'm not doing TTT this week, probably, so that should give me some time. [edit: LIES!] I kinda sorta maybe lost a horrifying chunk of last week reading evvvvery single participant's post (170) AND commenting on all the ones that stuck to the theme where I could possibly come up with something to say. It's clearly a topic close to my heart!

(nothing was wilder to me than posts of people who were "struggling" to fill the topic because they'd "already done it" (and?? you didn't have about 190 options??) or "I wasn't a big reader as a kid," the latter of which made me want to write a 9000 word essay about my childhood experience with books, but I didn't because I guess it was too imperative I spend 6 hours this week on the "Am I The Asshole?" subreddit, which wasn't even fun, just addictive)

ANYWAY, here's what's been filling my free time for the past 8 days:

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