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July 15th, 2019

a.k.a. "who needs Amazon Prime when I can wreck my bank account locally for secondhand goods."

I don't always take advantage of Half Price Books' Coupon Week -- last time I think I even gave away the almighty 50% off one, so sated was I on other media at the time -- but I was feelin' it this week and I went nuts. And so I display, for an undisclosed sum of money because honestly even w/ coupons these were not quite garage sale prices:

I got all the things! Literally DVDs, CDs, and books.Collapse )
That part was gonna be the whole post, except I started drafting it on Friday and then the next 3 days happened.Collapse )

Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

For this week's Top Ten Tuesday, I decided to divide my list in two: auto-buy and auto-read. Because I don't buy new books, but there are certainly authors where I'll automatically read (or plan to read) anything they release, I just get it from the library. I do buy old books, from secondhand stores and book sales all over, where I always have my eye out for certain names and will snap up their work whether I've read it before or not. So...

A select few...I could probably make this list twice as long with horse book authors alone.Collapse )
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