September 13th, 2019


I have Acquired Some Things!

It's rained all week, but last week I went to a garage sale and I spent $1 on a necklace (simple homemade craft but super cool looking, pretty paper featuring a bird silhouette against the back of a clear plastic square) and 25 cents for a December 1969 issue of Teen Magazine -- when my mom was 17! I was so excited to show it to her, and she was equally excited to browse through it. Especially the ads. "I USED THAT!!" she kept exclaiming over various products.

And today, because -- among the many fandom things I have failed to mention, I finally finished Good Omens, attempted to briefly join the main shipping faction because David Tennant's Amazing Face of Emotions & Feelings is too good to go to waste, and then just gave up and went into a full Doctor Who Ten/Rose spiral yesterday -- I trucked home a sizeable stack of anything Tennant-featured I could find in stock at the local library, including:

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