September 16th, 2019


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Did the hardest-core book cleanout I could manage last week, and pulled 42 titles of varying sizes to get rid of.

I took the high quality half to Half Price Books, but when they only offered $1.50 for the lot, I was like "bish plz," took them back, and proceeded to give away the entire lot to the public library for their upcoming book sale instead (yes, the one where I will be buying additional books in 9 days' time), minus the 5 that were in SUCH bad and/or spotty shape I sacrificed them on the altar of flame (a.k.a. the backyard fire pit as kindling). I also pulled a cheap DVD I bought at the dollar store simply to watch once, as well as 4 VHS tapes for Goodwill (Goodwill, bless its heart, still tries to sell them) after realizing I either have, or should get, them on DVD.

The biggest sacrifices -- why am I even recording these; I am a dimmy!! -- were:
[cut so I can't torture myself again until I'm ready to recall]-John at the Old Farm (1960, published in England, owned for 7 years but never read; flipped through it and realized it was prettier on the outside and the story didn't look that cool. Now Greyfriars Bobby has seized the place of this + the book below on the shelf)

-A Knight of the Wilderness (1909, owned for 15 years, its claim to fame has always been being my oldest book -- but I tried to read it once and got bored halfway through; I never fully figured out what it was about and ultimately I decided I did not care; I have many more old books now than I did when scoring this Cool Antiquarian Book for a buck was new and exciting)

-A massive ex-library Dorling Kindersly horse breeds book I scored for $1.50 within the past 2 years, one I dearly wish I could have kept because these are the horse breed photographs I fell in love with as a child, that are so deeply ingrained in my memory that just looking at them I can remember the backgrounds and stories I made up for them -- but I just don't have the space.

-The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (only hard because it was a gift from my parents when I was a kid, and there are an ever- dwindling number of those I've kept outside of series books & picture books -- but honestly, my mom made a good educated guess I'd like it, I just did NOT ever really get into the story and I couldn't understand why a lot of my peers were obsessed with it)

-Strange Red Cow: and Other Curious Classified Ads from the Past (a cool novelty/gift book of obscure latter-century notices, owned for about 10 years, but I never had time to properly look through it so I don't believe I'll miss it that much. I almost weeded it once before and chickened out. This time I stayed strong.)

Anyway, I still feel a strange twinge of vague regret, but mostly I think I was just so used to some of the books being here. The unending goal is getting all the books off the floor. And yeah, I still have floor stacks, but they're smaller now! I feel good about the books that remain. As well as the half dozen I have targeted for "read and release," which I might actually do this year.