October 1st, 2019


On the 12 Days of Bookmas, Your Book Curator Gave To Thee...

This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is "books w/ numbers in the title," and one of the suggested themes was doing the numbers 1-10. Well, I started doing that and immediately began singing the titles to the tune of a well-known carol, so clearly I had to make it 12. It's thematic because Book Christmas -- a.k.a. the annual Half Price Books Clearance Event -- is this weekend and I am BOUNCING W/ EXCITEMENT.

(I have already warmed up w/ 2 library sales, though I had to pace myself very carefully to try and avoid undoing all the progress of my recent book cleanout.)

But first, some of the best books I can come up with that feature numbers-of-nouns in their title.

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