October 5th, 2019


a spot of angry/sad

I'm legitimately afraid I've forgotten how to talk about TV in blog form. In the past week or 2 I've watched all kinds of things, and I have 4 blog posts in private drafts right now, but none of them ever seem...ready to post. They never feel "done." I don't have all my thoughts organized in the way I want, even after 2 hours on them, so I get frustrated and stop, but since they're not finished, I don't want them exposed to the world.

So I make crummy posts on Tumblr of 200 words or so, or I reblog some gifsets and spit out a few commentary tags to go with each one, and call it done. It's like the fandom part of my brain is atrophying, and I'm so frustrated because I am having some great experiences, and I'm having some decent thoughts, and I'm going to lose them. I didn't think that talking into the void bothered me; I've done it before, but I think after fully 2 years of near-silence -- in contrast to Tumblr, where I have at least THREE people who interact regularly with my posts -- it might, in fact, be starting to wear me down.

This post has been brought to you by: 4 episodes of There She Goes, 2 episodes of Evil, 2 episodes of Survivor, a load of (rewatching) Doctor Who (mostly partial episodes/scenes) and the entire first season of Broadchurch. Because even my inferior attempts at Sum-Up Saturday promptly faceplanted and failed, and I don't know how to start again.