October 6th, 2019


Book Christmas: 10th Year Special

I can't believe I've really gone to the Half Price Books Clearance sale every year since 2010. I'm so glad it's still going strong and the prices haven't gone up, especially since my local HPB raised their store clearance prices by a dollar on everything ($3 for most items, $2 for paperbacks and children's books)

I did make the unwise decision to read back my old posts about them, and on the heels of my recent book cleanout, it made me very self-conscious about how many things I've bought there that I've since gotten rid of; WHAT IF I MAKE BAD CHOICES AGAIN??; and I spent half an hour full of stomach-achey dread that maybe I shouldn't go at all. I felt this way a little at the library sales last month too, but at least there it was easier to stay (somewhat) restrained. With a universe of media at my fingertips tho?? Hmmm.

(if you're looking for what I actually bought, skip to the end. I like to draw it out. it's the closest I get to real journaling)

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