October 17th, 2019


Bad/Good TV

Carol's Second Act is bad, y'all. It's dumb and bland and everyone is, like, so conscious that they're just making a dumb show for cheap laughs. The veterans are hamming it up as hard as they possibly can. The newbies feel a little more earnest (I really love the stern boss who doles out grudging admiration), but not enough to feel like real people instead of walking joke machines.

Unfortunately, it's bad in that exact comfort-brain-food way I like when I'm tired and I can't even pick what show to watch, much less handle anything emotionally complex, but am just alert enough to want something new instead of the thousandth repeat of a favorite sitcom. Which means I have seen...all 3 existing episodes and I'm watching it live right now. Sigh. (P.S. this show would be fully 25% better if Lucas Neff had his nice Raising Hope-era hair instead of a gross buzzcut.)
In better news, I have absolutely no energy available to discuss Survivor, but here is my rough Island of the Idols cast ranking (of the remaining contestants) now that we're 4 episodes deep:
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