November 7th, 2019


Broadchurch: Season 1

"I cannot really enjoy [David Tennant's] face when he is so busy being an abrasive blowhard. Call me if he has a reason to comfort someone or otherwise display an ounce of sensitivity or internal pain; otherwise I'm out." -- from my soon to be relevant review of the Gracepoint pilot

Background: So, in the midst of my feverish Tennant-project content-digging, I got into the whump blogs again (please say this in the stern tone of someone describing a dog digging in the garbage, because that is what I am), and they showed me lovely things about DI Hardy being in hospital. Because of a heart condition. OH??

And then I found this and this and most of all THIS TAILOR-MADE-FOR-ME EPISODE GUIDE, and it was like, game on. I'VE BEEN CALLED! To the original rather than the remake, but same difference for the time being.

[EDIT: So I thought this was going to be a fun and semi-quick post but it turned into a massive project of 5,000 words that took me a month to finish writing, which is approximately 10x longer than it took me to watch. Oops. But now it is an even more tailored guide for Future Me's rewatch, so that's something.]

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