November 19th, 2019


Changes In My Reading Habits Since High School

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is all about change. It was very brave of me to even consider making this post, given how my entire brand is "change sucks / is to be avoided whenever possible," and I am generally suspicious of anyone who doesn't aim to find out who they are and what they like ASAP and then faithfully stick to and be happy with it.

BUT, high school is now about half a lifetime ago, depending how you count. And while I do still love me some realistic YA, books about animals, TV tie-ins, books older than me, and little to no cursing or sexual content in my fiction, when I started thinking it over, I realized that my annual reading habits actually have undergone some changes since then, AND it's even pretty cool to see. Probably because my brain can parse it as "data" instead of "change."

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