April 28th, 2020


Top [20] Books I Wish I Had Read as a Kid

"Nothing lasts longer in memory than childhood reading experiences."
--Anita Silvey, 100 Best Books for Children

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is a really fun topic, which is why I had to super-size it, and I look forward to being equal parts enraptured and dismayed by other people's answers. It also makes a smooth transition from last week (if you missed it, since I was too chicken to post an off-topic link to the roundup: 10 Childhood Books I Enjoyed But Rarely Talk About).

I was a voracious little reader in childhood, devouring books even faster than I do now, and I feel that despite my penchant for series books I was pretty widely read. This feeling has been confirmed by 2020's deep dive into books about children's books and being proud of how many on the older "best-of" lists I've read, and largely enjoyed.

However, I didn't get to all of them. Few kids can; it gets harder ever year to consume all the classics because newer classics keep being created. Thus, while compiling this list, I decided it needed 2 parts. Books I missed in childhood...and books that sadly didn't exist when I was a kid, because I have read some solid middle grade in the last 10 years that matches well to the books from my memories.

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