July 28th, 2020


Top Ten Books That Helped Me Transition Out of YA

This week at That Artsy Reader Girl is a choose-your-own prompt, and I've had this idea waiting to be deployed since May, so here goes!
I'm a comfort zone reader. I learned to read at age 4, but I didn't even find out the YA section of the public library existed until I was 11, and all the way into my mid-20s, YA remained my almost exclusive domain. I simply could not shake the certainty that outside of The Classics, adult fiction was all dreadfully boring, a conclusion I had drawn from basically everything that had won a literary prize and/or been assigned in school that was published after about 1950.

However, here and there I'd stumble upon a plot summary so irresisitible that I had to give it a try, even if it WAS a stupid adult book, and gradually I did that more and more until the balance shifted. I still avoid the heavy literary novels, but there are so many kinds of adult fiction that I have been able to establish a new comfort zone, mainly in thrillers and what you might call women's fiction. I never would have gotten there without the help of these "bridge" books.

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