September 10th, 2020

Happy Cat

First (Perhaps Only) "Used Book Sale" of the Year

I put this on Tumblr originally but should put it here too, for organization purposes. Now with updates/edits, exclusive to Livejournal!

All the used book sales are canceled this year for obvious reasons*, but my local Friends of the Library decided to put together a "curbside sale" to sort of make up for it. You reserve your bag(s) online, then drive up, pay, and receive a pre-filled bag of 10 books from the category of your choice.

[*Side Note: Three days after my visit, the sale shut down "out of an abudance of caution to allow volunteers and staff to quarantine due to a case of COVID-19." R U KIDDING ME.]

Anyway, the bags cost $5 apiece, which is a real gamble for random books, but it's also the cheapest and best risk : reward ratio of a "blind box" gamble I will ever make outside Neopets, so I decided to go for one to support the library. (Local restaurants? Small businesses? Don't care. This, I believe in.) I picked YA because that seemed like the one most likely to hit vs. miss on the selections.

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