February 28th, 2021


TV 2021

As evidenced by how desperately I struggled to even remember what I'd watched while doing last year's fandom in review meme, I need to start writing down what I watch. And since I've clearly given up doing TV reviews forever, I started keeping track on the reading/movie list, but I can see how quickly that will grow out of control. Ergo, I think that every two months (or maybe monthly, if I'm super fired up), I'm going to do one of these "TV roundup" posts so I can at least sort of talk about it what I've been watchin'. List format first, then more detail below.

* = rewatch

*Sister, Sister: 5x14-6x13
*3rd Rock From the Sun: 1x06
Call Me Kat: 1x01-04
The Chase: 1x01-04
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune: 1x01-04
The Hustler: 1x02-04
*The Office: 5x23-6x07 (minus 6x05. i hate it so much)
The Mandalorian: 2x01-03

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