April 4th, 2021


The Music of 2021: Quarter 1

Welcome...to another anemic version of The Music List. This just barely eked out enough numbers to post; I was this close to waiting until the midpoint of the year.

I've gone back to not really listening to music, because I hate using headphones and even though Chris is fine with me playing music through speakers when he's not working (he has amazing noise-canceling wireless headphones if it ever bothers him), I felt really awkward doing it at first and now I just...never think about it. It doesn't help that I STILL haven't replaced my creaky ol' computer, so getting Spotify up and running is something of a Herculean effort for it. And while I do have a commute again, I'm back to listening to audiobooks instead of CDs or the radio during it most of the time.


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