April 10th, 2021


Speaking For Ourselves, Too

I mentioned this book on TTT and I flailed about this on Tumblr, but I think I need a blog post to work through my feelings about the authors listed. It was like the best kind of Sporcle quiz, testing myself on how many of the names I know ahead of time, then how many I recognized after reading through their bios and looking them up on Goodreads.

If you need a quick refresher: this book is the second edition/group of authors deemed, by a council of librarians and other youth lit specialists, to be among the most notable/influential and still-active names writing for young adults, circa the early 90s. Given how mega-famous some of these names are now versus how totally forgotten others are, it remains incredible to me that they once would have all had similar name recognition. And while the list is limited to authors who were willing to submit a 2-page autobiography, it also remains incredible to me that some of the older names were not among the first 87, listed in the first book, to be chosen in the late 80s.

You can check the book out yourself to read it on Open Library, but here's a snapshot of the table of contents. How many do YOU recognize??

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