April 13th, 2021

Never Said Goodbye, Quinn

Book Titles That Sound Like They Could Be Crayola Crayon Colors

Hello TTT, been a while (by which I mean 3 weeks). I haven't had ideas for the last couple, nor did I have the spare time to think very hard about them, but this one's been locked & loaded for a month, so enjoy. I thought about annotating it, but ultimately decided they can stand on their own.

(Side note: I really liked the description for this week - "Take a moment and Google some of the crazy Crayola crayon colors that exist. Can you think of any book titles that sound like they could also be a crayon color? It might be fun to include a description of the kind of color you’re picturing," although I mostly didn't do that last bit because I was less creative and stuck more to proper colors. I will leave that up to you to interpret in more detail!)

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