May 2nd, 2021

Will facepalm


Despite basically living on a computer since 2006, apparently the 36+ hours a week* of near-constant typing or clicking at work + contining to computer after work have taken exactly 6 weeks to catch up with me and cause hand/wrist pain, so I dunno if I dare to spend time writing TTT this week after all, which sucks a lot! I was really looking forward to this one, but since it's "ten most recent reads," I couldn't exactly write it up in advance. You can still see the titles on my reading list post, but not the spontaneous mini-reviews I was going to add, though some have Goodreads links. I was gonna make it a double feature too, and include 10 recent rereads, but...alas. I also haven't had time to write up my new monthly TV post for march OR april yet, argh!!!

*I'm figuring active work time. Also last week I did 2.5 hours of overtime and this week I did 6 hours of overtime as we push toward end-of-project on May 18 and are currently way behind due to most schools putting off testing til the last minute, so that probably did not help.