July 27th, 2021


Ten Books I’d Want With Me On An Extended Island Vacation

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The original topic at That Artsy Reader Girl was "books I'd bring while stranded on a deserted island," but I'm always bad at that topic because I'd feel compelled to choose survival guides and maybe a novel or two with survival elements in it, and coming up with 10 excellent options sounds like more work than I have time for (I never did get around to returning all the comments on the last post, and probably won't have time to do so this week either, I'm ony sharing for people who want entertainment).

So instead, inspired by a combination of my circa-2018 fantasy of taking a leave of absence from work to go live in an isolated mountain cabin with a stack of books and no responsibilities (which the pandemic actually made come true, minus the relocation aspect), and the book I read yesterday -- featuring a woman sent to Alternative Rehab on a Caribbean island who had the option of paying to cheat her way through the program and kick back in a mansion the whole time instead -- let's imagine for a moment that I've signed up to spend 3 months detoxing from screens on a fabulous island, whose only (arbitrary) rule is that I am limited to bringing ten books with me for the duration.

These are the stories.

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