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O.C. Spoilers

I don't like the things I'm reading about the O.C.'s upcoming episodes.  Something about Summer & the Gang of Fools (which is how I intend to refer to all of her friends at Brown until I actually see them and can judge for myself) trying to rescue innocent fuzzy bunnies from science (which: THANK YOU GOD.  ALL RABBITS IN LABORATORIES ARE IN SERIOUS NEED OF RESCUE.  In the line of importance, they come right before rats and right after cats and dogs in terms of "way too cute and cuddly to hurt"), and it may result in (and I quote) "More freedom than they expected."  I really see only one way of reading that - sounds like Summer's gonna get kicked out of Brown.  Which is almost as ridiculous as the idea that Seth didn't get into Brown.  Dear Josh Schwartz: I thought you were famous for being a super-young showrunner.  Do you remember college?  Do you know how policies work?   How much research did you do, exactly?  Because it's pretty hard to get yourself kicked out of college for a single act.  Unless that act is, I dunno, murder or an act of terrorism (and unless they set bombs in the laboratory, busting out bunnies is only vandalism, breaking/entering, and theft, which ought to equal probation).  Besides, people EXPECT college kids to get crazy about the activism, especially at a liberal school like that.  Geeze.  Incidentally, I'm conservative on all issues except animal welfare and abortion, so it's been my experience firsthand that college kids are overwhelmingly democratic in their socio-political views. 

I also seem to remember last year, dear Joshy was all proud of himself for being "realistic" and not planning to have the fab four attend some "OC University" just for the sake of keeping the set together.  I was proud of him for actually letting the kids go to college, you know, like 70% of my high school did, and mine was public.  Private schools = considerably higher college-bound rate.   But I have to say, if this is what he's doing instead, with one dead, one CAGE FIGHTING, one deferring college for a semester (but you always knew he wasn't actually going to go; something would surely come up), and one actually escaping only to come running home because Orange County is just, I dream of there being an O.C. University.
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