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Poll winners & the only TV that matters right now.

 I should be asleep right now.  Why am I not asleep?  I have cleaning to finish early tomorrow morning.  But since I'm not asleep, I'm going to toss out this pair of reviews.

Oh!  And announce the winners of the "How Many Words Did I Write" Poll: The grand total is...*drumroll* 35,246!! (I am quite pleased that my last little 1-page essay tipped me into the next bracket)  That is a damn lot of writing.  Over a hundred standard pages, all told.  

eleigh & dreamingwriter picked the right level.  Just barely.  ;)


'Lost: Cabin Fever

I love how my opinions are usually the polar opposite of popular ones among Lost viewers. For example, everyone's raving about this week, and I am all highly-unimpressed "meh."

Remember how I really hated the Desmond episode? This one just barely ranks above it. I don't think I would have gotten through it if I wasn't still riding high on my Jim/Pam squee. I mean, you've got the freighter, you've got Locke flashbacks, and you've got 90% of the island time spent on Locke, Ben, and Hurley. Oh, and you've got freaking Christian Shepherd thrown in there too, just to up my ire a little more. THERE IS HARDLY A RECIPE FOR HIGHER FAIL. I'd rather see Jack & Kate make out again. I see this episode as necessary in terms of plot advancement, but it's no good on its own and I want the next episode immediately just for something interesting to happen.

(Also, after reading the TWoP boards, I have to state that if one more person mentions how hot Keamy is, I'm going to throw up. Are you quite sure you have eyes? Even if he wasn't a stone-cold mercenary, there would be nothing attractive about his blocky head and small, piggish eyes. I do not understand this fascination with his steroid-pumped arms, either. TWoP posters are weird.)

So. This is kind of like proof Claire is really dead, right, and Doc Jensen's theory last week was right on the money? Guess that answers my question about how she could possibly have survived that fireball. I have to admit there's something especially chilling about how they pulled that one off. Not sure how I feel about it, though. On the one hand, I feel cheated that they just ripped her away from me like that without warning. On the other, they could have just had the fireball kill her and be done with it, and maybe I should be grateful that they gave me an extra 1.5 more episodes full of Sawyer/Claire squee. And...AND HEY, NOW SHE AND CHARLIE ARE TOGETHER AGAIN. Ghost love! I believe in love beyond the grave and you can't stop me! But I'm still disappointed that yet another of my favorite characters has bit the dust.

The tiny part of the episode that focused on the beach was AWESOME, however, and I exploded from sheer joy at the sight of Juliet scolding Jack for being up and about instead of resting. How do you not love them? Despite the awful ending scene last week, Juliet is still adorably protective of him, in her sharp-tongued, "I'm not putting up with your crap" way. She knows how to handle him so much better than Kate does. Speaking of which, I have just a little bit of hope now that, despite the crappy flash-forward, Spoilerfix is reporting that Jacket is "down but not out" for the season. *clings*

Oh, and I'm glad that Sayid is finally off that boat, because he's one of my favorite characters and I was tiring of hating/being bored with all his scenes. I was also tired of the fact that because other people won't shut up about it, my first thought during his extended goodbye to Desmond was "Hurry up and get going! The Captain has no time for your mushy slash romance!"


'The Office: Job Fair

I love MTT beyond measure. Through hyper-analysis of the promo in conjunction with spoilers, they deduced that Pam's "yes!" was followed by a running step forward with arms starting to go out, therefore probably leading to hug (and/or kiss, but hope must be cautious) Jim for landing the big client. It made so much sense, I was sure I'd be disappointed. BUT NO. IT WAS EXACTLY SPOT-ON. And somehow there was even more after that. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I was a little bit sad that my roommate spent all night in the library and did not come back for our last Office viewing party. I generally prefer to watch my TV all by my lonesome, so as to avoid unwanted noise by other people, but I grew weirdly fond of this tradition over the past month. And it's much more fun to squee about Jim/Pam with actual people as opposed to a web page. And I'm still getting ahead of myself.

Overall, I actually liked this episode. Much more than last week. It's just really hard for me to concentrate on most of it, and I'm pretty sure I will never have the patience to watch anything except that scene again. Let me see if I can remember it...

The Bad

Andy. Andy will never, ever, ever not be irritating and/or disgusting, and I do not understand why they think that showing him with gross physical ailments is so knee-slappingly hilarious.

Why was Kevin the Accountant out on a potential sales meeting? I mean, other than to make sure I couldn't fully appreciate Hot Jim in casual attire? Because every time I started getting carried away by the sight, he'd appear in the scene, and kill all those feelings of squee. Kill them until they were dead.

Dwight & Angela, I thought only Michael was capable of making scenes completely unnecessary and pointless (see: last week's final monologue), but then we had an entire C plot of literally nothing happening. Angela & Andy playing Mad Libs was more scintillating than that.

The ending tag throwing all the giddy joy into a dark and twisty place of uncertainty. Not pleased. -.- 

The Good
"Today, I am meeting a potential client on the golf course, because Ryan put me on probation. You remember Ryan; he was the temp here." Ooh, I love when Jim takes that tone of voice. It's so dangerously pleasant.

I love the idea of Pam being back at her old high school (although I cannot fathom an instance in which "PMS" gets you out of gym class).

Oscar looking at Michael and saying, in not so many words, "What the hell is wrong with you?!" I can't remember the last time I loved Oscar so much.

Somehow, "You know what? Screw this," just became the most beautiful thing I have ever heard Jim say. I think I'm approaching close to a hundred rewinds of this scene, something I haven't done since "Money," because it is just so AMAZING! Seriously, I was happy enough with the hug, just because he lifts her up off her feet, and then she kissed him (in a very natural reaction,. I squealed quietly. Then suddenly, before I could even process what was happening, there was Unexpected Extended Kissing! At which point I erupted in a very audible, high-pitched "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!!!" I am pretty sure I can die happy now. In fact, maybe I should die happy, before they have a chance to muck this up. *goes off to watch scene another hundred times*

That being said, if I don't get my *real* engagement in the finale (with a "yes" answer, I might add), heads are going to roll. I did not expect an engagement this season; I thought surely they'd drag out the dating for at least a couple of seasons, but it's not something I'm going to argue with, and now that you've introduced it to me you can't not deliver. I DEMAND SATISFACTION, SIR.

...yeah, that review is a big giant mess, and I was sorely tempted to delete it and just post an extremely concise reaction, but I put forth effort, so the effort goes up. In conclusion: JIM/PAM KISSING = GREATEST MOMENT OF THE SEASON. Yeah, The Office might have just reclaimed its position as my #1 show. 

Next up: I shall concentrate on watching some backlogged TV, since I have...oh, I haven't counted, but probably 2 dozen episodes of my various shows to get through?  I thought Christmas was bad, but this is ten times worse, so there is no way I can ever complete all the individual episode reviews, and you will slap me if I attempt to try.  What I will do instead is watch them all together, and then devote maybe a paragraph or two to quickly summing up my thoughts on each one, like when I mainlined the first three seasons of The Office.  This is the plan, and I will stick to it!!

...oh God, so much TV, I have never let it pile up so badly before in my life! I bet I have enough to stretch out half the summer, if I wanted to.  Ugh.

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