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Office! Finale! Less than 90 minutes now! I don't know how I'm going to settle down long enough to watch the first part of the Lost finale immediately afterwards. Please, please let good things happen on Office! Please don't throw in evil wrenches to Jam happiness, and please be slightly more exciting than last year's finale, which was overly long and boring with an extremely underwhelming Jim/Pam ending. I want Casino Night proportions this time, people! CN proportions without the accompanying GWH afterwards! 

In my pure dedication to this show like no other at the moment, I have read every damn page of the MTT spoiler-speculation thread(s) for the past few weeks, which has gone wild with chatter (spoilers being few and far between, though we have managed to get most of the cold open off whatever talk show host aired it, and have gone over everything Ausiello and Kirsten have said with several fine-tooth combs) - I've followed three 68-page threads and we're on page 32 of the current one. I have so many potential ideas buzzing in my brain that I don't know if I'll feel vindicated or disappointed if/when any of them come true. 

I just really, really want it to be Office time! Right now! In lieu of that, have a Review Pile 3. I should probably stop calling them piles soon, as the quantity is shrinking while the individual length just keeps getting longer., all this stuff actually aired within the past week.  Go me!  *continues ignoring/falling further behind on older stuff*

First: I told you I was done with American Idol for the year, and I meant it.  But for lack of anything better to do (and to make sure I turned to CSI: NY on time) I was periodically glancing over at the (muted) results show while I watched Numb3rs last night. I have to admit that I sort of, kind of, just a little bit, like the way Porky Pig acts all supportive-older-brother to David, and he hugged Syesha rather adorably. I'm neither surprised nor happy nor disappointed that Syesha got sent home in 3rd, because I am past the point of caring. However, I am a little bit ticked off because way back at like, Top 10, someone on TV Squad said the rest of the season wasn't even worth watching and/or most of the contestants had no chance at winning, because it was just going to come down to a David v. David finale. I am SO ANNOYED that they got their way.


'Numb3rs: 4x17, Pay to Play
Yeah, by about halfway through the ep, I was not so much with the paying attention to the case. As amusing as it was to see the big scary "Kilo" (I think?) warm up like a puppy to Charlie because of his book ("Look at the professor, droppin' knowledge!"), the rap music was giving me a headache, and once Nikki Jardine the irritating widow got blown up, and I kind of stopped caring who did it or why.

Much more invested in the Charmita resolution, even though as it turned out, their very first scene was the best part of the episode and the resolution was a bit dull and anti-climatic. Speaking of said first scene, HEE. I rewound it five times before I could move on, and I've played it about ten times since. In addition to the not-quite-kiss, and Charlie's half-pouting "She *is* worried they're not gonna like me," there's a proper kiss to placate me, and then this wonderfully amusing exchange --

(on refusing to stay at La Maison d'Eppes while her parents are in town)
Amita: I didn't say it was rational, it just...feels weird.
Charlie: My dad knows you spend the night; that's never been weird.
Alan: Well it's weird NOW, thank you very much!

I hate awkward and uncomfortable dinner scenes, especially when it involves Charlie looking awkward and uncomfortable. Also, Amita's Parents, that's not cool! Not cool with the pleasant smiles and underhanded tactics! It might be slightly more bearable in repeats once I know that Hindu Adonis is gay and was never a threat. I can understand Amita being completely oblivious, in that case. You know, whatever gets me Petulant Charlie is OK.

Amita baking cookies is very cute. Rest of the final scene, meh. Except: "But you must realize, of course, that now you have to marry her." *snort* Has that not been obvious since their first moment of chemistry in "Waste Not"?

Also, I am sorely missing Megan considering she's about to say her final farewell, and not sure how to feel about the way Liz keeps popping back in and out. Are you here for good, or aren't you? Because I'd rather have Liz slide into Megan's spot than someone new, but I'd rather have permanency most of all. And I don't know how to feel about the Colby/Liz vibes. I've always been vehemently against it, but now that Spy is insisting it's all perfectly innocent between them, I think maybe I'm a little disappointed and would be on board with a fling after all. Or maybe I do just really like the idea of them as pals, as my brain is currently informing me that it in no way, shape, or form wants to see them kissing. Just hanging out.


'CSI: NY: 4x20, "Taxi"
ANGELL! Right off the bat, kicking ass and taking NAMES! God, I love that woman. And grabbing Flack and actually hauling him over the back of the car to get out of the maniac taxi's way? I am really no longer 100% convinced of my heterosexuality. Although I continue to highly approve of her sharing scenes with Flack, which is *incredible.* And I will never not love background on Flack, even though all those details about prom night seemed like a mouthful to get out, and not quite natural in conversation.

I don't like Quinn and I don't like Jordan, and having to deal with both of them in one episode was unpleasant, but it was still better than seeing Adam. I was rather happy with total lack of Adam and what, one scene with Sid? Yeah, I'll take the annoying women any day. Plus, how GREAT was it to see Lindsay mastering all the computer operations?

I swear if Reed gets any dumber, he's going to forget how to breathe. "Let's see, a source told me that the cabbie killer's (first) NAME. Should I...a) inform the police of this fact so they can actually catch him? or b) post it on my blog, where it will likely incite violent public reaction?

And since when was Reed 23?! I was having a hard enough time believing he was in college at all, much less being a recent graduate. However, he does cry pretty, and wow, the kid is brilliant with the creative, undetectable clues, not to mention more compelling writing than I could come up with after working all night. It almost makes me want to forgive this season's sulkiness and stupidity.

I've fallen off the spoiler grid on this show, so I was pretty freaked about Reed's life at the end - especially when they found him clinging to life with a slit throat. That was INTENSE. Between Stella's desperate "My hand is too small!" and Mac's rare moment of losing the ever-present edge to his voice with the last "Don't die on me"...yeah, best scene of the ep right there.

Although I really liked Mac sitting at Reed's bedside, too. Despite the fact that I'm kind of wondering where REED'S PARENTS are - you took great pains to let us know that they not only exist, but are really great people, remember? - but I choose not to care about that fact, because it's so much nicer to take my brain into fantasyland. Where Claire never gave him up, and Mac's been his stepfather since he was little. This scene (and the final one) are even more enjoyable with that belief in mind.

Other stuff (which...looks a lot like the above section, but is different somehow!  slightly more disjointed!):
Why, WHY would you eat a monkey? I'm not a fan of primates, ugly like people, and I'm not to much fonder of monkeys, but Capuchin monkeys ("white-throated monkeys," what?) are really cute.

Aw, "Montana!" I've missed that nickname too.

"You guys are here every other week!"
"Uh, there's a KILLER out there, and he happens to drive a CAB?"
Stella snark FTW. She and Flack were just 100% on in this episode, great working team. Also, Angry Flack is hot. Always has been, always will be.

I don't normally care about the victims on this show, but "Claire" was really pretty. I was bitter about her death. (also: how do you make being bound and gagged in a trunk more terrifying? throw a dead body in there too. *shudders*)

YES, the carvings were a Bible quote! I'm glad I wasn't crazy for believing that. I mean, I feel like on every other crime show, whenever there are number/letter combos, biblical passages are one of the first things they check, so I still don't understand why it took them so long, but...meh.

I always enjoy the arcs on this show, though, and the Taxi Cab Killer was no exception.


'Medium: season 4 finale, "Drowned World"
I don't know about you, but if I'm a kid who's been waiting for my parents to get back, and they don't come through the door within a minute or two? I'm going to run out and find them. What I'm saying is maybe Allison & Joe should have held off a little on the celebratory sexin' until they made sure all eyes under the age of 9 (and preferably 16) were abed. Is it just me, or has their love life gotten a major boost this year? I feel like I didn't see nearly as much of this in the partial season I watched last year. I'm not complaining about that, in general, I'm just trying to UNHEAR THOSE LAST FEW SECONDS. (show! You have excellent boundaries in place! Do not start crossing those lines!!)

Final scene aside, I was really surprised how the Megan Doyle arc turned out. It never occurred to me that the whole coming-on-to-Joe thing was an act specifically designed to make him sell his half of the partnership. That's COLD. How glad am I that Joe not only gets the quarter-of-a-million lump sum, but a job offer from the guy who bought the idea?

Oh, and a note on the opening scene - I loved Joe's dreams about possible ways to confront her. I liked him hurling the $2200 robe at her head, but blasting her full of bullet holes was pretty hysterical too.

Really was not paying attention to whatever was going down at the DA's office, and needed a recap to tell me why Van Dyke was leaving (prostrate cancer). Meh. I don't really care who the DA is, to be honest. I hate one and am bored silly by the other, so...six of one. Was a lot more intrigued by the haunted house and the CHILLING know, I could handle the baby drowning. Given that the thing was screaming its head off, it was kind of a relief to have her plunge it underwater. But the little girl fully aware of what was happening, and screaming and sobbing and *begging* her mother to let her go? That ripped me apart. Anyway. That seemed like it could have been a really interesting storyline, but then once Kelly killed herself, I had no idea what was going on. Either I stopped paying attention because it got boring, or it was sloppy writing. Comments on the TV Guide finally cleared it up for me, but yeesh!

I seem to recall a lot more Joe/Alison cuddling, but I wasn't taking notes and I refuse to sit through the online player with its imprecise skip functions and the ads you can't avoid even if you're only watching bits and pieces of the episode, so I'll just leave it at that. And be glad there was no cliffhanger in this finale. RESOLUTION: IT IS YOUR FRIEND (especially in May).

Why is it only 6:48!  It needs to be 8!  Can I skip forward in time, and use this useless extra hour right here for sleeping tomorrow morning?  I HAVE NOT  BEEN THIS EXCITED ABOUT A TV EPISODE IN AGES.  Must lower expectations!  Must!  Also must stop using exclamation points!  Yet cannot!  Time to hit post now. 

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