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Grey's Anatomy, 4x13-15

I think it may speak to my obsession with adoration of So You Think You Can Dance [STARTING THURSDAY, EEH!] that I spent a few hours today watching reruns of last season on MTV.  (though to be fair, this is the best stuff on the channel)  And most of it wasn't even the show, it was the audition & Hollywood rounds.  But it's a lot of fun to go back in retrospect and see clips of the eventual Top 20 before they made it in.  Man, I miss Lauren.  And Neil.  And Pasha!  Heh, it's funny to hear them talk about how they worry about his lack of versatility outside ballroom, when he ended up being amazing in just about every style.  

Also, I found it amusing that I didn't remember Jimmy at all.  Seriously, until they listed his name, I looked at him and was like "When was THIS guy on the show?!"  Oh, season 3.  You had an awful ending, and some bad apples, but in the end you were almost as great as season 2.  I hope season 4 delivers the same way.  Anyway.  I eventually broke that addiction and finished catching up on GA.  My sunny Saturday off has been highly productive, obviously.   

4x13, "Piece of my Heart"
  1. Holy hell, I am so excited for this episode, you don't even know.  ADDISON ADDISON ADDISON ADDISON ADDISON!  For those of you who don't know or don't remember, Addison was the best thing about Grey's Anatomy.  Unlike many people, I see no difference in her character between Grey's and Private Practice, which is why it so delights me to get her away from the craziness of this place.  However, having her back for just one episode is - I hope - going to infuse the thing with life that not even the joys of Cristina Snark or Derek/Rose can bring.  Here we go!

  2. Heyyyy, it's Addison, and WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR, WOMAN.  It's all dark and sad and joyless.  BOO. 

  3. Awww, Addison/Bailey moment.  I love how Bailey is like a little munchkin next to her - Addie actually has to look *down* to find the voice.  HEE.

  4. I am so sick of Hahn snubbing Cristina.

  5. Did Meredith add blonde streaks to her hair?  It looks better, much more vibrant than her dishwater color of before, but...why did everyone get hair makeovers this week?

  6. *melts from sheer pretty factor* Oh, God, I miss Addek.  I hated it while it was happening, but my thinking turned around just as it ended.  They are so *perfect* for one another.  I miss them.  I want to believe in a future where they get back together.  I don't even need Meredith to die first.

  7. *DIES LAUGHING* Hee!  Addison is all proud of herself for hugging the husband-stealing whore.  I may have added that last word in there.

  8. You know what I didn't miss?  Addison/Mark interaction.  *hates*  See, THAT'S why I was so overjoyed when she flew the coop.  Even Sleazy Anti-Chemistry Pete isn't as bad as this.

  9. You know what else I didn't miss?  Addison/Alex interaction

And, um...that's pretty much where my rantview ended, only a few minutes in, because I was too captivated by how delightful it was to have Addison back.  It was every bit as good as I hoped - I mean, aside from the creepy part where she talks to Callie and the eye-rolling part where she meets Rose - and the beginning of the Alex/Ava stuff (I always forget her real name, and anyway, around him it's just easier to call her Ava.  It flows off the tongue) was so intriguing that it got me to slam down the next two episodes immediately afterwards.

Speaking of said stuff, it was about TIME some of this irresponsible sex had consequences.  One STD outbreak seems disproportionately low as far as consequences go, so I was all on board for an unplanned pregnancy.  Alex reacted exactly as I might have expected him to react - assholishly - and yet I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  Because somehow, I still believe that after he finishes being an ass, there's a part of him that can do the right thing.  Only Ava brings out that response from me, though.  I don't want him anywhere near my beautiful Addie, or my endearing Izzie (well, she's endearing half the time).  Just Ava.  I have weird faith in their ability to parent a child together, romantic entanglement or not.

Which is why it sucked to find out that she wasn't pregnant.  At this point, I was desperately hoping to find out she had some disease that had resulted in loss of the developing baby, because no part of me believes that Ava would actually lie about a pregnancy.  It doesn't make any sense, and husband-ditcher or not, she doesn't strike me as the type. 

I liked the return of the interns, even though the one of Izzie's without a neck still disturbs me.  I didn't like the return of the interns who all show up hung-over at work, with George as their Party Leader, and a sad, sad exclusion of Izzie from everything.  And no, I don't think I will ever stop being bitter that the only two people who rooted their relationship in friendship first couldn't get beyond that point.  Yay for Izzie kicking her interns into line, though.

I didn't know that HIV-positive people could deliver healthy babies, which is cool and impressive.  I still have a problem with the whole mother-has-a-terminal-disease-without-a-cure thing, though.  So it's cruel to risk giving the disease to a child, but fine and dandy to guarantee that he or she is going to lose his or her mother at a fairly young age?  ("young" defined as "before adulthood")  And to have him or her constantly worry that their father is going to get it too?  I'm not saying these things should automatically stop you, but I'm surprised this didn't even cross their minds as a concern.  Then again, I also haven't been keeping up with the world of AIDS medication, and I don't know how long people are living these days.  

Scattered Extra Rantview Thoughts
 -OMGWTF.  I unfortunately [think I] know where this is heading now, but WTF is with people thinking Callie and Hahn are a couple?!  Damn 21st century; that shouldn't even exist as a possibility in your head.  I'm telling you, if the internet wasn't abuzz with chatter, this wouldn't have crossed my mind yet.  Now I'm all worried because my best friend in high school and I were like each other's shadows (even some of our teachers would ask if we were glued together) and we neither had boyfriends nor screwed around like whores drunk on tequila.  Yet I promise you we were not having a fantabulous gay affair!  Sigh. 

-Wait, Bear Attack Guy DIED?  *weeps irrationally* But!  His poor widow!  

-The Addison/Bailey scene breaks my heart.  I *do* miss their interactions.

-Ahahaha!  *dies laughing* Uncomfortable Elevator Time!  Derek's Ladies: past, present, and future!  (In case you're unclear, Addison is the last one) 

-I don't understand why Hahn hates Cristina for wanting approval all the time.  Because I mean, there's desperately needing outside validation (that would be me, who thinks everything she writes creatively or for school is utter crap unless/until someone tells her they like it), and there's wanting to told you've done a good job instead of being treated like you're a useless idiot and frequently ignored altogether.  I think Cristina's desire to be acknowledged is perfectly reasonable.

-I feel like I should jump on the bandwagon and think Addison is great for telling Meredith to fight for Derek, except...I don't.  I like Derek/Rose, and while I understand why Addison said it - Lord knows I'm frustrated on a routine basis by the fact that if he's going to throw his awesome wife away forever, it had damn well better be because he's met his soulmate - I hate the fact that it's going to kickstart another cycle in the never-ending Epic Tragedy that is Mer/Der.  Which I am so amazingly, completely over.  Because I have Rose.  Whom I know is going to be taken away from me, but whom I shall love as long as I can anyway.


4x14, "The Becoming"

  1. Why hello, Miranda with Baby Toddling Tuck!  Explain to me why the Mommy side couldn't come out before the divorce?  Maybe if you'd been involved like this before, Tuck Sr. wouldn't have gotten so overwhelmed and frustrated in the first place.
  2. Ugh.  I don't even know what to do with Mark/Callie.  I hate them both so much that the sight of them together produces combustible rage, and yet I feel like I should be grateful that if two horrible people are together, they can't corrupt anyone else.  Yeah, I guess I'm grateful, especially since they were kind enough to stay in the closet and not force me to witness another round of unholy naked time between them.  Blech.
  3. Oh, this is the one where Isaiah Washington sued for using his likeness without permission, or something.  As much as I love the man, that is the stupidest and most petty argument I have ever heard. 
  4. *pause* OK, um, I know I was all hot for Alex/Ava, but I kind of convinced myself to forget about her pre-existing kid.  Now I'm a little bit angry on behalf of that poor child.  It's a daughter, right?  She's going to hate her mom for leaving someone as awesome as her dad.  Mark my words.
  5. I can't believe Alex is actually going to find a place to live with animals.  I know she's not actually pregnant, but if she WAS, I would foresee him sticking with her for about a month after the birth before the screaming baby drove him nuts and he stormed out, promising child support and nothing else.
  6. Wait, Hahn hates Cristina when she's too eager, she hates her when she ignores her...what the hell do you want?
  8. NURSES BOYCOTTING SURGERY!  This is excellent.  Go union rep, go union rep go! ...GO ADELE!
  9. I find the "Date and Tell" arrangement rather delightful, myself.
  10. Cristina - are you singing?  Why are you singing?  Shut up!  I hate singing!  Unless this is Their Song, in which case I will just go curl up a little ball and whimper because I so desperately miss --
  11. Oh.  Never mind, it's "Like a Virgin," a song which I did not recognize because I have never heard it in its entirety, because the title of the song makes my lip twitch, and because the chorus I am hearing right now is so freaking gross.  Do you honestly need to wonder why I hate Madonna?
  12. Lexie's singing voice is much prettier than Cristina's, though.  I wouldn't mind hearing her sing more often.
  13. You know what?  Despite the fact that I know Meredith is just burning up inside with twisty sexual tension, I really kind of like Mer/Der working together as plain colleagues.  See, Burke worked as both a teacher and a lover.  Derek can't straddle both roles (oh, unexpected bad pun), and even though he's done some very Dreamy things over this 4-year arc, I stubbornly maintain that he's at his best when he's simply teaching her.
  14. Yes, how WOULD you know to skip over the scary part of the fairytale for kids unless you had some of your own? *eye roll*
  15. Izzie: Dr. Bailey, if I can't get a hold of my patient, is it okay to give her test results to her *friend*? /// Bailey: (with OMGWTF ARE YOU BRAIN-DEAD? face) No!  Hilarious, I tell you.
  16. HEEEEE!  Miranda "is the only person in the whole hospital who is exempt.  Congratulations."  Awesome.
  17. Oh God oh God oh God I do not actually need to know about Rose's semi-sex-life with Derek!  (and there's a TV show title pun in there somewhere)
  18. Oh, that Burke.  Kicking ass even when he's gone.  *is impressed by his winning the award*
  19. Okay, okay, okay, WRITERS.  THIS IS NOT FAIR.  As much as I don't like Hahn in comparison to the other cardio surgeons, I like her anti-Sloan stance a lot.  But I really hate that she's throwing a fit now not because he's courting Callie and she thinks he's gross for doing so, but because he's courting Callie and she's jealous of him.  The line "But we *don't* think you're a good guy" was really, really amazing, and made me laugh, until Callie failed to agree.  You see, in the normal world, if my best friend ditched me to hook up with a sleazy man like Mark, I would make that same disappointed/disapproving/betrayed face.  It would not be because I wanted to sleep with my best friend.  It would be because said sleazy man did not deserve someone as awesome as my best friend.  Why can't we have that here?  Why does that not work in your lust-crazed Seattle Grace world?
  20. I mean, I base this all solely on the impression I've gotten from other peoples' abstract chatter, without finding out any specifics, but they are heading to a slash place, aren't they?
  21. Army Guy scene again.  *closes eyes and visualizes* Buddies buddies buddies!  I am going to believe in this until forced to believe otherwise!
  22. ...which lasted about three more seconds.  Wow.  Thanks for that.  You know, there are reasons I refuse to watch Torchwood.  Half of them are Jack all on his own, but certain things just don't appeal to me visually!  Among them are human babies, Puggles, and men kissing.  Sorry.
  23. *throws up hands* And of course!  Of course we're going to have a pissed-off father, who is Red Blooded Traditional American Male, and will disown his Wicked Faggot Son for being all unnatural-like.  Can't parents ever just plain disapprove without exploding in apoplectic rage?  Or better yet, can't we write a storyline where a parent finds out like this, and just looks surprised, and then goes "Hey, whatever, your choice"?
  24. Ten bucks says the father comes around by story's end.  Possibly after his son's death.
  25. GO ROSE.  This is one of the reasons I love you. Sloan: Tell them I'm a good guy!  A good guy who happens to be mind-blowingly good at sex. // Rose: Yeah, see, but that?  All the talk about all the not what I think of as 'good-guy' behavior. 
  26. OH MY GOD, MY MARK SLOAN HATE JUST SHOT THROUGH THE ROOF.  No, actually, it went through a whole second roof that's so high I didn't even know it EXISTED.  Sloan: I hate women like you.  You string sex along like it's some *prize*, when really you're just afraid that if you give it up, he'll lose interest.
  27. OK.  OK!  One, if that comment makes Rose sleep with McDreamy out of misguided insecurity, writer heads will roll.  Two, I can't even articulate how disgusted I am with that second statement.  So women should never be discriminating about who they bed, ever?  That...that...this show offends feminist sensibilities I didn't even know I had.
  28. Yeah, I'm not even going to deal with the gay soldier storyline from here on out.  In the abstract, I can see the romantic appeal.  But the deep kiss mars that the same way sex scenes of any kind do in the show's various other storylines, so I'm giving up on it entirely.
  29. OK, this is really gross and embarrassing.  You can't POSSIBLY tell me Rose couldn't have approached him for the disclosure form a) not in front of all the interns and b) NOT IN FRONT OF MEREDITH.  Stupid cheap tricks for drama.
  30. Oh, Lexie, it's okay.  I forgot Alex had sex with you too.  No, wait, I blocked the memory.  That's it.
  31. Aw, bonding moment between Cristina & Meredith.  That's cute.
  32. HAHAHAHA BAILEY SNARK IS EVEN GREATER THAN CRISTINA SNARK.  I LOVE her sarcastic detailing of all the men she's pretend-slept with.  But, um, please do not undermine the system, Awesome Bailey!  I love this system.  It provides many lols, and I feel it is entirely necessary to embarrass the hospital staff for their indiscretions.  (was there another purpose to this thing?  I can't remember)
  33. ...oh my God, Bailey, seriously, why are you going off on the Chief?  Woman!  He exempted you because he thinks you are smarter and more mature than most people here, and perhaps the only person smart enough to avoid having sex WITH PEOPLE YOU WORK WITH.  The form does not ask you to describe all sexual encounters.  The form asks you to list sexual encounters with hospital staff.  ONLY HOSPITAL STAFF.  Put 2 and 2 together.  It was a compliment!  *is frustrated*
  34. HAHAHA!  I LAUGH HYSTERICALLY AT SLOAN'S FAKE PAIN.  You know, if they have to cancel surgeries because nurses refuse to work with him, the smartest course of action would probably be to fire him. I'm just saying.
  35. Aw, the nice mother just crashed.  That sucks.
  36. WHOA!  I thought it was over, and there's still a third left. 
  37. Now see, why would the soldier being there make you uncomfortable?  Why would his mere presence make you uncomfortable?!  The kissing is very uncomfortable, yes, I'll grant you that.  But him standing there, or even them just being together, there should be no problem there.
  38. Aaaand, now I don't know how to feel about Todd being dead.  Meh.  At least they killed the ugly one?  Oh, and I win ten imaginary  bucks, I think.
  39. Go Bailey, head slap McSleazy!
  40. Ooh, I love Cristina right here.  YES!  YES!  AIR YOUR GRIEVANCES ABOUT HAHN!  Or...keep whining about Burke, whatever. 
  41. *jaw drops* "I was his hand.  And now I'm a ghost."  Brilliant, beautiful speech.
  42. Bailey, that's a great speech too, about why Mark the Whore, in spite of everything, deserves to have his personal and professional life separated, so get your asses back to work with him kthnxbai.  Can I get a copy of it?
  43. And the great speeches just keep coming!  "You think I'm scum.  You think I can't do this.  But it's my KID, Izzie!  MY kid!  And what you think doesn't matter!" Holy damn, I suddenly want Alex to be an unexpected father so bad.  I take back what I said.  This sudden surge of responsibility and devotion is one of the few times in his life he's seemed hot.
  44. Yeeeeeah, there's a little too much nervous laughter going on there from both Callie and Hahn for it to be a true joke.  Damn it.
  45. HEY, WRITERS, you know that rule about "showing" vs. "telling"?  When it comes to a Richard/Adele reconciliation, I could do with a lot more "telling" versus "showing of skin."
  46. *continues laughing at Mark's fake pain*
  47. Derek: I slept with her.
Me: Damn it.  [edit: in related note, thank you for telling and not showing.]
Derek: The whole time I was --
Derek: --thinking about Meredith.
Me: DAMN IT!  Poor Rose.  She let herself care, didn't she?  I told her not to do that.  This was only supposed to be a fling, a taste of the dream, like dating a celebrity.    And if she's emotionally invested, well, this is awful.  BASTARD.

49. I'm sorry, "whore."  Heh.
50. Man, I am so over the therapist.  Booooring.


4x15, "Losing My Mind"

Alex/Ava: Aww, they were ridiculously adorable at the beginning!  Why can't they be having a baby for real?  I don't want her to be all sick and crazy.  Her shocked/angry response at Izzie's notion that she was trying to "trap him" was perfect, but when she broke down in hysterical tears at the end, sobbing out apologies for "losing [their] baby"... *curls up in corner and weeps* I love that instead of immediately walking away, as I would have expected from him, Alex just orders Izzie to butt out and then comforts her.  The insistence that they were fine and he'd take care of her just undid me in ways that I honestly don't think have happened since he carried Izzie out of Denny's room.  ALEX.  STOP MAKING ME LOVE YOU.  God, this is beautiful and oh-so-sad all at once.

Derek/Rose: Oh GOOD, even if he wasn't into it, I'm glad that she got a "mind-blowing" night out of it, and even more glad that she's still taking it in stride.  But then there was the ending, and that was sad and irritating.  When McDummy said he wanted this to be "easy," I really wanted Rose to say "I'm not easy."  Prime opportunity wasted there.  And - wait, you're just going to ACCEPT that?  ROSE, NO!  ARGH!  This is the first time I've been disappointed in her.  You want the fairy tale!  You deserve to play with the fairy tale a little longer!  Mer/Der were not a fairy tale.

Cases: I was hoping Andre was real - and even if he hadn't been, SHUT UP, MEREDITH; let her have her delusional fantasies.  They're fun! - and I loved being vindicated.  If only the reveal hadn't come too late.  Show, you can stop killing patients for sport any time now.

Meredith Crap: I skipped every scene with the therapist.  I hate this woman on the same level I hated Mer's stepmother.

George & Toddler Tuck: Most adorable thing ever; can he play babysitter all the time?  I really thought the Miranda/Tuck Sr. scene was going to be  the beginning of a reconciliation, though, and was cruelly tricked when it led to their biggest fight yet.

Callie/Hahn kiss: "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT WHY WHY." Oh my God, oh my God, oh my GOD!  YOU DON'T DO THAT FOR ANY REASON!  I am quite literally pounding my fist into the desk with outrage right now.  I think I bruised my hand.  I'd rather have had you suddenly push them into a lesbian affair in lieu of that.  Having Hahn kiss her just to shock/1-up Sloan was gross, and brings to mind stupid college girls experimenting for fun, because it's the cool new thing to do.  *passionately hates*  Also?  For someone who was just whining about it being hard for her to make friends, she just did a pretty effective job of destroying that one.  Because if my friend felt a need to kiss me for any reason, I promise you that would be an instantaneous and permanent end to our association.

Hey, look at that, the SYTYCD marathon is still going on.  I'm going back to that now, since we're on performances.  OOH!  Remember Hok & Jaime's hummingbird/flower dance?  That was amazing.  And remember scuzzy Kameron?  He was not.
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