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A Heaping Helping of HIMYM

I really, really love How I Met Your Mother (hello best comedy on TV!), a fact which I seem to forget on a routine basis only to re-realize it every time I see another installment. I still don't know how I was able to knock it off the watchlist for so long, but on the bright side, getting to have a 4-episode marathon was pretty great, since I've never seen more than one at a time. The show is like candy! God help me if I ever get my hands on a DVD set.
3x15, The Chain of Screaming: MARSHALL-CENTRIC EPISODE! Absolutely loved it; I can't remember the last time an episode flew by so fast. Could have done without the whole horny-Lily gag, but they are still one of the sweetest couples ever, and the "I love you" in the car at the end reaffirmed why Marshall is my favorite character. The fact that a lot of it took place in the bar (or the car, which was kind of an extension of the bar) helped, as did the fact that Ted & Robin had minor parts. Oh, and seeing Barney at work was priceless... "our friends, the North Koreans" definitely doesn't sound out of place with what I've always imagined he does...
Skipping over the unholy Barney/Robin episode we've already seen, which in retrospect was quite possibly the least entertaining of these five...

3x17, The Goat: OMG, THERE WAS AN ACTUAL GOAT! Somehow I didn't believe there would be, as the word in a title automatically makes me think of that awful Brock Cole book The Goats," the first few pages of which traumatized me for years after I started to read it at age 11 or so. (a boy and a girl at summer camp are abducted by their peers and stripped naked and dumped off on an island! And for some reason there is actual description of the girl's body! No thank you sir!)

However, I adore goats; I think they are one of the cutest animals around. They're just like dogs with hooves, and in the unlikely event that I ever get to live in the country, I plan to own a couple. "Missy" was especially cute because she looks just like my former best friend's goat. Can she come back at some point, or has she been banished to the same place of abandoment as Robin's dogs? I'm going to stop talking about this before my old feelings of bitterness and resentment and boycotting over that debacle come back, but just know that the show gets many, many points for having a cute animal.

Also points for more amusement with Barney's Company of Secret Evil, and for Barney/Marshall interaction in general (which may be the greatest thing ever), and general Bro Code hilarity. What I do not understand, however, is why this is such a big deal. Seriously, I have never understood why it is taboo to hook up with your friend's ex. If you couldn't keep her, why does that preclude anyone else from trying? Makes it a little hard to care about anything involving Barney & Ted. Not that it's not always hard to care about anything involving Ted, but usually Barney can fix that. Not this time.

As for Barney/Robin, meh. I don't think I actually have an opinion anymore. That, or I've just been placated by the accompanying fic. Yeah, that might be it. You will now read this story to complete your episode viewing experience. This will fill in all the gaps you might have found lacking.

Yes, I heard him say that Robin was living there on his 31st birthday. No, I don't care when the writers try to bait me with crumbs. When you officially introduce that storyline, *then* I will start to be interested in it.
3x18, "Rebound Bro": ...I will really never understand why TV sitcoms mandate sex within, like, the first week or risk gasps of horror when people find out how terribly long it's been without them sleeping together. I mean, 2 months? Seriously? Does the adult world actually move at rocket pace, or is that just sitcom writers on speed?

I am pretty sure that my vehement hatred of Barney/Robin - which seems to have abated entirely, to the point where I kind of miss the sadly wasted opportunity - has completely picked itself up and moved on over to plant itself on Ted/Stella. Hate. HAAAAATE. I don't even know why, because I really adore her horse-crazy daughter, but Stella is driving me insane. I think I might hate Sarah Chalke. All those years of Scrubs reruns, and it took a new comedy to realize that. Interesting. But yeah, can she leave soon and never return? I also don't understand why it's such a big deal either a) that she hasn't had sex in a while, or b) that Ted informed other people of this fact. Now, if he turns around and tells them in detail what she's like in bed, *that* would be a trust issue I could understand.

On the bright side, Robin is still insanely hot in that shade of green (in the teaser). And I liked her coming in to help his abysmal failure of a rebound bro. Even if she only did it under duress, it was still fun to watch. Good chemistry there, which I am only now beginning to fully realize. In my defense, I am like a 90% straight-canon-shipper.
3x19, Everything Must Go: AWWWWWWWW, DOGS! So many cute mutts in the vet's office! Show, I can see that you clearly miss having animals around. So please, go ahead and bring Robin's dogs back. The reasoning doesn't have to make sense. Just do it. Hey, you know what, some people are clearly going to lobby for Barney/Robin forever. I choose to direct my futile efforts towards the return of the four-legged cuties. Different strokes.

Lily's "art" really is awful, though. I do not understand why it's currently being auctioned off for hundreds of dollars. Not even for charity would I chip in more than a couple of bucks to own something like that.

In an unrelated note, Britney/Abby was much more bearable/enjoyable this time around; I'd rather see her than Stella. Loved her whole matching-sweaters bit with Barney. Died laughing at her semi-anti-Ted fixation. Stupid Ted. He's so lame and awesome. (*is still giggling*) Oh, and I did not see her being the mysterious blonde woman ruining Barney's game. Was that always the plan, or did they work that in after her first appearance? I have no concept of timelines anymore. But that was excellent.
OK, finale, come get me. I've been promised emotional cliffhangers. I'm pretty sure you can't be worse than The Office, but go ahead and try.
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