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Overdose on ER

Ahhh. Closed out the remainder of the season - a solid half-dozen episodes - today. Highly enjoyable. Now if only I could find Without a Trace somewhere on the godforsaken internet, I'd be all set. Wow, I love that just forgot Surf the Channel even existed. Completely forgot. Never mind then, I'm good!

14x14, Owner of a Broken Heart: I half-liked the flashback sequences with Luka & Abby, half didn't. The earlier ones were weird, because when I was watching the older reruns on TNT, I realized that few characters have shown as much growth and progression as Luka Kovac. He was kind of an immature idiot back in the day; no wonder I shipped Carby. But with Luby Love 2.0, he became a much more mature, responsible, emotionally developed man, and it was nice to see the bits from when Abby first announced she was pregnant, and the happy, happy days that were last season. Oh, and I liked the scenes in the fact that they existed; the content was a little iffy.

I bit my nails throughout the whole episode, but then he met her in the airport, and it was the most beautiful wordless scene they've had in a while, between her speed-walking over, dropping her bag at the end to hug him, and the fact that he pulls her into a tight hug and there is *smiling* and a top-of-head kiss, and they both just look relieved to be back together...I went to bed happy. Then I got through a couple more episodes and started sulking.

Tony/Sam still continues to be weird, uncomfortable, and OMG GROSS GROSS GROSS WHY IS THIS HAPPENING MAKE IT STOP!! I tend to block out ER's fondness for sex scenes that are as nasty as Grey's Anatomy's, and forget that they can't get through a season without at least 2 or 3 of them. But they're even worse when the characters totally lack chemistry.

I hate Brenner. And ER has yet to come up with a love-to-hate character the way other shows do; they only introduce flat-out irritating characters. Why can't they ever bring in a new doctor who's just plain NICE anymore? Why does everyone have to one-up the last person in terms of assiness?

Also, I'd just like to say that if someone offered me a hundred bucks for a 5-second shock with a taser, I'd be all over it. In this case, it would have been a very poor choice, but still. (and oh, was I ever disappointed when Archie didn't end up dead)
14x15, ...As The Day She Was Born : Naked Neela! That's...interesting and unnecessary, dream sequence or not. Whatever, I was just happy to have a Neela-centric episode. And I thought her worries about not being able to find a husband or have children (if she wanted them) because of the demands of her career were amusing - was she not here when Corday was around? Anyway. I'm glad they didn't go to the creepy place with her and Dubenko, because even though I can never quite shake that prickle of doubt that they might use it eventually, I thought the pep talk he gave her was really sweet. Now if only he would grow his curly hair back so I don't feel like I'm looking at a talking vole. (I don't know, something about his blocky cut and upturned face strikes me as burrowing-creature-like).

I was really looking forward to this ep, because SARAH! I adore Sarah, and there is never enough of her for me. I do not adore her grandparents, and having them be the focus of the storyline, with Tony talking to them more than Sarah, was frustrating. Is it evil of me if I wanted her grandfather to die? I thought it make for excellent drama to have another person ripped out of her world, and in turn lead to a prime opportunity for Tony to promise he'd be the one constant. Instead we got complaints from Neela about Tony's serial dating problems, and how it can't be good for Sarah that there's a "a different woman in [his] bed every month." Which, you know, isn't an unfair argument, but Sarah's also seen him do this her whole life. At 13 and at the end of 7th grade, I think she's old enough to understand how that works.

But I did like that they addressed the tension still there between her in Neela, although I didn't need an intrusive interruption of a flashback to remind me, and I like that they worked it out in the end. Oh, and yay for the comment about Grandpa's horses. Continuity FTW.

Also: glad Harold's gone; had quite enough of him to last me a lifetime. And 2 episodes later, I'm still not caring about Pratt & Bettina.
14x16, Truth Will Out: *lip wobbles* Luka's moving out?! Yeah, OK, that ending had me shedding actual tears. I'm trying to cling to the fact that they have three episodes left in the season to patch it up, but it's devastating to see Abby so meek and submissive and pleading for forgiveness, and him unable to give it. I can almost understand why he can't - "You don't know how badly I want to tell you that I'm fine, that we can work everything through, find a way to fix it." I'm still having trouble completely erasing the black hole of betrayal that comes in every time I think about the writers' horrible, horrible decision to go to gross, dark, dirty places. And yet! I just want them to be happy, damn it! They have a family! Not many couples on this show actually ring solidly like this! *headdesk* 3 more episodes, 3 more episodes, 3 more episodes...

My hatred of Tony/Sam just builds every episode. It may or may not be directly correlated with the fact that my hatred of Sam is building every episode. I KNOW there was a point in the past when I adored her. But I've got no love or even like left.

Other things I don't care about: Luka's boring conversations with the old man in hospice care, Pratt/Bettina, Brenner (aside from hating him), Skye Wexler (ditto) and her quasi-relationship with Dubenk-Vole.
14x17, Under Pressure
Whoa! That was exciting, even though it took a little while to get off the ground. And by "that was exciting," I mean the stress of the hostage/operation situation (plus was really NOT expecting the man to get shot in the head! WHOA!). The rest of it, I kept skipping scenes - I needed the review to tell me that Bettina had her colon removed and Pratt was now insisting he was in love with her. Meh. I liked the math whiz/circus-obsessed kid more than anything else about the episode, though. I wanted to spend more time with him.

Oh, and then there was something sad about Abby & Luka functioning as separated parents who now apparently can't even be in the same building and need a courier to take the kid back and forth between them. Sigh. I want things back to normal; I demand it!

File under "things I still hate vehemently" (which may be an unfair assessment since I'm taking six weeks' worth of stuff in over a 24-hour period, but still): Morris, Tony/Sam, and Brenner
14x18, Tandem Repeats:
Oh my, I didn't realize that Neela's patient was going to become a whole story arc. I don't think it's the greatest thing they've ever done, but it was enjoyable to watch. Sad ending, I guess, but am no more emotionally invested in them than I am in Pratt/Bettina. It's just not going to happen, writers. Stop trying. In unrelated news, I totally called the other patient as a pre-op transsexual within about two minutes of meeting him/her. They're always so easy to spot.

Could you possibly knock it off with the Sam/Gates sex? It's gross and unnecessary, and I did not need a whole mess of security camera footage after being forced to witness it in the regular show. Not even slightly funny, other than maybe Gates' "Yeah! What she said!" at the end.

Brenner is back to being exceptionally vile and loathsome, and the whole debacle with Laverne ticks me off because I was just about to mention how much I was enjoying the bright new med student, despite her silly trailer-park name. Not even the sight of an adorable kitten could make me feel better (because seriously, why, out of all those people, do you have to make ABBY the one who hates cats? What is with all these cat-hating characters on TV?)

And finally...Abby got the Attending position. Whoa! Long way from nurse. Yet part of what I love about this long-running show is the way you can watch people progress in their careers. I just don't know how that's going to work since she's not signed on full-time for next year. Is she going to rotate out of it as fast as Luka dropped out of the Chief spot? Sigh. I'd be a lot more excited about this if Abby were hanging around, but since neither Maura Tierny nor Goran Visnjic have proper contracts for next year, I just want them to ride off into the sunset already. This torturous twisting and dragging out of their problems has gone on long enough. And I still think she should have taken the job at the fancy private hospital.
I'm really tempted to stop right there, so as not to let the emotional upheaval and awful cliffhangers that always accompany season finales get me. And yet, I have no actual willpower, so here we go.

14x19, season finale, The Chicago Way: Boring episode as a whole, but a lot of minor things to talk about.

Steve Bucsemi makes me want to punch things. Skipped all his scenes with absolutely no interest, because his voice and bug eyes and pinched, sallow face MAKE MY SKIN CRAWL. However, stuff got interesting at the end, because WHOA. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. Apparently the ambulance explosion was spoiled in the previews, but since I've been frantically slapping mute buttons and going "LALALA!" with my eyes closed for the past month to avoid ER promos (not an easy feat during The Office, I tell you), I didn't see that.

I guess it's sort of a cliffhanger on who was in the ambulance, but honestly, you could whack Pratt OR Sam right now, and I would perform a merry jig for either one; in fact, the only way you could disappoint me is by *not* killing someone. Although if it's Pratt, that would be the most interesting thing to happen to his relationship with Bettina so far. (I REALLY cannot see how their feelings are developed enough for marriage right now.) Then again, if it's Sam, hello end to the unholy trysts! I hate them so much. And I feel like Morris' doom-predicting about their relationship is going to mean that exactly the opposite happens, which, UGH. I do not see any potential for them at all, much less chemistry.

There's some speculation that the ambulance-goer will be Pratt's brother, which I'd be fine with too. And some minor speculation that maybe Abby got hurt by flying shrapnel or something, but I thought she was coming back next year, so I'm less than worried on that front. No matter how dramatically they tried to dress it up.

Hey, speaking of Abby, LUBY LOVE, WHEEEEEEEEEEE!! I guess it was sort of almost worth it to suffer through the year, especially this spring, of hell for a reunion speech like that. (not to mention LUKA PUNCHING MORETTI, which will go down as one of the greatest scenes ever in the history of the series) I loved what Luka said about feeling like something had died, and being in mourning. I loved how he came around and really, truly worked himself through it and was ready for a fresh start. And I loved how she interrupted him with "Do you know that I love you more than I could ever explain?", followed by the beautiful long kiss and the forehead kiss and...oh my God, they are so perfect and right. HAHAHA! SEE! TOLD YOU THEY WERE DOUG AND CAROL 2.0. Thank you for giving me resolution for the summer. Now I can spend the hiatus happy, at least as far as this show is concerned.

Or I will be as long as I can erase the memory of Neela & Brenner getting it on, because OH MY GOD EW EW EW GROSS GROSS. Why would you do that? Why do you always do this to her, wind her up like a drum until the only cure, apparently, is sex, and then give her a one-night stand with the nearest male? And why, dear God, WHY did it have to be the freak Simon Brenner? I know you're having all kinds of fun copying Grey's Anatomy, but did you really have to get your own version of Mark Sloan? *headdesk* Why are unpleasant people like that always shown as being irresistible sex gods? I could not possibly be less turned off by him. Then again, considering how I'm always more attracted to characters when they get angry and/or violent, perhaps I shouldn't talk.

Oh, and as for Dubenko...where are you going, sir? Are you really leaving for good?! I disallow it! I disallow it even with your short hair! Major cast exits are always well publicized, but he's much more of a background character, so I'm honestly not sure about his future. Perhaps that's the biggest cliffhanger of all.

Although considering that season premiere spoilers tend to hit by mid-June for this show, I expect to have a decent number of questions answered almost before I can blink.

P.S. Squee! Luby Love!!
I love how irrelevant my icon is for this post.  Eh, I have no medical icons of any sort, and this one's pretty.  But now that I have this mystical thing known as "disposable income" again (or will soon...ish...well, first deposit's in mid-June), the first thing on my to-buy list is a paid LJ account.  And then there will be room for many icons.  Yes-yes.  *eyes gleam*
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