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CSI: Miami, "To Kill a Predator"


Ahem.  What was that?!  Sir, the man was not only not resisting arrest, he was like the wimpiest and most non-evil bad guy you've ever cornered.  Oh, and hey, do you remember that time when Stetler hauled your ass in on suspicion of police brutality, and you almost got in very hot water over it except that Alexx proved he dislocated his own shoulder?  Good luck getting Alexx to prove this guy beat himself up.  And, I'm sorry, can we get some perspective here?  You've seen people who kill children, people who rape & torture women, people who go on killing sprees for fun.  You've seen a guy who SHOT YOUR WIFE.  (Oh wait, yeah, you stabbed him.  Never mind.  Still, even then you could kind of claim self-defense, in the heat of the moment)  But this is when you lose your cool?  Over a guy buying alcohol for a 14-year-old?  Even if was planning to sleep with her, which is clearly wrong and illegal, it's only rape in the legal statuatory sense, and you can label him a pedophile, but you cannot ever convince me that it's as bad to have sex with a girl who's gone through puberty and asking for it* as it is with like, a 6-year-old.  Anyway.  What I'm saying is, THIS IS THE DUMBEST DAMN THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE.
(* = on that note, I realize she's too young and stupid to know how much this will mess her up emotionally, but - play with fire, get burned; I have very little sympathy for teens who want to be All Grown Up.  Embrace your childhood!  Goodness knows I've stalled at a mental age of 12).

Get over here, writers, I'm not letting you off the hook either.  Why?  Why would you do that?  You see, I could believe it if it in some way made sense.  If it really were one of the worst, most despicable, unapologetic criminals we've ever seen, I could understand it and maybe even get behind and/or rationalize it.  But THAT GUY?  This is you want me to hate Horatio?  Do you honestly want that?  Because I do.  You win.  I hate him; I hate him just as much as any anti-Caruso viewer.  I'm going to finish out this season, and then so help me God, I am sorely tempted to drop the show entirely next year.  I totally, totally understand why Khandi Alexander left, and so even though I'm usually devastated and/or bitter when actors do that, for her, I have no qualms or hard feelings at all.

Yep, I think that's about all I have to say about this episode.  Although I would like to register my shock and delight that Horatio appears to have gone shopping and bought a new slate-blue checkered shirt, which is second only to my shock and delight that he is continuing to do lab work.  It's such a strange sight that it hypnotizes me until I'm tricked into watching the evidence-processing montages.  Do you know how long it's been since I watched an evidence-processing montage?  Wow.

[Edit: Oh no wait!  I did a little squee-dance for Eric's reaction to various events, most particularly the line "I've got nieces."  Convenient/throwaway line or not, Uncle Eric is now a very happy fixture in my mind.]



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