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Yeah...finale tomorrow.

6x18, "Tunnel Vision": *snores quietly* OK, the method of bank robbery was innovative and a little interesting, but overall, dull-dull-dull. The only thing to point out, really, is that Natalia now has a gun, which means we should fear for our lives. You see, she only hits targets by accident, so the criminals have nothing to fear. Just civilians. Also, I swear to God when she said she stopped off to "pick up a little addition to her wardrobe," I thought she was actually talking about that velvet turquoise jacket. It was really ostentatious! I'm not sure whether it's awesomely vintage or just lame and outdated. Either way I'm pretty sure it came out of the 70s.

Speaking of the Fashion Show, Calleigh was in a black leather jacket (which just looked odd), and Horatio scared me by wearing a strangely bright shirt, all white with only thin black stripes. He was also dressed exactly like Mr. Brighton, with such similar hair shades that I kept mistaking one for the other whenever we couldn't see his face.

Two more notes - it's one thing when Horatio stands sideways and talks askance, but at one point while speaking to Mr. Brighton - I think it was actually the moment he addressed him by name - he was not only standing sideways but actually TURNED HIS HEAD IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Things like this make me think that Horatio is legally blind and using sunglasses to cover it up.

However, there were also yet more forensics work done by our head of the crime lab! On the one hand, it sends me into paroxysms of glee every time I see it - and fess up, who spiked Caruso's drink with tranquilizers to make him suddenly compliant to doing these scenes he supposedly hates? On the other, it also looks really, really wrong, like a cop just broke into the lab and decided to play with all the shiny toys he found. It's still kind of hard to believe he's actually processing evidence.
6x19, "Rock and a Hard Place": So, a lot of people comment that Alexx doesn't get enough screen time and/or is "criminally underused." I haven't really noticed this, myself, and even if it's true, I don't see the problem. She's the coroner. She doesn't have a lot to do; that's the nature of the role. Sid doesn't have a starring role very often either (and thank God for that); neither does Doc Robbins - he gets off an impressive number of comments about his stable home life, but I can't remember the last time he actually had a central *storyline.*

I half liked the way they handled this storyline, half didn't. I hated its whole premise because I am SICK of CSIverse speed-aging its kids for purposes of manufacturing drama around them. There's no way Brian is 18 already (or was it 16? still not quite believable). Plus there were ridiculous plot holes (I stopped paying attention to the plot halfway through, but from what I gleaned off various reviews...I don't understand why your method of murder would be to chuck a chunk of slate off a bridge at a fast-moving target), and I'm not sure I buy the emotional impact being enough to make her quit her job. Woman gets caught in two fires and abducted at gunpoint, but this does her in? I'm glad Brian was cleared and all, but if he'd been arrested like Kyle or perhaps somehow killed in crossfire, that would have made more sense.

However, I was highly impressed by the wonderful phenomenon of acting that permeated this episode, because Khandi can kick the cast's collective butt when it comes to believability. As ludicrous as the warehouse scene was, I believed it because there was some fine emotional acting coming across. I was also highly amused by Alexx's "talk to the hand" gesture while demanding a lawyer, for her son. And I must have spoiled myself on this episode early, because it never crossed my mind that she would leave any way other than she did - I wasn't expecting death or handcuffs; I just assumed she would leave of her own accord.

And I did like that. It was a classy ending, a solid ending, and I'm satisfied with the way they chose to frame her exit. As for her actual exit moment...I was all "not gonna cry, not gonna cry...yeah, totally crying." I would have been OK if she'd just closed up the morgue like she did, liked the "you are my last one" moment, but then the hugging montage started and did me in. They've been through so much together. Well, not Natalia, but we got her out of the way quickly. It was the hug with Ryan, him kissing her cheek and her fond "troublesome son" look and hand on the side of his face (aww, remember her sitting with him at the hospital during the nail incident?). It was Calleigh's tears (oh, they break me more than anything; so many years of the two mature women holding their own in the boy's club, always commanding respect) and Alexx catching Eric just off the elevator. Darn you, hugging montage. *uses up Kleenex*

Oh, and if that lovely montage music is part of an actual song and not just soundtrack filler, I would love to know about that.

P.S. Dear Natalia, even in the new age of Helpful/Friendly Rick, "TELL STETLER" IS NEVER YOUR FIRST COURSE OF ACTION. *headsmacks* This is why you don't belong on the team.

Notes from the Belated St. Patrick's Day Fashion Show
You've got multiple suspects in green (even the woman on the jet ski had a green suit), Tripp in a lime green tie, Calleigh in a bright green short-sleeved top, Ryan in a lime green shirt with matching tie (Tripp is so his least when it comes to ties), Natalia confusing her fashion shows and thinking the theme was Stoplight (thus explaining her yellow button-down), and Valera in seafoam green after realizing with disappointment that she didn't have anything in lime. Eh, it's close enough to matching Ryan that I'm counting it. And Horatio dazzles me with BRIGHT WHITE for the second week in a row! It's like he's trying to atone for his sins or something.

Oh, and Eric forgot what decade it was and thought he was back in college or something, thus explaining his hoodie. I don't know. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you can wear a hoodie if you can wear high heels and deep cleavage, and yet I am.

Also, Alexx's hair was looking fantastic, all sassy long ponytail of loose waves.
6x20, "Down to the Wire": OMG, continuity!  Continuity!  On like five different levels!  I love that Eric's shooting was not merely exploited for a spring arc in season 5 and then forgotten forever, and I love that they even acknowledge it with phrases like "We never talk about it.  YOU never talk about it."  Oh God, acting, I thought it was gone forever after Khandi left!  But this was a really nice moment between Eric & Calleigh, and I like how it continued to play out over the episode.  I liked Calleigh still having to deal with
the repercussions of (@*&%@(*&%(@*%&(@%%@!!! Cooper's awful little website, mostly because it meant a Stetler sighting, whom I love, shaggy hair and all.  (also, fantastic blue tie)

Not sure I really understand the point of a vindictive P.I., but I'll go with it for BRAND-NEW SCENES FROM DAYS PAST; loved seeing therapy sessions set in the past that were more than stupid recycled footage - belatedly filled-in gaps are good.  Now if only someone could explain to me why Eric's therapist projects a giant TV screen image of her patients' faces while she talks to them, I'd be golden.

Think that's about it, except...holy cow, not only is Horatio in that white-with-thin-dark-stripes shirt again (this brightness is unprecedented!), he is DOING FORENSIC WORK again.  If this keeps up, someday I might be able to watch him say "The science is my discipline" in season 1 without falling off my chair and rolling around with laughter.  
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