RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

That was some hardcore suckage, Wednesday night TV.

Once again, didn't watch American Idol this week.  I tuned in for a few minutes here and there in the second half of the results show, enough to squee over Jordin Sparks (whose song...bored me; I think I resent her music forever after her second single was a duet with Chris Brown) and then see the Top 12 perform a medley and remember that despite the way it all went to hell at the end, and that David Hernandez and Ramiele were on it, this year had some of the most amazing women ever and a couple of half-decent guys.  Otherwise I had it on mute.

They just barely squeaked in announcement of the winner before I switched to CSI: NY, and while I hated both Davids equally, I'm bitter because I think I hated Cook a little bit more, just because fucking *everyone* fawned over him with no respect for the fact that his porcine features were gross to look at WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK while much nicer people were taken away.  If and when this show moves to the radio, then we can judge it solely on their singing.  As long as it's still performance based, you have to have the whole package.  

Anyway.  This finale has the distinction of being quite possibly the worst one ever; its awfulness is matched only by Fantasia/Diana in season 3.  No one is ever going to replace Taylor Hicks as the worst winner ever, but at least that year I could hope for Katharine McPhee.  This was just bad on every level.  And now Porky Pig is a permanent feature of the Idol Hall of Fame, prone to popping back in for regular visits and performances.  *groans*  At least Archuleta might have grown into something legitimately attractive.
'CSI: NY - "Hostage"
Oh my God, could you have devised a duller finale?  Worst episode of the season.  Absolutely nothing interesting or noteworthy happened, and I swear it wasn't just because I got pissed off in the first minute when I thought we were starting at a high point and about to rewind a few hours.  It was just insufferably boring the whole way through.  Not even Flack negotiating was as hot as it should have been, and while Mac getting all violent-like was a little bit hot, it was immediately ruined by the ugly hostage taker blubbering all over the place.

And then you didn't even freaking conclude it!  Was that an attempt at a cliffhanger?  God, what a worthless waste of time.  I'm calling Knowle Rohr as being involved with the bad guys somehow, though.  "Agent Dunbar" indeed. 

Props for one of the most disturbing bodies in a while (the bank manager's wife), but that's literally it.  Should have closed the season with the preceding episode.  I'd have been fine with 20.  20 is  good.  The 21st just felt tacked on.

Still not recovered from NCIS.  *curls up in corner and cries*
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