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Bones, can you be awesome forever?

See, I've watched the first three post-strike episodes (you know, the ones actually completed before the strike, which FOX decided to hold hostage for 4+ months), plus one more, and GOD. THEY ARE BRILLIANT.  There was a point earlier in the season where I was getting kind of bored by the show, for no identifiable reason, but then all of a sudden, around the holidays they kicked it into high gear and just kept going.

Case in point, I came home fully intending to take a nap this afternoon.  I stretched out on the bed and cued up the first episode to let it lull me to sleep...except that I could not keep my eyes shut; I kept hearing hilarious lines and wanted to see what was happening.  When it ended, I didn't even hesitate before watching the next episode.  And the next one.  And then I waited about ten minutes before getting up and watching a fourth one before I had to get distracted by Thursday night TV.

3x10 Man in the Mud: See, really, this was not the greatest case.  I remember thinking this even as I watched it, and yet I was giggling so often that this fact didn't really register.   So much great banter.  Even with Sweets involved (I'm amazed too).  But - double date in ceramics class!!  HYSTERICAL.  I loved Booth going from sulking to delighted with his artwork (the clay horse may be the best prop ever used on this series).  Not to mention how he and Brennan were getting along spectacularly while their smarmy little therapist crashed and burned in his own half of the social situation.

Speaking of which, I loved meeting April...can we please somehow kick out Sweets and replace him with his girlfriend?  Because she was awesome in every way, from her fantastic hair to her love of fish to her adorable personality.  Along with the fact that she realized she was too damn awesome to waste her time on someone stupid like Sweets.  Although actually, I may have been a little sad and/or felt sorry for him - gasp, shock, and horror! - when he wandered in at the end with the "dumped" lookBecause they were kind of a cute couple, from the three minutes we saw of them together.  Plus her meeting with Brennan was one of the greatest things ever.  I highly enjoyed the blue-fish metaphors.

And oh God, Hodgins & Zack were hilarious, between the King of the Lab over nothing and the former gritting his teeth through the latter's incessant accidental tool-dropping until he finally orders "Drop those.  Drop them, I mean it."  HEE.  Irritated!Hodgins FTW.  If you ever break up with Angela (I AM NOT BEING DOOM-PREDICTING!!  *is getting increasingly paranoid about the finale*), feel free to marry me. 
2x19, Player Under Pressure: Heyyyy, what do you know, all that anger from LAST APRIL just came flying right back to me as I watched this.  I was ticked off when they refused to air it because it was exactly like Virginia Tech (OH WAIT, EXCEPT FOR HOW IT WASN'T), but I thought perhaps that anger would have faded with time.  Not so.  Still pissed off, although said anger has shifted more to the fact that they not only delayed airing it, they yanked it right out of the season altogether, pretended they would air it in the summer, and then kept postponing and scrapping it until its final airdate a year later made no sense at all.  Honestly, I think they should have packaged it as a bonus episode on the season 2 DVDs; that seems like a perfect solution.

I feel slightly less bitter now that I've seen the deleted Hodgins/Angela scenes on YouTube - it's not perfect; it's dubbed in Spanish & subtitled, so the only good solution is to watch without sound and hear the characters' voices in your head, but at least they're THERE - but only slightly.  (poor Hodgins.  His expression is like a tire being punctured the first time she says no.  But I liked learning that Angela's birthday is April 16th).

As you may have guessed by my numbering, I refuse to consider this part of season 3.  That's OK, though.  It was pretty good on its own, once I got past the whole GROSSEST BODY EVER, OMG!  That's one of the few times I've actually gagged at a TV corpse.  Thank God the sight was immediately counterbalanced by a cute black rat (it's cute because it looks so obviously like a domestic breed rather than an ugly rough-furred wild one) plus adorable pink rat babies. Boxed up in a rat motel.  :D

This episode was also a delightfully refreshing reminder of when Hodgins was really cute.  The theme song continues to taunt me with that on a regular basis (that being said, NEVER CHANGE.  I need a mental image to cling to), so it was nice to see the facial hair and wild curls back in action.  Also, the skull-encased-in-turkey-carcass experiment was one of the funniest they've ever done.  (Maggots in Cam's personal blender...not so much)

Only, you know what I really didn't need?  REMINDERS OF HODGINS/ANGELA'S OVERLY ACTIVE SEX LIFE.  *scrubs vigorously at brain* Somehow, knowing there is security-DVD footage...WHICH ANGELA IS WATCHING IN RAPT almost worse than having to watch it take place.

Liked the case pretty well, but was horribly disappointed by the whodunnit.  Not cool!  Not to mention, I don't really see a jury sympathizing with a father who kills a guy just because he sees his daughter hooking up with him.  No matter what she's doing, that's what we call "completely unwarranted overreaction" (to put it mildly).

The ending was nice, though.  Poor Booth all hurt and defensive about his love for sports...and then from that to nice reminders that for all his stereotypical guy qualities, he's also one of the most upstanding and decent guys on television.
"Baby in the Bough": Feels like I've been waiting for this episode forever...oh yeah, I have been.  But it was totally worth it, because GLEE!  GLEEEE!!  Could this have been in greater?  Pretty sure the answer's no.

So, I have an addendum to make to the rule about how men holding babies exponentially increases said men's attractiveness quotient: if a female character is holding a baby not her own while in the presence of her current (or pending) love interest, the Cute factor goes through the roof.  For example, Angela excitedly scooping up Baby Andy and fawning over him while Hodgins watches fondly.  Bonus points if your female character then says something like "Get used to it.  I want like a million of these," and causes fangirl hearts to spontaneously explode with squee. 

The follow-up was a little bit odd, but let's just pretend the scene ends after "I admit, I only ever planned on 1 or 2...but if you want a million, I want a million too."  Because I very much like the telltale musical motif that always makes sure you realize they're having a Heartwarming Moment.  That, and I can't think of any two TV characters I would rather see have a family right now. 

And of course, I got both parts of the equation between Booth being completely adorable with the little guy, and Bones going from completely inept to protective and close to competent by the end.  All further discussion of this cuteness has been lost due to glaze-eyed joy/in favor of daydreaming AU scenarios.  Dear Show: Thank you, a million times over, for showing exactly what Booth & Brennan would be like as parents, complete with an actual baby.  I now have daydream fodder for approximately forever, which is amusing considering I am still not convinced I even ship them.  I think maybe I like them being temporary baby guardians even more than the idea of actual parentage, come to think of it. 

Oh, and is if all that wasn't completely amazing, there was a really good case, both compelling and touching, and the end result for Andy's future was fairy-tale-perfect.  Plus it's always nice to see the woman formerly known as Grace Adler on my screen.  In conclusion: YAY, EPISODE!  Does it beat the Christmas one?  You know, I'm not sure.  But I think it might, in which case that makes it the best of the season.
"The Verdict in the Story": How weird.  I found that a really enjoyable hour, even though it was All About Max.  I think having an awesome defense attorney in addition to Caroline on prosecution helped.  (Speaking of Caroline, I seriously love her.  "Objection!"  "On what grounds?" "...I'm thinking!"  That, and her orders to the team to improve their courtroom skills.)  This is the first time I haven't completely hated Max, and I think I am maybe a little glad he didn't end up going to prison?  It's not like I thought the ending was "OMG sweetest thing evar!", but Bones surprised herself by wanting him to stay out of jail, and I am all for whatever gets Brennan feeling emotions.   ...although I realize that this will probably give him more opportunities to make appearances on the show.  No!  Do not want!

Don't really have an opinion on Angela's refusal to testify.  I certainly wouldn't favor sitting in jail over doing my job, and I don't think it was as noble and amazing as other people seem to...but then again, I was pretty much lost to all rational thought processes after Hodgins called her Angie.  *curls up with Cute Bit*

Otherwise...ahahaha!  Clark Edison is awesome, can he stay forever?  I tire of Zack and his ugly hair and lack of whatever portion of the brain provides us with emotion.  Even Bones has gradually become more human, but he remains in Robot Mode.  So, you know, it was really satisfying when Clark was grinning all over the place with his red-dye trick of revelation and Zack was freaking out as much as a piece of humanoid machinery can freak.  And, er, apparently Clark was in the season premiere, but my brain is a sieve and as such I do not remember him.  My review says I almost liked him, though.  (And that is why I write them.  So I can cross-reference my own history.)
OK.  On to #5 in the post-strike part of the season, which I'm pretty sure is the last good one before the Finale of Freaking Out, which I think I really need to see by today before my hair falls out from the stress of trying to guess what's happened to make the fandom explode.  I've seen people call it heartbreaking, people quite pissed off, and people in denial, and been told not to get my hopes up in any way.  This is all, you know, not encouraging.

So far my pot of completely unspoiled guesses includes important-character death (ruled out?), important-character being jailed or otherwise leaving forever/the foreseeable future, Hodgins & Angela breaking up, and the Mysterious Black Question Mark bag which stands for something completely unrelated to any of the above yet equally awful.   ...and DAMMIT!  I just remembered that I ran across one spoiler on the flist.  I can't remember if it was for the finale or not, but I think it was, and despite its brevity and lack of context, now I can't stop turning it over in my head wondering how it ties in.  Unremember!  Unremember!!

V: You know, with all the time you've devoted to thinking about how freaked out and worried you are, you probably could have just watched the episode by now.
RS: Shut up.
And now for something totally different...

*is gleeful* See, part of what I love about So You Think You Can Dance is that every single part of it is interesting, including these early rounds.  Possibly it's because Cat Deely is about 1/16 as annoying as Ryan Seacrest (who is really only useful when engaged in lover's quarrels with Simon), or possibly it's because Nigel is just so much more entertaining because he's not bored of the whole business like Simon is, but probably it's because the ratio of good to bad dancers is much better than that of singers.  That, and good singers are still pretty boring in 30-second samples a capella, whereas even brief dances are always compelling.

And even the bad ones, except for "Sex" (NOT to be confused with Sex-AAA, the now-deceased Mr. Eko on Lost) and the guys who show off their beer bellies, aren't nearly as painful on the eyes as bad singers are on the ears.  And did I mention the good dances?  Seriously, there is nothing better than watching the breakdancers show off their moves, although the lyrical leaps are pretty good, and the ballroom partners usually bring good stories.  Plus, you know, this week we had Mia on the rotating third judge spot, and when she wasn't crying her eyes out over inspirational stories, she was being frickin' hilarious.  *adores Mia*

PLUS, you know, we had Travis leading the choreography callback audition, so...always nice to see.

I am disappointed in the new theme song clips, though.  No Pasha, unless I blinked and missed him, with most of the season 2 characters stripped out (*misses Dmitry's chest*), but they made sure to let us see Lacey shake her ass in her partner's face!

Of note...I do feel a bit sorry for Cat, the way she always has guys (*COUGH DOMINIC*) perving all over her.  She maintains a very sunny professionalism throughout, but I'm sure there are times where she's just thinking "get the hell away from me."

In conclusion: excited for season 4!  Let's go!

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