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Wrapping CSI, season 8

So, all of a sudden, my love for CSI just sort of dried up. I was the world's biggest supporter after Sara left, thoroughly enjoying every episode despite my own disbelief that I could do so, but then it suddenly became uninteresting enough for me to put it on the shelf during the end of the school year and not even miss it. Part of why I left it til almost-last is that I just didn't have any motivation to cue it up.

Objectively, it's been decent; each subsequent episode has been in an entertaining hour, but nothing hit me on an emotional level, or in fact particularly stood out at all (except in the finale, which was one of the few things I got spoiled for before I could watch it, grr). This makes me sad.

8x14, Drop's Out: For no apparent reason, I've been repeating "Forensics be jammin' a brother up!" every time I see this title, and the sad part is that it still makes me laugh. I don't know. I do not remember loving that line so much the first time I heard it.

Drops is considerably cooler and funnier than I remember, too. Was highly entertained by his various sneaky tricks, from writing the note on the business card to slipping out behind the fridge door. And the ending was depressing, because yeah, his money-hungry ways indirectly led to a murder spree, but really...he seemed like a pretty stand-up guy when it came to family (here defined as "girl he accidentally got pregnant"). Yes, I do feel awkward using the phrase "stand-up guy" in connection with a convict.

Now see, it's just sad when the guest star of the week is more interesting than any of the main characters.
8x15, The Theory of Everything: Why did the Mythbusters guys need to appear, exactly, given that they had less than ten seconds of screen time and no lines? Not that I'm complaining, as I had a rant all prepared about how sick of their stupid show I got after I had to keep watching it in science classes, but that was just weird.

The writers were pretty fond of their fake animal corpses in this episode, weren't they? Ground squirrels all over the place (I wasn't satisfied those creatures looked any different from plain old gray squirrels until a thorough Google Image search explained it to me), and a cat to boot. Speaking of the cat, I think we have a new Dumbest Criminal Ever. She mixed the cyanide with TUNA, and didn't see how that might lead to feline death? Possibly/probably more so than the squirrels, actually, since I wasn't aware that the latter were big on flesh.

OK, so this was one of the most disjointed episodes they've ever had - although I suppose it fits the theme - but I think I liked it. Still nothing to get excited about, but a solid Sara-less showing. All kinds of cool little pieces stuck in there; felt like much less wasted time on evidence-processing/interviews than usual.

A List of Fun Stuff
-The deer in a dress - LOL. That was amazing, mostly because Super Dave endeared himself to me more than ever before after protesting the animal abuse and muttering that the deer-killer's death sounded like karma.

-Tasers never stop being fun to watch, with the zapping sound effects and all, so that was good. Even better is watching a guy explode in flames, though.

-Evelyn would have annoyed me if she'd lived longer than half the episode, but as it was, she was pretty funny

-Grissom attempting to lure Greg into a sucker bet! And mean old Doc Robbins spoiling all his fun. :P

-Speaking of Grissom, HOLY HELL, WAS THAT SITE BIOGRAPHY CONTINUITY?! Has that like, ever happened in this franchise? I fell out of my chair in shock at the mention that Grissom used to collect dead animals and autopsy them when he was growing up. (*frowns* Except, did he always grow up in Marina del Ray? I thought that was Sara. I'm genuinely asking, as brain = like sieve)

-And then Grissom flat-out asked Hodges to stop stalking him. ROTFLMAO!

-I jumped a mile when we got the sudden eye-to-eye closeup of the dead squirrel under the house. I'm pretty sure if I was there, I would have just started screaming and never stopped. Never mind the fact that I wouldn't be crawling around beneath a house in the first place, for reasons very much like that.

Favorite Quotes
Hodges: You're like a geeky, nerdy guy trapped in a woman's body.
Wendy: So are you.
Nick: Grissom theory. This is better than a bedtime story.
The Special Quasi-Crossover Event
Two and a Half Men - Fish in a Drawer:
OK, so, I used to watch this show on a regular basis, partly because it made me laugh and was in a convenient timeslot anyway, but mostly because Rose, Mia and Candy actually made it worth watching. Once all three women were gone, I was a lot less interested, and when I discovered that it was the most popular comedy on TV (viewership-wise), I exploded with rage and stalked off on principle. Because COME ON. There are so many better comedies; this isn't worth watching unless you're truly bored, and at no point should you admit that you actually like it. Because it's sleazy, with nothing but dirty jokes, and oh-so-repetitive. How I Met Your Mother should not be consistently on the bubble while this show makes it into syndication, is what I'm getting at.

That being said, I'd been bored (or at least avoiding TV I wanted to really think about) on a few Monday nights this spring, so even without the recappy bits, I kind of knew what the storylines were about. I'm just surprised they had the CSI writers conclude the whole Teddy arc, because he's been around for a while - hasn't he? Did they get an outline of where the story was supposed to go and just have to make up the specific dialogue? Because this seemed a lot less free-creative-license than the CSI episode did.

I actually enjoyed it, except for all those disgusting inside-visions of food being digested (I shut my eyes about a quarter of the way into the first one and refused to put up with the rest). Definitely appreciated the meta humor about how one of the interrogating detective's cleavage was, gosh darn it, "awfully distracting." HEE. And some of the hypothetical flashbacks were funny, especially...oh what's her name...Mrs. Harper/Leopold theatrically chasing after her new husband with an alarm clock. Liked hearing about her past husbands too, especially where the title came from - "I was a young bride, I was just learning to cook! And nobody told me you don't keep fish in a drawer!"

Perhaps the best mark of the writing, though, is that it really was a great mystery (albeit a dinner-theatre mystery). I was guessing wildly the whole way through. Accidental death from natural causes wasn't too surprising, but definitely DID NOT see the con artist angle coming. Nice job.

Needed more Nick, though.

8x16, CSI - Two and a Half Deaths:
Holy sitcom star reunion, Batman! I just kept blinking stupidly every time another familiar face came on. YEESH. Again, I liked the episode well enough, but I'm never especially fond of their end-of-year "time to get wacky and silly to lighten the mood before we wallop you with finale angst" offerings. This one in particular was way too packed with meta jokes, and they were not funny, just irritating. I mean, quietly mocking Catherine's boobs on display? That made me snicker. Talking about how "there could be a show" about beautiful people doing police work? HAHAHA no. Stupid and irritating. They come off sounding way too pleased with themselves for being clever.

On the other hand, liked the "Extra" updates, which most people seemed to hate. *shrugs* What can I say, I <3 celebrity news shows. And I liked the twists and turns as the plot unfolded/thickened (if only that last scene hadn't been in there. GROSS GROSS GROSS GROSS EWWWW! *squeals, squirms, and generally freaks out about those blood-carrying...things being nicked).

Just one "are you kidding me?" question - Grissom is not even vaguely familiar with either the phrase "jump the shark" or "Happy Days"? I find this difficult to believe. He's a man of science, but he's not Dr. Temperance Brennan.
Season finale: 8x17, For Gedda
Hey, that didn't suck nearly as bad as it could have! Until the last minute.

So, effing TV Squad spoiled me less than a week after it aired by having a spoilers-for-season-9 post that mentioned Warrick's death before the jump. At which point I became a raging ball of "WHAT THE EFFITY EFF!", more about being spoiled than what the spoiler actually said. SERIOUSLY, now, you don't mention a major plot point less than a week after it airs! It sounds like maybe this was actually released in spoilers ahead of time (?), but since I haven't been keeping up with them...death wasn't even an option I'd previously considered.

After watching the ep (biting my nails at every turn, because I still didn't actually know *how* he was going to die, at least), I was even more ticked, since it was a totally left-field ending, or so it seemed to me, anyway. Then again, I was really sure he was going to either go down for murder or simply get fired at the end.

Nevertheless! I thought it was a pretty good episode, and best of all, it somehow made this whole Gedda arc seem less ridiculous than it first appeared. Don't know why, it just seemed to ground it better. I'm going to stop babbling now.

Picking out Specific Things, in no particular order
-Fell off my chair in astonished joy when they mentioned Holly Gribbs. WHOA! Reaching all the way back to the PILOT for character continuity, damn, that's impressive. Me likey, show.

-Fell off my chair again at the sight of one last bone for YoBling - I pretty much gave up hope on that ship when Cath did, but not until she put her hand on his did I realize with a jolt that Warrick leaving puts a stop to even the remote chance of that. [edit: *stares* ...and I just realized that Season 8 killed all three of my ships. Me not likey, show] That was gorgeous. Oh, sorry, two last bones - I nearly forgot the mutual cheek kiss! Which ends up being not really so much "cheek" as like "two inches away from lips," and is thus suitable for iconage, squeeing, daydreaming, etc.

-I cannot resist pointing out that when Warrick was kneeling in handcuffs, I couldn't concentrate because I was transfixed with how much he looked like The Hulk, all bathed in green light like that.

-ECKLIE'S BACK! Haha, I was really only joking when I asked Lost if he'd be free to come back and/or terrorize the CSI's after they killed him off... when did he go back to being part of dayshift as opposed to general supervisor, though? Is that a job you can do simultaneously with management? It seems unlikely.

-The diner scene was really just gorgeous in every way. Good Old Days, team camaraderie, everyone being happy with their coworkers in a way that just won't ever happen once they add a new member. (Look, Miami and NY managed it once because they did it fairly on. Then Miami tried to bring in Natalia, and she still sticks out like a sore thumb. I mean, there are a lot more reasons at play there, i.e. the show turning to crap and Natalia being generally vile anyway, but...well, look how the NY folks gripe about Lindsay. NO ONE WILL MAKE COMPARISONS, OR THEY WILL BE SUMMARILY SHOT.)

And really, I knew enough to stop watching there. I did. Heck, I figured I should stop watching right after Warrick got his job saved, but then I tested the limits, and it produced the best part of the episode. And yet, obviously there wasn't anywhere to go but down after that. I think I just like punishing myself. Speaking of:

-THAT WAS KIND OF A VIOLENT DEATH THERE, TPTB. *is busy blocking its horrific details from memory*

(I mean, did we really have to see the through-and-through and the violent jerking and slow-motion rocking and...*whimpers*)

-However, nice job making the Undersheriff the evil insider! Did not see that coming, but think it's awesome that they went with someone we've seen around for a while, and whose character description probably wasn't originally designed to turn out this way. I mean, sure, *I've* always known he was an evil bastard, but it's nice to have that verified.

Conclusion: OK. I still haven't really come to terms with the idea of Warrick being GONE, and some part of my brain is still convinced that there will be a miraculous hospital recovery in the season premiere, because House taught me nothing. I've been poking around LJ (via Google, because I can't remember which of you have posted about it...if you have, please hook me up with your review, even if it's really short), and people mostly seem either "OMG NO!" or completely unaffected because Warrick bores them and/or they hate him.

I definitely feel like I should be in the former camp, but I think I'm numb from shock or something because I haven't really gotten panicky yet. I am definitely not in the latter camp - it amazes me that all this anti-Warrick sentiment has come popping out of the woodwork; I expected people to be happy about Sara, but what did Warrick ever do to you?! (and don't say some variant of "the problem is that he did nothing") I just haven't had a proper freakout yet.
SYTYCD - somewhere in Oregon & Dallas
I told myself I wasn't going to write any more about the plain audition rounds, but I couldn't resist mentioning a couple of thoughts that came to mind:

1. Nigel's hair scares me. Especially because I think I'm starting to like it.

2. Mary Moore!  I'm pretty excited to see her on the panel this year, because she can be weirdly, intensely hyper, but maybe she'll be better about that on the panel, and she seems like one of the more personable choreographers. Problem: that weird head-jutting motion she does, like a chicken, every time she gets into a jazz dance.  It already makes me want to hit her.

3. Aw, I liked the Native American guy; he's the first person who's really caught my attention (No, it was not entirely due to the eye candy factor, whatever would make you say that?).  Pity even I could see his technique was nowhere near strong enough once he got on stage.

4. "A happy wife is a happy life." Please tell me I am not the only one who fell over backwards going "STEPFORD ALERT!"  She even had the plastic-surgery/robot face to go with it.

5. Many Kids Mom...I'm sure those kids she brought were delighted by the hours of waiting, and the other contestants weren't annoyed by the surely-crying-at-some-point baby at all.  

6. And then she was such a terrible amateur, it made me cry.  The amateurs actually make me sadder than the really awful/delusional people, because they're decent, but they're also just clearly hometown-dance-studio students.  It's like they don't quite realize that they are NOT EVEN CLOSE TO UP TO SNUFF.  I mean, when you're auditioning against the country, you pretty much have to be the best at your studio to even have a chance.  You don't audition because you're pretty good and enjoy it as a hobby.

7. OK, Fringe has the instant distinction of being the most intriguing-looking new show, but I want it to be a movie...not an ongoing TV show.  The mystery & effects look awesome, but I would like to see the resolution ASAP.  But at least it's being upfront about its twisting mysteries of weird science, and not cheating its initial viewers by promising a story about plane crash survivors surviving on an island.

8. Why did Oregon get like 10 minutes longer than Texas?   That doesn't seem fair.  Not that I'm complaining, as I have nothing to say about the latter, at all, except that the one girl (Courtney?) who got sent away and told she was awful, but insisted to the cameras that she knew she wasn't that bad...was totally right.  No, maybe she wasn't good enough for Vegas, but that booty-popping was amazing.
Also, my roommates (whom I haven't actually...spoken to, because they moved in late and by that point I was wrapped up in my TV catch-up, and only home for about an hour before my bedtime) appear to be gleeing over "Twilight" out there in the living room.  "If I was an English teacher, I would make my kids read this book."  I'm afraid I cannot feel anything but abject horror over this idea.  I have not actually read the books, but I read a rather excellent post that illustrated, with specific examples, exactly why no one should ever read them unless looking to break a rib laughing,  Things in common, we do not have them.
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