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Grey's Anatomy season 4 finale: Freedom

Ignore the time stamp there; I'm half an hour into part 2 of Lost's 3-hour finale, and so far? Not that exciting. I'm hoping it somehow becomes exciting without simultaneously breaking my heart, although frankly I don't see how that's possible, knowing Lost and its murder-happy writers as I do. Sigh. Anyway, while I waited for it to kick into gear, I finished up the 2-hour season finale that pre-empted this one. 

I'm posting this without reading any outside opinion except the Television Without Pity review, and normally I make sure I address points other people have mentioned, but...this rantview took me way too long, and I'm sick of thinking about Grey's while trying to concentrate on Lost.   I also want it done before Lost is over, so...out it goes.

  1. Wow, Mer and Der really suck at this whole saving-people thing. This amuses me muchly, can the whole two hours just consist of this?
  2. Skipping therapy scene now. Could not care less.
  3. Oh God, this wilderness scenery will never not be breathtakingly beautiful.
  4. What? Derek? WHAT?! *headsmacks* YOU ARE NOT SELING THE LAND. That's it, your McDummy moniker is officially brought back out and in use as of NOW.
  5. "Ferryboats crash." HEE. Also, damn it, they're just ferries. "Ferryboat" is a not a word, and it makes me twitch every time I see it.
  6., Ava deteriorated really fast there, huh? One week she's working out potential parenting with Alex, the next she can't remember how to use a fork.
  7. Oh I am not - OH DEAR GOD WHAT THE HELL?! *frantically hits the pause button and scrubs at eyes* They said McSleazy woudl have a nude scene, but did I believe them? No! Because I did not believe we were going to be this goddamn revealing on TV! I should not be able to see naked skin, even from the side, from head to toe in one shot! Particularly not if that skin is a body between another person's legs and EW we are skipping ahead RIGHT NOW.
  8. Also, more reasons to hate Sara Ramirez: she did not threaten to quit the show unless this scene was taken out or significantly changed.
  9. Guess this negates that whole let's-not-show-them-in-the-closet good will from last week. -.-
  10. I find the fighting over the Sacred Sparkle Pager quite hilarious. I love that this can bring Cristina's mood completely around. By the way, did I mention how glad I am that the writer's strike nixed those awful plans to have Cristina hooking up with Joshua Jackson? BECAUSE I'M REALLY GLAD. Cristina got through a whole season without a love interest or random sex date! This may honestly be the best thing the show has ever done.
  11. "I'm the chief's intern."//"You're the chief's bitch." *adores Cristina snark*
  12. I feel like I should point out that in this stupid squabble they're all having, Izzie has a legitimate concern about a crazy person. Maybe if Izzie didn't over-dramatize everything, Meredith might believe her instead of smirking and sauntering off.
  13. OKAY, so, speaking of McSleazy...I didn't skip forward far enough the first time, and "she uses one fing--" is as far as I got before I slapped it forward again. Didn't need to hear him bring it up again here. Don't know what it means, exactly, but fear ungood things and thus enjoy being almost as clueless as Bailey. Is better that way.
  14. OK, I SERIOUSLY want to know how you get yourself stuck in a block of cement. *pause* Oh, I see. Some idiots dared him. And I seriously mean IDIOTS. "You're acting like we did something wrong."
  15. Awww, poor kid's all scared and crying. I feel bad for him.
  16. ..."kid" is 19? HOW IS A NINETEEN YEAR OLD THIS STUPID, and are those other kids 19? They can't be. Are they really? could you possibly invent a dare this stupid and dangerous, and not see anything seriously wrong with it, at the age of OLDER THAN TEN?
  17. OK, only one of this brain-tumored lovebird kids is living to see episode's end. And it's the girl. I'm calling it right here. [edit: without knowing who was scheduled first, I might add]
  18. Her parents are starting to piss me off, by the way. So what if he's doomed? Why would you not want your daughter to have something like love when she's probably not going to live a long and full life anyway? Especially with a guy who seems incredibly non-threatening and generally quite decent?
  19. Awww, poor Rose. :( She's like a a sad little puppy. It's not fair. Look how pretty she is without her curls tucked under a scrub cap! And shut up, Meredith, of course there's a legend about you two idiots. It's just not a very good one.
  20. I think what Rose means to say here is "I really like him, and you're a selfish bitch for throwing him away."
  21. And now Ava's lost bladder control. Grey's, could you not break my heart and--
  22. *wails* I'M COMPLETELY LOST. The forehead touch and nuzzle! *weeps* Why is Alex finally being someone interesting and compelling?!
  23. Aw, Mer and Der have only killed 11 people? Come on guys, make it an even dozen! You can do it!
  25. I love George and Lexie's 2 minute complaining session. George: Even though I have all this power, I can't use it, because it's not real power. /// Lexie: It's fake power? /// George: FAKE POWER!
  26. SHUT UP, STUPID WIMPY CEMENT BOY. The more you whine, the less I feel sorry for you. LOSER.
  27. Bailey is awesome with the Star Wars recall, though. And HEE at everyone staring open-mouthed. "What, so I like science fiction. Somebody got a problem with that?" No, Bailey, indeed they do not.
  28. Awwww! *coos/squees quietly as McDreamy, who can have his name back for one instance, catches Brain Tumor Girl, gets her settled in a wheelchair, and strokes her hair back from her face*
  29. Oh, shut up! Sex = probably bad idea, yes, what with the elevated heart rates equaling stress to the system and the general lack of limb coordination she currently has and the...okay, apparently it's not a problem at all. Never mind then.
  30. WAIT, WHAT? "Is it magical?!" I...I refuse to listen to doctors give their virgin patient perspectives on sex. I simply refuse. And I'm not dealing with Mer/Der's weird talk with each other afterwards, either. *skips*
  31. [EDIT: WHAT THE HELL! I'm skipping through the episode again to flesh out the rantview, and they actually SHOWED the teenage lovebirds getting it on?! WHY? I only saw one second before I jumped again, but still. ew.]
  32. [Double Edit: Dammit, no fair stuffing an Alex/Aava scene between those two moments of horror! I want to see it, but I'm too scared to try and cue it up for fear of scarring my eyes.]
  33. ...ew. That looked a lot less gross when Bones did it to Hodgins.
  34. *pause* Considering what I was just talking about, probably I should clarify that I've switched scenes and am now talking about Cement Boy's leg being sliced open to reliev the pressure on it. Dark blood is gushing forth; it's icky.
  35. This is the first time I've actually noticed that Izzie's hair is considerably shorter. To my chagrin, I have to admit it actually looks better that way. All bouncy and cute with the curls.
  36. "How was it?" *rolls eyes* Seriously, I'm so not getting why you'd want your last minutes with your boyfriend to be full of nudity and fumbling. Not at high school age. I mean, it's not like I have any experience in being able to consider the option, but I'm pretty sure *my* response would be a secret dance of joy that I'd been able to find love and then have a chance to conveniently die before having to deal with the next level.
  37. "I'm not finished loving you." Cheesy dialogue hurts me. I abruptly tire of their relationship and am ready for him to die. G'bye now!
  38. "Alexandra Caroline Grey!" *rolls over laughing at George's EXTREME PANIC WHISPER* I can't even talk about their scenes tonight because they are just so brilliant on every level, packed with comedic value and the best friendship since Meredith/Cristina - better, actually, because this time I actually like both people. And while Cristina/Mer would fit in well with "Sex and the City," if they talked surgeries instead of fashion, George & Lexie are like college kids. It's refreshing.
  39. Lexie has a photographic memory?? Wow. "And now it's burned into my brain." I just adore this woman! Remember back in the spoiler day, we thought she was going to be horrible, and I was freaking out about the pending Lexik, and I couldn't imagine a more destestable character? Aren't you glad she ended up so adorable? Especially since we had Hahn to more than fill our detestable-new-character role?
  40. HOLY HELL. You didn't figure out bladder stuff for Cement Boy? I did not see that coming. Scary!
  41. Oh...oh, don't leave Ava alone with a big knife. BAD IDEA, ALEX!!
  42. Dude, did you just --! You did kill Brain Tumor Boy. Turns out I'm kind of sad after all (mostly because Brain Tumor Girl is just so bitter and gradually reaching the point of controlled hysteria).
  43. Dude, Alex, seriously, she did not cut both her wrists by accident.
  44. You know what Lexie's greatest value as a character is? The way she can spew a fount of character information with utmost speed. It's like a fact sheet. Cristina is dyslexic! Already has a PhD! Izzie went to med school at night and took six years to graduate! Volunteered as a candy striper, patients wrote her letters of recs! Also Alex pretended to have had testicular cancer in order to excuse his awful grades, which makes him a) AN AWFUL LIAR and b) possibly in possesion of a secret writing talent? I have no desire to believe Alex has layers, but if you do, that's a childhood/high school past you might want to explore.
  45. "Stop telling me information I don't want to know!" Lol, George. I don't want to know about Alex's naked body either.
  46. Lol. Lexie is a fount of information, she is. ALEX'S ESSAY.
  47. "That's what you and I do together. We kill things. Over and over and over again." THIS MAY BE MY FAVORITE QUOTE EVER. So much for that McDummy moniker. McDreamy is making awesome amounts of sense in this episode!
  48. I take it back. This is my favorite quote ever: "When that surgery's over, we're done. I don't want to work with you, I don't want to see you, I don't want to talk to you. We are done." So furious! Hot. *shivers*
  49. What nonsense is going on in the therapist's office now? Ellis Grey threatened to kill herself once upon a time? Still dont' care. *skips*
  50. George, if I agree that failing your exam by 1 point and having to repeat your internship because of it, despite a stellar year of patient care prior to that, will you STOP MENTIONING IT?
  51. OK, Alex, now you're just in denial. Even I think Ava needs a psych consult, and I'm generally the one who thinks that policy on suicide attempts is the stupidest rule in the whole book. I also think that Ava needs a full check-up, because I'm thinking that there might be an underlying physiological condition that's causing the quick mental deterioration. Am I the only one who sees that?
  52. OH! ALEX, WITH THE NAME CALLING STRAIGHT TO IZZIE'S FACE! "Dammit, would you leave us alone, you stupid bitch?!" AWESOME. You don't even know how many times I've wanted to say that over the course of this show.
  53. OKAY. I AM SICK OF HEARING ABOUT CALLIE'S RAGING HORMONES. *skips* (I'm living in denial of what's coming, how bout you?)
  54. "I'm never good enough. No matter what I say or what I do." AW, MCDREAMY! That's just not true. What has that vile wench (that would be Meredith) done to your brain?! *glomps*
  55. "Fail them. When you say 'fail her' - you mean 'them.' The...patients. (walks away with tear-filled eyes)" *hurts for Rose* She knew, you know she knew this was always what would probably happen, but she let herself forget. Just like I did.
  56. You ahve to give the woman points for classily holding her head high, though. She doesn't get angry or fall apart in front of him or anything. She just takes her hurt and slips away.
  57. Also, McDummy (sorry, it's warranted again) I'll understand if you break up with her (no I won't, not at all, angry angry angry!), but please just...please go after her and apologize.
  58. OOH. YANG FOR THE M-EFFING WIN. The way she spat "SHUT UP and let me work" at Hahn almost completely makes up for the weeks upon weeks of the latter's cruel snubbing.
  59. Oh. Brain Tumor Girl is still alive. Yay. *is bored*
  60. OK, even if it is all psychological, Ava has a literal mental illness, doesn't she? This is nowhere close to plain old depression. This is serious, needs-medication treatment, isn't it? God, her whole arc is just heartbreaking.
  61. *is flippant for a minute* "I can feed her and I can change her and I can bathe her and I can watch her! And I can walk her and play with her and love her!" I think someone took away Alex's puppy when he was a boy.
  62. This scene is twenty types of heartbreaking. I've honestly never seen Alex anywhere close to this, what's the word, amazing. It's like he has emotions and stuff. Seriously, though, my poor little heart cannot take the edge of desperation in his voice, or the moment where it almost breaks at "I took care of my mom, and I can take care of her." Or the very clear reversion back to little-boy at "I was a kid then, and I'm a man now, so I'll be better at it!"
  63. *sobs* This is killing me, because Alex is not an "I'll-take-care-of-you" guy. Alex is a "wham-bam-see-you-ma'am" kind of guy. The fact that he's transformed overnight into the former is just...I have no words. Too good.
  64. By the way - see, Meredith? She was literally crazy. You should have listened when Izzie was babbling at you earlier.
  65. OH, I GET IT, is like her mother's pretend-suicide, right? Amazing how I know this based off only hearing about ten seconds from the therapy scenes so far.
  66. George, stop sulking! It's one damn year. And, yeah, I dont think the Chief can just promote you - or, yes he can. Huh. Contingent on a passed test, George will just magically be a resident? But doesn't he have to go through the whole having-interns-and-learning-to-teach-them part? I didn't know they had spare interns just sitting around waiting for a teacher in the middle of the year.
  67. *puffs up in annoyance* WHAT. this is the most horrible doctor/patient parallel yet. "OMG WHUT WILL MY FRIENDS THNK?!" Because falling for your dorky-YET-SMART friend and being afraid your lame idiots of "friends" will mock you is EXACTLY like a straight female suddenly deciding she's gay and locking lips with her best friend. Yeah. Exactly like that, indeed. You know that thing I say about the best relationships starting in friendship? Has certain terms and qualifications. Namely that has to correspond to both your existing sexualities.
  68. WAIT, AVA'S HUSBAND LEFT HER? Two months ago?! BASTARD! At least now I can enjoy my Alex/Ava shipping, even back at the beginning, with no guilt at all. I guess that mental picture I had of her husband being a quiet, loving, highly decent guy whose biggest fault was being boring was all wrong. Guilt-free adultery shipping it is! I haven't been able to say that since Addison turned awesome. Or, well, actually during Gizziegate, but it's not quite the same since George's marriage was a sham in the first place.
  69. WHAT?! MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER?!?!?! That's both highly unsettling and highly unsatisfying. I saw no second personality. I saw the same old Ava/Rebecca (different name, same woman), just with diminished mental and possibly physical control. There's got to be something a hell of a lot more serious than that. I do not accept this answer.
  70. Psychiatric facility, nooo! *wails* Alex really can't help her. Which I've been saying all along, but it hurts more when he finally realizes it. She looks like a broken doll lying on the bed, and oh, oh, again with the apologies (but this time, she seems to be in a much clearer frame of mind; she isn't saying "i'm sorry" mindlessly, she's actually apologizing. "I wanted to be somebody you could trust.") It's all very depressing. Am vaguely starting to wish they'd never brought her back at all.
  71. Oh, THAT'S Mer's problem? She's pissed at Richard for leaving her mother to go back to his wife? Honest to God, Mer, I am so sick of your crap, and your dead mother's crap, and ALL OF IT. CRAP.
  72. Wow, I thought Ellis had just threatened suicide. Didn't know she'd actually cut her wrists. Wow, that makes the blood cleanup even worse. Hm.
  73. Quietly Triumphant Music of Breakthrough is playing in the background of this scene, but I still think that the entire therapy arc was freaking stupid. It was like an endless voiceover, and you know how much I hate those.
  74. Aw, Cement Boy lives. I'm past the point of caring.
  75. Oh, oh, Lexie, not the time to stab him with Win Points. Literally almost any other time, I would love your smirking, but not right now. And of course she coudln't know that, but...God, between being Cristina's intern and stealing stuff to make George happy, that poor girl has no time left over to keep up with hospital gossip.
  76. I sincerely hope my last sight of Beautiful Nurse Rose was not right here, with her telling Meredith "No, you have to go tell Derek. It's the kind of news he'd want to hear from you." I like the smile, but it's for all the wrong reasons.
  77. Also, she totally went and cried self-pityingly in a stairwell right after doing "the right thing" with that brave game face.
  78. HEEEE, Cristina. "You gotta take this sparkle pager back. I am drunk on the power."
  79. Cristina's teaching! The running whip stitch! This is so cool. Having two of my favorite characters get along is an increasing rarity on this show, mainly because there are so few characters I like that the odds of them pairing off are becoming something close to astronomical.
  80. Brain Tumor Girl lives and is cured! I..really find myself not caring and/or being bored.
  81. Aw, Bailey with broken voice. This is hard to watch, but it's good to give the clinic to Izzie, yes? It's her baby too. She even paid for it. And therefore named it. Damn it, I miss Denny all of a sudden. Can his crazy ghost show up again at some point? Good/plausible reasons not necessary.
  82. Richard & Meredith scene, blah. *skips*
  83. *is tempted to skip the Mark/Callie scene, but doesn't want to be any closer to wrapping the TV season* Now, when McSleazy says "Go on, get out of here" and nods at Hahn, he means so they can hang out and get drinks at a cool club, mock the hilariously unattractive guys who ask them to dance, and then go their separate ways at closing time, yes? YES.
  84. OK, we've got the drinks portion down...
  85. "Erica? I'm saying something." NO. NO YOU'RE NOT. *groans and buries head in arms, full of unbearable dread*
  86. Oh, dammit. She didn't actually say anything. Now I wish she had. On a technical note, I paused just as she reached for Hahn's face, and then I hit the "whee, jump forward!" button.
  87. Why, hello Richard! You suddenly seem ever so much more interesting. Even better, I believe that little speech to Adele about being a good man qualifies you for the Shakespearian Sonnets club. And YES! ADELE FINALLY ACQUIESCED! Took her long enough. Shonda, this does not make up for the idiocy of ruining their marriage in the first place. I just want to make that very clear.
  88. And I realize there are still 5 minutes left, but wouldn't it be great if Mer and Der didn't get back together, and made the season perfect?
  89. EEH! George to Lexie, lips-to-lips smooch of joy! I nominate that for Most Spectacular Kiss of the Finale. See how easy it is to slip in extra cute stuff like that? (DEAR DOCTOR WHO: I AM JUST SAYING) I'm sure they're going to wring this out until it's a miserable and horrible wreck, but for right now, I get a whole summer to glee over their cuteness. I just wish Lexie's brain didn't have to immediately jump to the romance place when George's clearly is not.
  90. ALEX IS CRYING! This was not even in my realm of possibility! Stop taking this to new levels of misery!! The fact that his voice is back to the old Alex, "Whatever," makes it all the more painful.
  91. Also, I know I was promised "several spectacular kisses" in this finale, so right now, um, I see Izzie and that prompts me to yell DENNY DENNY DENNY and DON'T YOU DARE.
  92. Don't. Don't. Don't. Don't. Don't. Don't -- DAMMIT, ALEX. I suppose technically, Izzie didn't dare. I have got to be more comprehensive in my pleas, and make sure they include all possibilities to warn again.
  93. And DUDE. You cannot proposition a woman for "just one night" in tears. Sympathy =/= sex, even if sex is all that man understands. BAD IZZIE. BAD. I know it's hard to resist him begging "Please" and crying like that, but if you would stop for a minute and realize what he's asking, it becomes real easy.
  94. WHAT HAY NO FAIR HAVING A KISSING MONTAGE, I THOUGHT I ESCAPED THE HAHN/CALLIE CRAP. *officially hates* Maybe I should just go ahead and skip the rest of the episode, and let the recap fill me in?
  95. The recap says that Izzie just ends up holding Alex, so...I take back the angry conclusions I leapt to and will give them the benefit of the doubt. And squee. And actually watch the rest of the finale now.
  96. "Home to daddy"? Let's pretend that's a positive sign. None of this makes up for ruining marriages, Shonda.
  97. Damn it. Damn it, I really want to be swayed by the way McDreamy just gazes at her. Except then I remember I don't want him to gaze at her like that, and so when they start talking about "their house" and "the room the kids could play in," I'm too cranky to even analyze that like I want to. I could probably talk as pretty a tale about their individual motivations and what it all means for them with as much detail and over-analysis as I did for their Official Breakup in the last episode before the strike. Except I'm cranky that they wasted a whole damn season dancing around their nonsense - even if it did give me the temporary benefit of Rose, it came at the expense of Cute Scenes with McDreamy being adoring in the manner he is right now - and so I have no interest in doing so.
  98. Also I am cranky about Rose, and how that was in fact the last we saw of her this season. -.-
  99. I am not very fond of Mer/Der when they make out. That's not Cute. And I mean, once in a while, that activity makes it onto the Checklist of Cute, SOMETIMES, but not when you do it as often and as cheaply as these two.
  100. Also, Meredith, what the hell is that look? Are you getting pensive and cranky because he's going to talk to Rose before he beds you? See, he'd like to do this thing called "not cheating." It's pretty cool and innovative.
  101. So...that's the wrap. Shonda pretends to fix some of last season's mistakes, doesn't succeed at any of them and makes one worse, breaks up another of my pairs, gives me a new one to make up for it, then negates that by giving me a new couple to despise, and ultimately doesn't manage anything better than making Cristina verbally bitchslap Hahn with the Chief's approval. Which, I have to admit, is a pretty great accomplishment.
  102. Still not really any better than last season's finale.
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