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Oh, show.  Show, I am completely and 100% head-over-heels in love with you after just two episodes.  Well, even after one episode really - they set a montage-y clip to "My Immortal" at the end!  WIN. - but I was able to get through two before I couldn't hold in the squee any longer.   Had I not been all behind for Premiere Week last fall, and felt like killing the hour before the Numb3rs premiere, this show would have had me hook, line and sinker.   OK, there was the slight problem of how I thought a plotline about a vampire detective was frickin' stupid, largely because I find vampires frickin' stupid (THERE.  I SAID IT AND AM NOT SORRY.), but... Mick St. John.  All broody-like.  Plus I just pretty much adore Beth.  I wish there had been some way of communicating this to me before it premiered.  Moonlight's promo photo with Alex O'Laughlin simply didn't convey his broody good looks properly.

Of course, the commercials eventually got to me, and I wound up watching bits and pieces here and there starting around the holidays, where I determined that because of Mick, I was most definitely going to go back in summer (a/k/a "as soon as I have free time") and watch it from the beginning.  That time is now.

SERIOUSLY.  I DO NOT THINK I CAN PROPERLY CONVEY HOW MUCH I AM ADORING THIS.  I've harbored a vague fear that I would eventually find the Mick/Beth angle creepy, because normally I am unsettled by historical stories where a young woman is married off to a man who's known her since she was a child, but...yeah, that's not happening here.  Their dynamic is simply too amazing.  Do want!  Want right now!  Or, you know, eventually.  Especially since the show is canceled. WHY IS  THE SHOW CANCELED?!  I'm like fifteen times more upset now than I was a few weeks ago, and I was already reasonably upset then.  Did the show fall apart after the strike, or something?  Something that might console me? wandering so off track.

In conclusion: Mick/Beth just firmly planted itself on my Current Ships list, and I have 14 more episodes to ignore her sweet but boring boyfriend and take my small glees where I can get them.  Again, that's been there from the clips I saw of later episodes/from the beginning, but it really kicked into high gear at the end of episode 2, when she finds out what he is.  Or maybe that was the part where I just plain fell for him (again).  He's impossible not to adore when he's shaking and desperately trying to get blood back in his (digestive) system, but simultaneously cringing and trying to avoid her eyes with "please don't look at me." 

I love how the conclusion was longer than the preceding part.  *changes topics*

I think what I liked most about the pilot was that it didn't feel like a pilot, where things often get turned upside down between there and episode 2 as the show finds itself.   It was already very cohesive and put together.  I especially liked that dream interview at the beginning, where they come up with an excellent platform to douse you with information about their particular interpretation of vampire characteristics. 

I also like the flashbacks to old cases, and I'm impressed that Coraline showed up in the very first ep, although now I'm very curious how she goes from that scene to being whole and hale (well, for being undead) later on.  Still looking forward to her.  ("A Knight's Tale" was on TV last night, and when I wasn't mooning over Heath Ledger and wishing he'd kept his hair like that longer, I was busy grumbling about how Jocelyn's ugly hair doesn't match her beauty.  Not a problem in Moonlight.)

The only thing that really makes me squirm and whimper are the horrible horrible horrible things involving blood in needles or straight from the source.  Gross gross gross gross GROSS. *distressed*

In an unrelated note, Josef had better get really awesome at some point in the future, because right now the word I want to use in describing him is "huge douche" (sorry, that's 2 words) and I do not understand all the fangirling that was going on for him in the post-strike era.  It can't be because he's cute, because he's not.  At all.  If it turns out this guy is the Captain Jack Harkness of Moonlight, I'm going to be very upset.

Need another fix now.  *runs off*  (and I'm keeping the "episode reviews" tag on here for organizational's close enough)
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