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FYI: When you are living in a semi-deserted apartment building and all of your roommates are gone, and you feel a compelling urge to venture into the basement level at 1 AM rather than waiting until morning to fetch the laundry you forgot about, and you've been watching "Moonlight" for like 3 hours straight?  THAT BUILDING BECOMES REALLY FREAKY.  Like, jumping at every tiny noise in the pipes and thinking, with a disturbing amount of Actual Fear, that there is an evil vampire about to step out of the shadows from one of those dark, empty rooms whose doors are left ominously open. 

I left off my Moonlight watching at 1x05 last night, both because I was getting freaked out by things that went bump in the night and because a couple of sweet and largely innocent Mick/Beth kisses seemed like the perfect thing to send me off into dreamland.   I was kind of tempted to pretend the series stopped right there. 

Meanwhile, I've drummed up some other scribbly thoughts on the series thus far, and naturally have to mark them down despite being in no order, not even by episode, whatsoever:

-"Dr. Feelgood" (#3) is the first episode I ever (mostly) saw!  I had no idea that came so early in the series.  Definitely some good moments in there; this was apparently the thing that really got me thinking about watching the show, but I wouldn't call it one of the best.  Not even one of the best so far. 

-Normally I'm annoyed by voiceovers, and I keep thinking I'll get tired of them here...but no.  His voice is just that dreamy.

-It's still weird to be on the reporter's side of the crime scene.  In all my other shows, they're just annoying, pesky flies doing their best to make the cops/detectives/crime analysts' lives hell, but here Beth is charming and likable.

-The chip-offering scene in the car still makes me giggle ("Can you fly?" "Mm-hm."  "REALLY?"  "No.").  I like learning along with Beth.

-Ahhhhhah, so, "Fever" (#4) was excellent on principle, just because I'm all about the hurt/comfort, but if the "previously ons" show me the scene of him biting her arm one more time, I'm going to scream.  Even the first time I couldn't watch it, preferring instead to shut my eyes and squeal "Ew ew ew ew ew THAT'S WORSE THAN THE NECK!"  *whimpers* 

-I like this show's theme notes.  I was going to say song, but really it's like five notes.  Very pretty ones, though.

-In the scene where Mick & Beth are leaning their heads against opposite sides of the door in silence, I may have taken a break to go cry about the parallels to Doctor Who.  Although in this case, at least it's only a door and not, say, A UNIVERSE that's separating them.  And the vampirism thing, but my daydreams get to ignore logistics for purposes of Cute Scenes, just like they ignore that Time Lordy thing to ship Ten/Rose.

-I'm really making an effort to like Josh, especially since he'll be dying before too long, but I just can't do it.  His pending demise keeps me from actively hating him, but he's just not that interesting.  And why would you have a dinner party to celebrate dating for one  year?  Would YOU care if your friends had been dating for a year?  Engagement, maybe, or a 1-year marriage anniversary, but dating?  Not so much.

While I'm on this subject, I'm baffled as to why her boss is baffled by the fact that they've been dating a year "and you're not even living together!"  I mean...really, is that the timeline now? That's going to be problematic if this sort of thing ever becomes relevant to my life.

-The music on this show is kind of intrusive sometimes.  I mean, most of it's pretty good, and I feel like if I cared enough I might even track some of these songs down, but they just use so much of it for transitional scenes where it takes complete precedence that it starts to wear on my nerves.

-Episode 6 (BC) is another one I saw at some point, I think...maybe just the ending?  Or maybe this was only the setup for some other episode I saw.  Yeah, there were monkeys in the other one.  OK, cool.  I love how my chronology's all out of whack.

-Speaking of episode 6, could we get more shots of Mick reclining in his freezer-bed with just a towel around his waist? 

-And drugged!Beth amuses me, but mostly I'm too busy purring over Mick.  Obviously.  (in a related note: Best.  Shower scene.  Ever.)

-Josef: still huge douche, and getting progressively more annoying

-OH!  I just remembered that The Recapist covered this show.  My viewing pleasure is now doubled.  Yay!  :D  (I swear, recaps are like DVD extras for me.  Except better than most DVD extras.)
And now, yet more episodes.  You know a show is good when you just keep watching one after another and don't even stop to think about it or notice time passing.  OK, well, that's a lie because now it's already past noon on Sunday and I keep having to spend time doing pesky things like shower and buy food and vacuum while no one's home to be annoyed by the noise, but I want to sit here wrapped up in the vampire world.  It's really quite fascinating.

Hey, which of you guys talked about this show in your journals (preferably tagged so I could see them all at once)?  Reading LJ reviews is almost as much fun as recaps, but there are a lot of you and I'm not sure where to look first.
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