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And that wraps the pre-strike portion...

I apologize for the deluge of Moonlight posts!  If there was any way to space them out, I would, except I cannot seem to put this show down and my Future Self will just hate me if I don't have a sufficient number of thoughts to document how my exposure to this show progresses (because I read my old posts.  A lot.  They entertain me like books.  Is this weird?).  I fully expect to be done with all 16 episodes by tomorrow at the latest, if not tonight.

First things first, Josef finally made me feel a twinge of sympathy when he was all teary eyed and having actual emotions over his comatose not-quite-vampire, not-quite-human girlfriend.  I still don't understand you people with your freakish Josef/Jason Dohring love, which is so very clearly misplaced when there is CORALINE/SHANNYN SOSSAMON about, but for one half of an episode, I didn't intensely dislike him! 

Coraline continues to be completely amazing - I'd never seen the buildup when she was pretending to be "Morgan," so I didn't have even a twinge of doubt (I'm not sure I would have anyway), but I have to give her points for being completely credible as a clueless human who had no idea who/what Mick was talking about. 

I still think "Fleur de Lis" is a highlight episode, because despite the Worst Shower Scene Ever, Beth stabbing her in the heart will never not be incredible (much as I love Coraline, McBeth still takes precedence),  But "The Mortal Cure" just may be the greatest thing ever, because despite having actually watched this one all the way through when it first aired (I think...), I sat through the whole thing again just now.  Royal French siblings; ancient secrets!  The Reign of Terror being a vampire genocide!  Evil Lance (*giggles at name*) with a literally pitch-black eye!  Did we mention the actual mortal cure?   Oh, oh, and the ending!  The chilling ending!

All of it love, except for Beth spending it all being whiny about how Mick didn't turn Poor Dead Josh into a vampire, because clearly there are no drawbacks to that sort of half-life whatsoever.   I get that she's upset and not thinking clearly, but that whining really gets tiresome - as did her "oh no!  Josh was cheating on me!" followed by "OH NO!  HE WAS GOING TO PROPOSE!"  Blech.  Good thing Coraline was there to be spectacular. 

Speaking of Poor Dead Josh, um, WOW!  OK!  Was not expecting that!  By which I mean first of all, sex scene = bad (*stubbornly holds hand in front of screen*) and second of all, the first time I saw this one, I only tuned in just as Mick was trying to stop the bleeding, so I not only didn't realize this was the one where Josh died, I DEFINITELY did not know that he gets shot multiple times through the backseat of the car while still in the trunk.  Damn, that's some hardcore gun violence.  And I don't think I've ever seen someone get shot in the groin area before.  It's not nearly as funny as it sounds on paper. 

Anyway.  His death doesn't exactly move me to tears or anything, but it wasn't much easier to watch the second time around.

And then, because this show's on a murdering rampage with a bloodlust that apparently just grew during the strike, I'm like 8 minutes into episode 13, and they just killed off Beth's boss Maureen!  Whoa.  BOLD MOVE, SHOW.  VERY BOLD.  That's like killing Carl the Detective (which, please never do that.  He's hilariously snarky with a touch of exasperated affection, which I don't think I've mentioned yet). 

I managed to not hear a whisper of anything that happened post-strike, probably because it took place during my TV-out-the-window phase, so the next/last 4 should be a complete surprise.  Er, I think I may have clicked on a review here and there, but any specific memories have fled my brain.  So, back I go. 
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