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Honestly, I thought I would get through the final four before I posted one last time. But that was before "Fated to Pretend" took me on a FANTASTIC THRILL RIDE OF EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTERING.
  I am really not used to this. Moonlight's been wonderful, but it's never been so jaw-droppingly amazing, with so much excellence crammed into one episode. Gleeeeeeeeeeeee! Random thoughts, in no particular order again:

1. Still vaguely bitter about Maureen's death.

2. Find Josef ten times more acceptable with bangs and proper, non-spiked, less gel-coated hair. Massive improvement. Didn't hurt that he got kind of teary over turning Mick back into a vampire. I like it when useless characters find ways to be more useful, I really do.

3. Lots of open-shirt Mick. I approve. Especially during the sunny beach picnic, with the reclining and seductive eating of strawberries.

4. "He has my Beth." I think maybe "use of possessive phrases" might become an official point on the Checklist of Cute, because I can assure you that that line sent me into a swoon. 

5. Oh, I almost forgot another use for Josef - their banter's been decent in recent times, but this episode had what may be my favorite, at least in terms of all the giggling it caused, exchange so far (and not entirely because I am mentally 12)--
Josef: You seal the deal yet?
Mick: It's not that simple.
J: Sure it is. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy - didn't your dad explain all this?
M: OK, and when I turn back?
J: Vampires and humans can have sex. This isn't about physiology.
M: And it isn't about sex.
J: Of course it's about sex. Everything's about sex. [Edit: SEE?! TOTALLY JACK HARKNESS.]
M: I'm 58 years older than her. I sleep in a freezer. I drink blood I buy from the morgue, and I have a tendency to bite down when I --
J: Some women like that.

OK, yeah, it probably is entirely because I'm mentally 12. But I sober up nicely with the declaration of " in love with her" and then decide that I kind of like Josef when he's seemingly quite supportive of this fact.

6. I like that the teenager he saved from jumping to her death, and who promptly collapsed in tears against him, had long blonde hair. Makes it incredibly easy to substitute AU visualizations. Not that I didn't love that scene all on its own, particularly with that energized string melody that's been floating across several scenes/episodes's driving me nuts because I'm sure it's just part of the original score, but it sounds so familiar. And it's really, really pretty.

7. Mick + cat in lap = dying from Teh Cute. I am making it an official requirement that all my TV boyfriends must hold either a cat or a baby at some point in their series. Preferably a cat (large dog or puppy will count as a suitable substitute).

8. I don't like Talbot. He is officially my least favorite character on the series.

9. I have been pointedly ignoring the potential for slash that The Recapist's Keira keeps pointing out, both because a) I live in a shiny little fandom bubble where I don't interact with the fandom and thus I don't have to risk the chance that people responded to this show's OTP like they did to Numb3rs, and b) because it's easier on me if I can maintain my unimpressed feelings/vague general dislike of Josef rather than having it turn into BURNING HATRED. But even I couldn't stand watching the whole Turning scene. Show, come on. I'm all about the bromance (*fervently hopes that word means what she thinks it does*), but at some point you have to respect boundaries. In other words, "Squick!" For more reasons than just the focus on blood-carrying things this time!

10. I liked the rest of that scene quite a bit, though. More shining examples of banter, and Josef gets what may be my absolute favorite quip of the hour, "Guillermo called me, said you were about to do something extremely stupid. I said, 'Wait, that can't be the Mick that I know!'"

Also, the tear trailing down Mick's face broke me. A lot.  Even more than the surprising tears in Josef's eyes, which...SHOW.  STOP MAKING ME LIKE HIM AT OCCASIONAL MOMENTS. 

11. "I could never hate you."  See, expressions like the one that accompanies that phrase are why it takes me so long to get through each episode even when I'm not writing about each one individually.  I just keep rewinding.  And gazing.  And drooling.

12. So, roof date.  Started out with me grumbling - come on, I was already calling "no fair!" on not even leaving him human for one full episode; you can't crash the relationship before it even starts!  I was sulky as she walked away, and at some point I should really just realize that my hundreds of hours of TV-watching have not honed my instincts at all, as I can predict nothing.  Because I was not expecting the very hot grab, spin, and proper kiss.  At all.  Which was exciting!  And squeeful!  And made me drop everything and make faint squeaking noises of excitement while resisting the urge to jump up and run around the room! And was the catalyst that made me finally devote a whole review-type post to this display of excellence.


What?  It so deserves its own number.

14. I reverse my opinion on the intrusive music, by the way.  If I weren't so hell-bent on pounding through the series at utmost speed, with no patience to pause and feed lyrics into Google to hear full versions, I bet I could have found over a dozen songs to fall in love with.  I really, really must commend the people on this show for having the best taste in music ever, since probably a good 2/3 of it sounds like stuff I'd enjoy.  Starting with the one in that lovely last scene, "Lucky Ones," by...oh, you have got to be kidding me.  "Bif Naked"?  What the hell kind of name is that for a band?  WAY TO UNDERMINE MY MUSICAL CREDIBILITY THERE. 

15. I am now once again faced with the dilemma of whether I should go with my original plan and finish, or just stop for the night at a happy place.  Decisions, decisions. 
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