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*gently sets Moonlight on the shelf*

That's all, folks. 


All right, so I may have, er, hop-skip-jumped through much of the finale and relied more on the written recap because I didn't have time to get to the last one last night, and when I woke up at 5:15 this morning I was quite determined to finish before work started.  I needed to know if there was proper resolution, damn it!  But I'll get to that.

"Click" was phenomenally uninteresting, aside from me laughing hilariously at the kid from "8 Simple Rules" being a bratty teenage vampire, and I couldn't get over how mind-numbingly stupid it seemed for someone who doesn't age to ensure that he's in the public spotlight with lots and lots and lots of pictures being taken all over the place and put on record with his name plastered all over them.  Plastic surgery can only explain so much. 

"What's Left Behind" reminded me that the more I see of pre-vampire Mick, the less I like him.  It's kind of astonishing how much he depends on that fantastic present-day hair to be attractive, but in general...pre-vampire Mick just seems kind of sleazy.  Thank goodness he's matured/wised up over the last 55 years.  And can I just go on record as being extremely glad that wasn't his son? Because my brain found that creepy on multiple levels and didn't want to have to wrap itself around that idea.  Not that this even slightly stops me from wanting a McBeth baby.  Having that vampirism cure floating around somewhere, or at least knowing that such a thing is possible to make, adds a whole world of possibility.

"Sonata," aside from being a perfectly excellent name for the final episode in this series, was...like I said, something I skipped through because Josef's freshie was "Blah Blah" from How I Met Your Mother, and I just could not get past that.   Also, I was pissy about the recasting of the the Cleaner and wanted to see the original again.  And there was more of  that gratuitous bloodsucking, which I think may actually be worse than sex in terms of being unbearable to watch.  And really, I was just frustrated about the insufficient amount of Cute Scenes. I don't know, maybe if I watch it again I'll like it more - the vampire trial, from what I saw of it, was really unsettling - but...

In general, aside from Mick/Beth moments it kind of went on a downhill slide out the door - boo for an excessive lack of Carl the Cop in the post-strike era, double boo for an excessive amount of time wasted on Potentially Evil Ben Talbot (who, holy Lord, was just so dull in his potential evilness - Josh was somewhat dull too, but he at least had a sense of misguided earnestness about him), but obviously, you know what the worst part of this show being canceled was?  

Coraliiiiiiiiiine!  I want to know what happened to her!  I want to find out more about Lance!  (*still giggling over silly, non-fearsome name*)  Delve into way-back French history!  That was such a rich line of storyline just begging to be explored over at least one or two more arcs; I don't think I've ever been sadder about a missed opportunity. 

You know what the best part of cancellation is?  Well, aside from the fact that we don't have to see what dastardly things Ben was going to do about finding out vampire secrets (which I must say is a giant bonus)... getting a Happily Ever After.

Seriously, at the 41-minute mark, with all the walking away and tears, I was squeaking in disbelief.  SURELY this was not how they were going to leave things.  Your damn show was on the bubble; you knew it was on the bubble!  When you have a show on the bubble, you do not set up for future storylines!  You end happy and then, if necessary, you can worry about how to deal with (i.e., "ruin") it.   Here, let me quote Recapist, "So help me fucking god, this had better not be how this show ends, or I will be extremely grumpy."  I was only clinging to one tiny shred of hope that there were 2 minutes left, and maybe if we didn't change scenes, there was still time to fix it?

YES!  Yes there is!  Ahhhhaha, I do not have words with which to analyze at all.  Just the perfection of the storming back and "Because I love you" and the fantastic kissing. I think there was some slightly cheesy dialogue thrown in there as well, possibly, but it at all worked in the intensity of the moment and now I am a melted puddle of fangirl.

I guess I'm okay with the cancellation now.  They gave me my happy ending, all is well, and on the bright side it's one less show to put on the already overflowing plate next fall.  I'll miss my characters, but at least they're preserved in this fond little memory of a summer 2008 fandom.  That...lasted 3 days. Whatever.  Sometimes I condense my Shiny New Obsession Loves.  They still count!

And they can't take away my happily-ever-after, so nyah!  :P


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Jun. 4th, 2008 12:56 am (UTC)
aw i wish i woulda been keeping up with your posts the last couple days and i coulda indeed squeeeed tons with you

i love this show! dvds are rumored to come out in sept and then i shall add it to my collection. :) yay! and alex is doing commentary on episodes. *melts*
Jun. 4th, 2008 08:38 pm (UTC)
Aw, I wish you'd been around too. Was a tiny bit lonely squeeing all by myself, even for as fast as I was moving.

And DVDs you say?? Oh! Do want! Will probably depend on the price, and I've got other shows on the list, but that commentary is a HUGE draw. Thanks for letting me know!
Jun. 4th, 2008 08:40 pm (UTC)
if i'd known how much i was gonna love it when it started i would have kept them on my dvr so i could relive them now. summer is shaping up to be quite dull with no shows on. i actually went out and rented a movie a bit ago cuz i was going mad being bored.
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