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Standoff: This was an incredibly boring episode.  Worst to date.  (okay, the plot was better than the air-traffic-controller one, but…traffic-controller one had the dog story and the Pillow Talk!) 

here were exactly two good parts: 1) the very beginning, when the entire floor is mesmerized, watching a car chase.  Even Matt gets glued to the screen as soon as he sees it.  Hell, even the BOSS is all “sweet, fast car and sirens.”  Emily looks at them like they’re all nuts, and slowly excuses herself from the control room.  Best line she’s ever had: “I’m just gonna be…doing that ‘work’ thing we do…”

2) My Cute Bit - Emily's last-ditch effort to get the HT to give up the hostage - she finally answers Avery's long-ago-posited questions about what qualifications she has to talk to [a hostage taker.]  "I have someone that's there for me."  Locking eyes with Matt the whole time she spoke.  YAY!  Still deleting the episode, but at least it wasn't a total wash. 

Also, the local FOX news had a field day airing previews that said “join us at 9 for coverage of a live police standoff!” Seriously.  Just like the episode.  A million police cars outside a suburban home.  I’m sure the reporters thought that was the best coincidence ever.  I was busy watching SVU, though, so I never got the details.  Eh.    

Last night’s episode of “Bones.”  (about The Gravedigger)

Okay, so given the awesome previews with the tears, I was expecting to get some Yippy Shippy moments by the end.  Even though as previously established I don’t sail any particular ships for this show, and in fact still don’t know all the characters’ names.  Well, I didn’t before tonight.  As of tonight:  

*catapults onto the good ship Jack/Angela and BOLTS SELF TO IT*  OMG HEE SQUEAL SO CUTE WHEEEEE!!   I take back everything I said about only wanting the romance to continue in the background!

That was the most amazing episode of Bones I have ever seen.  And let me tell you, the first one I ever saw – the season 1 finale – set a pretty high standard.  Yeah, this one beat it.  I almost died from the squeeage.  I have so much love for Hodgins now, I don’t even care if Booth wants to continue his creepy quasi-romance with Bug Eyes.  Or terminate it, as the previews for next week indicate he might.  Really. I don’t care anymore.

But seriously, the episode – the case itself was fascinating, a ransom-taker who buries his victims alive, giving the families 24 hours to come up with the money and get coordinates for the location, otherwise the victims suffocate.  (I will, however, confess that for a long time, I suspected that the guy who wrote the book about the Gravedigger might actually turn out to BE the Gravedigger)     The particular case of the week, with the dehydrated corpses of two teenage boys found after having been missing five years, well, excellent visuals.  (see, see, told you this show isn’t gross like all the other crime shows…)  It was great seeing the team pull together, occasionally showing signs of coming unglued, like Angela when she saw the blood, or…oh, crap, Zach?  The shaggy-haired one who looks like he’s 12 – panicked and kept saying they’d already run out of air, and Booth flipping out at that suggestion. 

In the car, I missed exactly what was wrong with Hodgins’ leg that Bones had to slice him, but no matter. Hodgins is cute and cuddly.  He is, if I may be allowed to continue stealing Spy’s Numb3rs recap terminology, “adorkable.”  And oh, so brave in the face of the scalpel…and suddenly admitting that he loved Angela.  That, that right there was where I fell in love with him, and by proxy the J/A ship.  “I'm nuts about Angela," he blurts, making Bones pause before cutting.  "Over the moon.  Stupid in love with her," he whispers, with the tears running down his face.  *SQUEEZE*   That's one of the greatest hopeless-romantic lines ever uttered.  "That's why I bought her that crazy-expensive [$3,000/oz.] bottle of perfume.  A man gives you a bottle of perfume like that, it says..." he chokes up; another tear falls.  "It says 'I love you.'"   *DOUBLE SQUEEZE*  And Bones is actually displaying a rare moment of human compassion.  That expression of hers is the definition of empathy. 

I spent the remainder of the episode glued to the screen (I even taped it, sans commercials for easy replay.  I will be hard pressed to erase it even though I know I have to), and the commercials envisioning how they’d be rescued and what might come of it.  I not only wasn’t disappointed, the show actually did me one better than my speculation.  I hadn’t dared hope for a kiss.  But I got it!  The team frantically digging (though I kept thinking, “really?  They’re allowed to just run down and dig with their bare hands?”), pulling him out, and despite being covered in dust and dirt and blood and what have you, he still looks way better than Jack Malone.  There's a really pretty song playing over the scene that I must find. Then Angie’s leaning over him, stroking his hair and his face.   Focusing in on her, his lips start to form the words "I love you," but she cuts him off with the sweetest kiss ever.  Pulling back, she's smiling through her tears, and he's looking both dazed and amazed, and they look so cute.  They're sweet little puppies in love.

And it gets still better.  There’s that ending scene in the lab.  Things seemed strangely stilted and awkward, and I bashed my head into my hand, thinking that they were going to write the kiss off as a overcome-in-the-face-of-emotion thing, and keep them apart…but nope, my fears are unfounded.  He's obsessed with finding the killer; Angela (already mildly annoyed that he busted himself out of the hospital by stealing a pair of crutches, which she had to pay for), trying to remind him that he's been through a lot, he needs rest, and they will start in the morning.  He starts talking about how he can’t sleep.  Okay, that's it; I can't take this anymore. Switching to full-on transcript mode, forgive me what I misinterpret. 

When she points out, "I thought that they gave you something for that," he insists, “No.  What I mean is, I’m afraid.  That when I open my eyes…I’ll be back in that car.  Buried underground, running out of air.”  His voice trails off; a tear runs down his cheek at the end.  Must!  Hug!  Angie does me one better.  “Okay," she says softly, thoughtfully.  " should come home with me,” Angie says.  He stares, uncomprehending.  "What?" 

Angela: *soft doe eyes*  "When you open your eyes...I'll be there."  Jack's eyes are growing watery again.  "Yeah?" he asks, very lost-little-boy, voice cracking on the word as couple more tears run down his cheeks.  [I love this actor, by the way.  I haven't seen this much crying onscreen since the end of Lord of the Rings.]  Angela nods, and he sniffles, "Okay."  He's quiet for a second, then manages to crack a joke about "and you know I'm good for that crutch money."  She giggles in spite of herself; his laugh doesn't sound forced, but does sound very weary.  She reaches out and cups his cheek; he closes his eyes and leans into her caress, nudging her hand a little. Manages to convey a phenomenal amount of emotion in that one tiny movement that you really have to see to understand.  Despite all the glorious preceding talk, it's that gesture that really says how much he needs her.  They smile at one another and continue to behave like cute little puppies while I POSITIVELY EXPLODE FROM GLEE.   I swear I watched this scene at least 50 times. 

 Dude, this is so much better than Lost.

 And as an aside, even though Bones and Booth just became background entities to me…I loved the whole conversation about God and church and religion.  I love that Bones is a total atheist and Booth’s a devoutly religious man.  After she makes some excellent comparisons about how The Gravedigger is a lot like God:

Booth: You know, I'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't say things like that because I don't want to get struck by lightning.

Bones: You go to church every Sunday?
Booth: Yes.
Bones: Can I come with you?
Booth: No you can not!
Bones: Why?  It might help me to understand...
Booth: Because I’m not going to help you disresepct God in His own house.

 And the ending, with Booth praying in the church while Bones looks around like a little girl on a field trip to a museum...well, that second conversation was just sweet.

Law & Order: SVU  “Underbelly”


Also one of the best episodes ever.  Adore the main character - Belinda?  That actress [Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Ray] is awesome.  Fun fact, she actually is 14.  3 days younger than my brother, to be exact.  Anyway, she pulled off an extremely convincing character brainwashed by her life on the streets of New York working for a pimp (sorry, her new daddy/boyfriend).  Poor girl.  Never seen a sadder case.

SISTER PEG!  Sister Peg is the most awesome nun ever.  Love when she has a guest spot.  Although she’s starting to rack up hospital bills after the fashion of Dana Scully.  She seems to get injured in like, every episode in which she appears. 

But poor Olivia…*sniffles* Olivia needs a hug.  She looked so lost and out of place.  This job stabilizes her (no pun intended), and the team’s her family, and without them… :(

The kiss was less icky than it could have been, and maybe if I hadn’t recently flipped onto the Elliot/Oliva ship I would have liked it, but…instead it just made me sad.  Sad that he didn’t even hesitate; he opened the door for her, she turned, and he kissed her.  Given the way things had been building over the course of the episode I can’t say I blame him, because her emotional distress was kind of alluring for someone as protective as Elliot, and she certainly looked like someone who needed her disquiet kissed away, but…well.  I’m hoping she makes her exit soon, and then things will be back to normal. 

And as previously stated, this case was incredible.  One I might actually watch again; the villain and all the supporting players were just that good.  Man, I love SVU.  So much more than the original, which is so cut-and-dried, or CI, which I won’t watch at all because I DESPISE Bobby Goren the way others hate Horatio.  I hear Bobby's only in every-other episode now, but the timeslot clashes with House, so I still don’t watch it. 

CSI: NY – Here's to You, Mrs. Azrael

My most pressing thoughts go like this: "That lab scene with Hawkes and Lindsay – could it be any more obvious that Anna Belknap is pregnant?She’s down to about two scenes an episode (which makes RS very, very sad and angry now that Lindsay is her favorite character), but they didn’t even try to hide her belly in this one.  The bulge was blatantly obvious.  She didn’t look fat, she looked pregnant.  Yeesh.  *cries* I want Lindsay Monroe back!  Now!  I’m  sick of this in-the-background role!!

The case: Best ripped-from-the-headlines case ever, because it came from my neck of the woods. And so, so, so heartbreaking at the end, when you see the girl desperately begging “Mom!” and her cold-hearted mother smothering her, thinking she was someone else.  There was a lump in my throat.  I picked up the phone to call my own mother immediately, then realized she would have already gone to bed…but I’m calling her tonight, first thing.  Also, for the record, as soon as the “CSI: Q” thing popped up, I knew she was going to be the killer.  You know how?  (keep in mind that I didn’t realize this case was ripped-from-the-headlines until the very end)  Because I’ve seen her in some other crime show, where she was also the crazy villain.  If people play the bad guy once, they often play them again.  It’s a trend I’ve noticed.  It’s my best method for picking out murderers.  ;)

The rest of the ep was cool even though I’m not that big a Hawkes fan anymore.  I loved him when he was the ME, but not so much now.  I think I have traced this to lingering resentment that him going into the field meant he was replaced first by Annoying Asian Guy, and then by Sid the Creepy Coroner, and New York went from having autopsy scenes that I actually enjoyed to autopsy scenes I refused to watch at all.  Anyway.  Boy, that Sheldon has a long, varied, and extremely impressive resume for someone so young, doesn’t he?  Dang.    

Nice to see Bernard’s off the Lost island and back wearing a doctor’s coat, just like the glory days on ER.  Failed to understand why he was so pissy towards Hawkes, though.  Eh.  And I LOVED the ending.  I mean, sure, it was kind of convenient, him getting to save a life just when he’s doubting his own abilities, but…eh.

Important Things to Note: Mac lost his father to a torturously slow progression of small-cell lung cancer.  WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT MAC’S SOB STORY GETTING AS BAD AS HORATIO’S??  (and by bad, I mean “excellent in a way that fan fiction writers such as myself can totally use”)  *jumps on a plane to New York to go hug Mac* 

Lastly: I about fell off the bed giggling at the locker room scene.  My quote for the night: “This show is awesome.  This show totally hates shirts."  In other words,  "SWEET.  SHIRTLESS DANNY.”  (*checks things off* Mac, Danny, and didn’t we get Flack last year?  Hey, Sheldon!  Get with the times!  Sid, remain 500 feet away)  Actually, I don’t particularly care that much, but I figure I should root for shirtlessness at every possible opportunity when it isn’t in connection with sex.  

Oh yeah, almost forgot  to mention Flack.  Flack is awesome.  I recently rewatched Charge of This Post, so when he fell among the tires, I thought for sure there was going to be some connection to his injury last year…nope, apparently just a sweet quip about how “these are new pants, and I don’t get a uniform budget” and so maybe the suspect should make the rest of the arrest as easy as possible for him.  Man, I love chase-and-tackle scenes. 

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