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*rolls over laughing hysterically* So earlier this evening, I flip on the TV, still left on SpikeV from when I was channel-surfing yesterday, and suddenly Jim Halpert (or, you know, random stoned guy) is sitting across from Warrick.  And cripes, it's the Sherlock Holmes episode!  I even like that one, and I've seen it multiple times!  Apparently not within the last year, though.

2. I respectfully request that you give me topics in the alphabet meme.  I only had 2 people respond, and while those 2 people filled out 8 letters, I really want something to keep my mind occupied during work.  Please.  I've been so bored I've been nearly screaming and/or ripping out my hair.

3. On Sunday, I discovered that I had a chunk of cash in my PayPal account that I put there in 2006, hoping to get over my fear of both eBay and of buying things (that cost more than $2) for myself just because I want them.  It never happened.  But this week, it did!  Seeing as I pretty much forgot about it, I'm considering this free present-buying money to spend as I wish. 

Despite being thoroughly petrified that I would fail to understand PayPal and then get held in contempt and/or arrested for non-payment, I put in bids on things, and I got them, and all my payments seem to have gone through without difficulty. The first $10 went to a set of 4 Jean Slaughter Doty horse books - Dark Horse, The Crumb (new to me!), If Wishes Were Horses, and Summer Pony (YEEHAW), first edition hardcover/ex-library copies, which is exactly how I love them best.  In a related note, if any of you ever feel a need to unload horse novels, particularly from prior to 1985, give me a call.

And the next $20 went to season 3 of The Office, because despite being my least favorite season, I do want them all eventually, and that seemed like a rather decent price for a new copy with no tax and free shipping.

Not much left now, but I'll hold out for another good horse book lot.  Best of all, now I can actually look forward to checking my mailbox!

4. Seriously, I've been trying to write about Doctor Who for like a week and it's insanely hard to gather my thoughts.  It's like the episodes are quicksilver.  But because of my mulish stubbornness, I also refuse to move forward until I feel satisfied that I've worked through it with a sufficient amount of text.   Somehow, I will get through it!  Until I do, it's making me bored and tired with all TV.  Which is why it's taken me almost a week to slap together this.

I was only half paying attention to the Vegas/Top 20 Choosing episode of SYTYCD last week, as my interest in all things televisual was hovering at zero.  My initial impressions, however, pretty much consisted of:

1. "WOOHOO, TWITCH!" (because I was pretty crushed when it came down to him or Hok last year, and I am *so freaking excited* he's in)

2. "Frick, why aren't there any awesome girls to cheer for?", and

3. "DAMMIT, where's my eye candy?"  

I think I'm even less impressed by this year's crop than I was last year, if that's possible.  Granted, I haven't yet seen them dance - the little clips we might see at auditions are hardly enough to draw any kind of conclusion - but as of right now, I'm annoyed by all the weird names and the lack of eye candy and I have some serious hatred for the last girl that got in, Katee.  She is clearly the bitchier of the two best-friend-roommates (it's like role reversal from American Idol & Antonella!), and even though I liked them both when I first saw them, when I realized only one of them was going to make it, all my allegiance went straight to the redhead.  I had so much hope at the revote!  So much!  And then it failed.  *narrows eyes*

Some further abstract impressions:

So...those two stupid blonde women who got married at the same time and divorced at the same time and hadn't really kept up dancing?  If one of them was going to get through, I wanted it to be the one with gorgeous long hair, the dance-fitness instructor.  Not her stupid lazy friend who basically hadn't danced in 5 years.  I think that's the one who made it.  DAMN YOU.  (that would be Kourtni-spelled-all-weird, if my memory serves me right)

I am disappointed that the blonde girl who auditioned twice (because she wore too many rhinestones the first time and was too "competition line") didn't make it in, because she was just about the only girl I connected with on a "hey, she could be like someone I know in real life" level.  Grrrr.  I think that one Italian girl (Courtney G?) might be as close as it comes, but I also thought the clip of her bringing her stupid grandparents for support was irritating as sin, so that's working against her.  And then I seem to recall not hating Kherington the way a lot of people did, but her audition was a long time ago, so that could change.

I am also highly disappointed that "What the hell, the slutty teacher got in?!"  Hate.  Hate so very much.  Also, the more pictures I see, the more she looks like a transvesitite.  Unsettling.

However, I'm really glad that the ballroom dancer who looked disturbingly like Victoria Beckham didn't get in.  Watching that would have driven me insane.  I'm also happy that the bouncy pageant girl didn't get in, because SERIOUSLY, there's Simon's version of "pageanty" and then there's this girl, who appears incapable of turning the pageant look off for even a second.

And I'm shockingly happy that Clare Calloway didn't get in.  Remember when I was all disappointed that she didn't show up for season 3?  Yeah, I still think she's a half-wit for giving up dance to have a baby before the age of 20.  It obviously wasn't planned, and it's just so, so, so "HOW COULD YOU BE SUCH AN IDIOT" because if your life is based on dance, and you're pro-life as far as unexpected pregnancies go, then you need to do everything in your power, a word which means "abstinence, complete" to not get pregnant and RUIN YOUR DANCING LIFE.  The interview segments with her really didn't help; it's like I could actually see her brain melting, she sounded so dumb.  I mean really, honestly, blonde-jokes dumb.  There is no substance to her whatsoever, as far as I could see.

Plus I was just really disturbed by how thin she was.  Definitely thinner than last time we saw her.  She not only doesn't look like she's had a baby, she looks like she hasn't hit puberty yet.  That can't possibly be right.

As for people that did make it in, uh, "Comfort"?  Why would you name your child that?  Do you even KNOW how many dirty jokes/taunts (of the type suitable for making high school miserable) I have been able to come up with in the last 30 seconds?  

Beyond "YAY TWITCH" I really have no opinions either way.  The guys made close to zero impression on me, oh, except that I am dancing for joy that stupid Rubber Boy didn't make it in.  His boneless movements were cool for about 15 seconds, and then it was just gross to watch, and I did not appreciate having to watch both the full 60+ seconds audition AND a whole extra solo when he tried to quit.

As for Vegas as a whole, I enjoyed it, but was disappointed by two things:
1) they didn't follow Idol's example and cut out the group choreography crap.  After 6 seasons, AI finally figured out having contestants do the small-group thing didn't make sense or seve any purpose.  Alas, SYTYCD kept right on with the "OK, now spend all night making up a dance!"  Ugh.

2) I like all the judges, except for Mary when she's screaming (WTF is this nonsense all over the internet about how Mary's scream "grows on you"?!  WTF WTF DID YOU ALL TAKE STUPID PILLS?)...except, although I'm not fond of Debbie "Paula" Allen, but even she is awesome compared to the irritating-as-hell hip hop duo.  NO.  I HATE THAT.  I hate when they pair up two people and make them count as one judge.  Unless they literally share a brain, that's two freaking people!  That's cheating; it throws things off-balance and is stupid and irritating.

Wow.  I love how I've been telling everyone to watch this show, and yet right now I am all bitter and hate everything about it except Twitch.  Summer TV, not bringing' impressiveness yet!
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