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SYTYCD: Top 20/Results Week 1

Well, would you look at the time!  I am pulling an all-nighter a) because I am not tired and b) to stretch my weekend to its maximum.  I am also angry that the vending machine people have not visited this building in ages, so that the only pop choice left is regular Mountain Dew.  BOO.  I want my Diet Pepsi!! 

Now, the very-belated-once-again thoughts on the dance show.  I kind of watched the Top 20 this week, except I was really exhausted on Wednesday and not paying attention. And then my dad called at 8 on Thursday, followed by the cable being shot all to hell because there were windy thunderstorms, so I didn't see the results at all.  Avoided spoilers, though!  After a maddening search across the internet to find video SOMEWHERE, I finally just gave up and watched YouTube clips of the performances with video interviews/judge commentary included. As I am running very late, no pre-show commentary; just performances. 

Except for this comment - the only reason there are "no clear frontrunners" (which frankly I believe is a lie, only the judges don't want to influence people so early) is that everyone is so equally uninteresting.  I mean, except for Twitch, and while I believe in his popularity, I also don't exactly see him going all the way to the top.  Best season ever, my ass.  
Rayven: Firstly, dear, it's Idol where your age works against you. We think it is stupid when people older than 25 try to break into the music business. Dancing is much less publicized, and the minimum age for this show is already 2 years higher than Idol's. What I'm saying is, I think the fact that you're 28 really *is* going to help you.

Secondly, while she looked fairly bland at auditions, the highlights in her hair lit her up and I took an instant shine to her. Yep, Rayven is the first girl I've been legitimately interested in as far as this competition goes. She's all energetic and fun, but not in a bubble-headed blonde high schooler way!

Jamie: Still fairly indistinguishable from the other blonde boys (I suddenly understand how people got confused by the Idol girls!), but he was pretty funny in his interview, with the wild-boar hoodie. And I still violently hate the Napolithachoreographers, but from those brief clips I also think they seem like the people you'd want to work with most - very personable and normal. And encouraging. Encouraging is important.
The Hip-Hop to Estelle's/Kanye West's "American Boy": My initial and overriding impression was "WTF WAS WITH THE JEAN-DROPPING AND CROTCH-GRABBING?!?! SO FREAKING UNNECESSARY." It pretty much killed all my enjoyment in the dance the first time 'round, which is a pity because as I play it back now, I think it was a pretty good song (I vaguely recognize it, even!) and while I agreed with Dan that it just "wasn't quite there" and "it all hit on the same level," in retrospect it was also one of the better ones of the night. Seeing as I've watched it like five times and have had it stuck in my head - the dance as much as the song! I will possibly never be able to separate the two.
Susie: EW, the slutty teacher. I hate her so much, you don't even know. And then suddenly there was an accent! What? She's Cuban? Do you have any idea how much that does not match her blonde hair (badly dyed or not) and white skin?  Whatever.  I can't get over the outrage of her claiming that she will "really inspire" her students by being on the show.  She teaches high school.  I suspect this will alienate as many students as it inspires - I mean, really, especially when she's that young/close to your age, how can you take your teacher seriously after watching her dance in ways that will almost certainly be sexier than the routine this week, and having her referred to by first name with her personal life trotted out all over the place all summer?  That's the girls.  I don't even want to know what the boys will be thinking.    
Marquis: Well, according to his audition tape he can do contemporary like whoa. In general, if he keeps whimpering in that baby voice every time he has trouble with a dance, I will smack him silly.
The smooth waltz to "Dark Waltz" by Hayley Westenra: Firstly, what an amazingly beautiful song. Oh my GOD, I nearly fell off the bed when I heard this gorgeous, pure voice. It sounds like a Disney song, but in a very grown-up and sophisticated way. suggested that it sounded like a song about vampires, possibly one in which a woman's love has been turned into one without her knowledge, and I now demand that someone make a fanvid for "Moonlight" with this. Anyway.

As for the waltz, I managed to hate Susie a lot less when she was in fact twirling like a Disney princess at the ball, but I most definitely noticed the fumbled lift, NIGEL. I also noticed that they covered well, so, I guess it evens out.
Kourtni: Whoops, I seem to have gotten her wrong before. She's not one of the young divorcees, she's an annoyingly over-achieving teenager! I haaaaate people who graduate high school early. Always have, always will, mostly because I think high school is such an amazing time in your life that I cannot fathom why you'd want to leave it for any reason. I clung to it with fierce desperation. Anyway, she has this dumb, fried look about her - half-closed lids, maybe? - and I currently can't stand her.
Matt: Despite his overlarge nose (which, I should talk), he seems like the closest thing to cute so far. I think maybe his extra-friendly, Golden Retriever-esque personality is helping him out for me here. Oh, oh, and the contemporary leaps! Wow.
The jazz to Soft Cell's "Tainted Love": Mandy Moore has a thing for 80's songs, yeah? Well, at least this is the original and not Rihanna's Bastardized Version (as I have officially dubbed it). I don't really understand why them being tall is a problem; I should think taller dancers would have cleaner-looking lines. Sort of like models. ANyway. I am really not especially excited by the dance, but...*shrugs* Not bad, I guess?
Chelsea: I find it so interesting that unlike a certain Top 20 dancer of Cuban descent, Chelsea has no trace of a Jamaican accent at all. Unfortunately, nothing can endear her to me right now. I can see she's outgoing and energetic, but really all I feel is "blah." No real opinions on her yet.
Thayne: Blah. Blah. Blah. Also, note to self, he's a white guy. The name is confusing.
The Cha-Cha to some awesome remix of "Oye Como Va": Can I just say that all the song choices so far tonight WIN? Her outfit is crazy, covered in purple feathers and yet producing a serious illusion of nudity. In a way that's somehow actually sexy, instead of gross and off-putting. Costume design magic! I'm not a great fan of this style, and I'm afraid I was more enthused with her costume and the music than the actual dancing part. I don't remember the dancing part at all.
Chelsie: Quite young there, aren't you? I don't feel anything in particular about her yet. It could literally go either way in the future, from adoration to hatred.
Mark: *perks up* Why, HELLO. Have we met? I don't think so. I think I'd remember a guy with distinctly Orlando-Bloom-esque features. He's Hawaii Bloom! And he might be my SYTYCD boyfriend of the year. Not exactly with "HI THAR NEIL HASKELL" intensity, but all the guys are so boring this year, I'll take what I can get. The fact that Mia Michaels is kinda hating on him is only endearing him to me more.
The Contemporary to "Beautiful" by Me'Shell Nde...whatever, it's not pretty enough to remember: Was apparently "Tim Burton's wedding reception." It was depressingly boring, andI couldn't see half of what was happening because of Chelsie's insanely huge and puffy layers of skirt. Mark had some cool ballet-like jumps in there, but overall this was one of the more boring ones of the night. ----------
Kherington: High school senior, and my hatred just shot through the roof. She would have been one of those popular girls I just hated being near. She strikes me as someone who'd be in advanced classes, and deservedly so, but still make you go "Seriously, how the hell are you here."
Twitch: On the other hand, he's still an amazing person/my favorite in the competition. The SMILING! The HUMOR! I love this guy so much, it's insane. And he's terribly cute in glasses. And while dubbing his partnership "Twitchington. It's great."
The Broadway to "Too Darn Hot" from Kiss me Kate: OK, well, fine, they pulled off their partnership better than anyone's done so far, and it was fun, especially at the end, but not memorable. Except for Twitch's heel-click and Russian jump.
Comfort: I do not retract my previous statements about her name; however, she is FREAKING HILARIOUS and I love her SO MUCH. "I partner-danced before, but with my brother, in like, hip-hop. It's just a little bit different. Not too much all that TOUCHIN' 'n stuff, lookin' at me all SEXUALLY." *throws head back and roars with laughter* "You ain't never seen me in no BRA and PANTIES and BEADS!" *dies laughing* She's so outspoken and entertaining. *loves* (also, Nigel's imitation of her accent?  Gold.)
Chris: Bland. SO BLAND. But in a very specific way where his kicked-puppy face irks me a lot. As does his ambiguous sexuality, which seemed to be all over the map from gay to asexual to "horny 13-year-old."  I find his every interview exceptionally annoying right now, let's put it that way. Elimination soon?
The Jive to "Boom Boom" from a truck commercial, I think: I love her outfit, the white bikini with a little skirt and strings of beards semi-masking her torso in between. I...seem to have forgotten to pay attention to the dancing again. Oh well. I like Comfort and am sad that she dislocated her shoulder during rehearsal, even if they've supposedly click-clicked it back into place.
Katee: HATE. Not just because I liked her friend better, but because she is one of those people with permanent bitchface. No matter what expression she's making, she looks some variation of mean and/or smug. Positive, always-smiling person, whatever.
Joshua: Really, he's only 19? He looks 25, easy.  And it's hilarious that he's all emotional and sensitive, because he's this big block of a football player, and looks like such a tough bulldog. And then he's totally soft inside. I kinda like him. Someone interjecting at TWoP called him "huggable." I agree.
The Hip-Hop to Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown's "No Air": Oh, how I loooooathe this song. Loathe. "Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air?"  This song always makes me think of Grounded for Life, when Lily's cell phone accidentally redials while talking to her mom, and everyone subsequently makes fun of her for saying "Dean is like my oxygen. Without him, I will die." In other words, this song is like the epitome of pathetic, lovesick young relationships (you know, the ones where you've been going out for like 6 weeks and are SO IN LUV because you're, like, 14). Such a step down, Jordin! I like how this show gives me a chance to vent about crappy popular music, though.

As for the dance, uh, Katee's "emotional" face was just horrible and overwrought, soap-opera style. Josh was much better. The dancing was decent, though, especially her solo at the beginning so long as you didn't look at her face. I don't know, I was getting bored by this point, but I think they had a couple of pretty good moves in there. They were just buried by my hatred for the music.
Jessica: See "Chelsie Hightower," except my age instead of high school. No real opinions, but I got a distinctly good vibe from her, so perhaps when they start weeding people out, she'll come more prominently to the front.
Will: a/k/a Debbie's Junior Mentee. Meh. Somehow I remember him being hotter than he actually is, which is not very hot at all. I want him to stick around if it'll keep Debbie off the judging panel, though!
The Tango: Yeah, I'm officially bored with dancing for the night, especially ballroom dancing. I saw some fantastic high kicks from Jessica in there, though, and the ending pose was great.
Courtney: Wow, she got much more annoying since I last saw her. Maybe she'll win my favor back, but right now there's just something about her that rubs me the wrong way.
Gev: Kazakhstan? Really? Did we sign a contract promising to be all GLOBAL 'n stuff this year? Is that this year's theme, like last year's was all about interconnection and family ties? *is mildly irked* Anyway, he annoys me in much the same manner as Dominic did last year, though admittedly less openly horny. I don't like him, though. I swear it's not just a hatred of B-boys.
The Disco to Earth, Wind and Fire's "Boogieland": I like how Doriana always gives the same speech about how people think disco is easy and yet really isn't. I think we've learned the truth by now, Dori! And yet she's such a funny lady that I forgive her. As for the dance itself, I agree with the judges. Not that great.
IN SUM: I think the first 2 dances plus Twitchington were my favorites of the night, and my current frontrunners are Twitch, Mark, Joshua, Matt, Rayven, and Comfort. Which is odd, as I thought the guys were all forgettable to me before. Hm.

Results: I *completely* missed the results show, unfortunately, and STC is not behaving so I just cracked and went ahead to look at the results online.  And let me just say that I am uber pissed about Rayven, by far my fave girl, being voted off first. UBER PISSED. Slightly less so about Jamie. BUT SERIOUSLY. RAYVEN ROCKED MY WORLD. And the fact that Matt and Jessica were also in the bottom three just...does not bode well for the coming season going my way.  I admittedly didn't see the solos, which might have changed my mind, but based on the main performance episode, I'd have been quite happy if Will and Kourtni had been the ones in the bottom 6 to leave. 
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