RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I am literally not doing ANYTHING productive with my free time anymore.

Music is frustrating me. The summer radio is totally throwing off my music list; I can no longer tell when I'm falling in love with a song. I mean, for example, Carrie Underwood and "Last Name." It's a horrible song about getting trashed and waking up married, but I jump up happily every time I hear it on the country station because it means I'm not going to hear Brad Paisley sing about still being a guy or checking you for ticks, nor ummm...*looks stuff up* Craig Morgan hollering about how he's an international harvester.

My normal criteria for adding a song to the Music of 2008 list is that I have to like it enough to play it on repeat for an hour or two and then download it, which I haven't done, yet I get it stuck in my head after work and I can almost sing along to the whole thing. What does this mean?

 Same goes for Paisley's one good semi-good song "Letter to Me." The line "I know at 17 it's hard to see past Friday night" is gorgeous, and the song makes me cry every time I hear it, just because I was so hyper-aware at all times that being young was a gift to appreciate (however, as I started thinking this way at age 9 or 10, I was simultaneously always sad that I was so old already). AND YET, looking at the lyrics as a whole, it's really...not a song that I want to remember for the rest of my life. And songs like "Some Things Never Change" and "Rocks in your Shoes" and "You're Beautiful" are in there too, good when I hear them, but not so much for voluntarily seeking on my own. 

(I'm debating the last one, though, pending how much I fall in love with the lyrics, which...the more I think about them, are not only bittersweet, but all about lonely girls!  OK!  Statements of dislike redacted!)

Also, the Mix station betrayed me the other day by playing David Cook's American-Idol-winning song (having skipped the finale, I'd never heard it). Even better, they ruined it by announcing his name before they played it - something they only do, like, 30% of the time - thus ruining the chance of me accidentally liking it before I knew better. Because you know, much like on the show, it seemed vaguely like a good song! One I might have been tricked into loving! But then they said his name, and that tainted it forever.

Then there's the Top 12/40 station. The first week of work, I heard Paramore's "That's What You Get" and was like "HALLELUJAH, SOMETHING ON THIS STATION THAT DOESN'T SUCK!" and then 3 days later, before I could even add it to the list, it was so overplayed that I was like "die in a fire, song." I did fall in love with it, but I refuse to put it on the list because it immediately makes me want to stab things. 

And now I'm hearing Estelle/Kanye West's "American Boy" a lot, and it makes me kinda happy because I keep replaying this So You Think You Can Dance routine in my head. (having mentally blocked the crotch-grabbing, I adore this dance and cannot stop thinking about it and missing Rayven like whoa, especially when Kanye's part kicks in).

Finally, the other day I heard Jordin Sparks' "One Step at a Time," and I fell over in shock and joy that there was finally something to get her away from that horrid "No Air" crap (I detailed my reasons for hatred in the last SYTYCD post; it's somewhere in there...look for Katee).  It wasn't even really something I fell in love with, it was just like "Yes, this is back to the music I always wanted Jordin to make!"  This is the reason I want her CD at some point, and why I wanted her to win Idol.  The thing is, I recognize that I should like it, and it's perfectly tailored to my likes, and yet it doesn't actually grab me with Instant Song Love.  That's a problem.

Edit: I wrote this post yesterday, and then today I decided to play the song on Imeem.  And then I kept hitting repeat.  For an hour.  The lyrics, people!  So, yeah.  Is on the list.  

I guess I might as well resign myself to the fact that while all of these songs are enjoyable enough, and I should probably write them in my journal somewhere because they will always take me back to the memory of working in the summer of '08, that does not simultaneously qualify them to be on the "songs I fell in love with in 2008" list.  There!  I just have to learn to accept that distinction, and I'll be fine.  But but but then how come I could find like 12 songs a month before, and now there's only like 5 or 6...

 Post had no point, really, did it?  I have really got to get back into watching non-reality TV.  Like Doctor Who.  Seriously, I mean it, SOMEDAY, I WILL TACKLE THE LUMP OF RAW TEXT SITTING ON MY COMPUTER AND REMOLD IT INTO A DOUBLESHOT EPISODE REVIEW. 

In other news, Long Work Day was not so long, really.  We didn't even start the turnover until 9:00, and we had a variety of things to do right up until about 4:15, working at our usual pace.  I just wish we didn't have to use up our time off this week. I think I'm going to see if there's a way around that (because really, how would they know I worked overtime this week?  It wasn't mandatory.  I could pretend I took the start-at-8:00 option today), since I really wanted to use it either to leave early on a Friday I'm going home, or come late on a Monday after I've been home.

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