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11-Hour Work Days are Long

Here's the thing: we're seriously setting up at least half, if not 75%, of the campus for the Important People coming in Friday-Sunday (an undergraduate research council; lots of important professors and potential money donors in addition to the student presenters, and the president is apparently just freaking out to see that everything looks fine and fancy for them). The custodial crews are like "chill, we got it" while the higher-ups are like "OMG WILL YOU GET EVERYTHING READY ON TIME?? MORE CREWS! TRIPLE-CHECK EVERY ROOM! MUSH!"

 So! We spent the first part of the morning (6-9:30) turning over the last remaining sophomore hall, which involves wiping down the desks and shelves in all the rooms, cleaning sinks and mirrors, vacuuming, and taking out the garbage/dirty laundry and making beds/setting out towels and washcloths and toiletries. We had about a 15-minute interim of waiting for the other half of our crew to finish their rooms so we could move to a new building, during which we found a balloon and batted it around wildly. We called this "training," as it was obviously crucial to strengthening our cohesiveness as a team.

This was followed by an hour and a half of...time-killing. The people in the freshman hall didn't have to check out until 12 or 12:30, which meant that we had about 4 open rooms out of 20 in which to occupy ourselves. And with 5 people, even considering all the tasks to complete, it really didn't take that long. There was a lot of wandering. A lot of trips to the second floor to fetch more linens we forgot. We are driven and efficient like Border Collies when we've got a lot to do, but the minute the work opportunities dry up, we are like lost little ducklings.

Thankfully, lunch came at 11:30 and rescued us until 12:15. After waiting for the last straggling children to get their butts out the door, we went hardcore into cleaning mode. I'm serious, this is the hardest I've ever worked at this job, including last summer. It wasn't hard or unpleasant at all - on the contrary, it was one of the more enjoyable afternoons I've ever spent - but we worked our - Border-Collie tails off to finish all the rooms on that floor. The last girl and I stayed until almost 5:00 - that's 2 1/2 hours extra!


And now I am dead. *collapses* But I only have to work until 9:30 tomorrow morning!! I feel like I should reeeeeally use this gift on a weekend I go home, but everyone - including my supervisor - assumes I'm leaving early tomorrow, and they keep telling me how lucky I it's kind of hard to resist the temptation to take almost a whole Friday to myself. Plus I don't want to go back to the boring work of deep-cleaning dorm rooms. :P

Oh! Dance show time!


Cat has yet to wow me with her wardrobe this year. Tonight it appears to be a tight black cocktail dress that goes only to the upper thigh, with a giant feathery ruff hem. But that outfit is nothing compared to the hair on the judges tonight, which...OK, Mary looks better with a lighter, almost reddish shade of highlights, but Mia got into the peroxide. This is baaaad. She's making up words, for starters. "Bnoodles" as an adjective? I thought I was going to LIKE her being on the panel, but if she's going to be like that..

And wow, we're into the best/worst qualities question already? OK, well, let's hear them as we see the performances.

Thayne: OK, he has an identity now! He's like watered-down Benji. He looks a bit like Benji, maybe even cuter since his eyes aren't as wide, but he also doesn't quite have the instant charisma. He's very superstitious with the knocking-on-wood, apparently. Heh.
Chelsea: Meh. Meh, meh, meh. She really seems like she should have such a distinct personality, and I just don't care! So much!
The jazz to "Untouched" by The Veronicas: Whoa, Mandy chopped off her hair! No! Why! In an unrelated note...dear Mandy: jazz exists outside the 80's! Kthnxbai. Otherwise, um...yeah, the characters came through. It was kind of neat, I guess. It didn't do anything for me, but I thought Thayne was really getting into it and that made me like him a bit more.
Chelsie: Honestly, she's tipping towards the "getting on my nerves" side of things. Apparently I have no patience for giggly little high school girls anymore. Because she is very giggly. And very high school. And I'm finding that as much as I want 'em young in the singing competitions, when it comes to dancing, I want them grown up. Which is probably the opposite of how the general public feels. Because I'm Contrary with a capital C!
Mark: OK, it's going to be considerably harder to maintain him as my SYTYCD boyfriend if he's going to persist in being so probably-gay. Not fair! I've never personally encountered the problem of a cute guy being gay before! And yes, this matters despite the fact that this is all a 1-sided joke in my head. Were I not being annoyed by this,
Anyway, he's kind of cute with the semi-faux whining that Chelsie is mean with the punching. He's like a fragile little fairy. I did not just say that. Unintended! UNINTENDED! Blame subconcious. Fragile little puppy, is that better? No? You're right, a puppy is much too solid. He's more like a hummingbird.
The Argentine tango to "Mi Confesion": Not so much with the sexy. Or the interesting.
Jessica: So, she's all goofy, and I don't like that. I still haven't written her off, but she didn't win any points in her favor, either.
Will: Still not hot. However! Then I heard he was all focused and professional, and I was like "Hm" and sat up and took notice. And then I heard him say something about how Jessica's worst quality was her internal struggle about not thinking she was good enough, and "that shouldn't happen, because" she's a great dancer. Or something. The rest of the quote was lost in a sudden explosion of adoration for the seriously encouraging partner. Do you even know how much I like guys who say stuff like that and genuinely mean it? So, he went up about a thousand points in my estimation, is what I'm saying. Especially after I saw a clip of those jumps in his solo.
The hip-hop to "Whatever U Like" - oh, I remember this. The one where the singer takes great pains to remind us that her name is Nicole, and OH GOD, HORRID MEMORIES OF THE WORST DANCE SHOW GUEST EVER TAKING OVER NOW. *fully ignores dance* On the bright side, I don't think their chemistry is totally invisible anymore. They seemed to be having fun.
Kourtni: Yeah. Still can't stand her. Those feelings have dug in their heels and are forming roots. Disliiiiike!
Matt: Merrily shoving his way into Mark's vacating spot as my SYTYCD boyfriend. He amuses me with the goofiness and the kind eyes and the constant complimenting of his partner.
The foxtrot to "A Foggy Day in London" by Michael Buble.: Have you ever wondered how to enrage me? I mean, as it pertains to this show? Do a foxtrot to some godawful Frank-Sinatra-style music. TORRRRRRTUUUUUUURE!! With a dash of refusal to so much as watch the screen.
Courtney: No love lost on me whatsoever.
Gev: Still pisses me off in the manner of Dominic, especially since he shows signs of being every bit as horny after all.
The contemporary to Anouk's "Lost": Song might not have been anything to write home about, but I'd say this was the best performance of the night, just for some of the lifts and Courtney's general performance. Their chemistry is still non-existent, but I thought she stood out. Good emotion and use of the stage, and I loved when she literally climbed up on him. And that's even from me not liking her. I still wasn't very enthused by it, though. GET BETTER, SHOW.
Katee: Bitchface. Bitchface. Bitchface. Seriously, even when she's supposedly smiling her head off, it's there!
Joshua: Still super huggable!
The Broadway to "It's All for the Best": Was apparently great enough to make Nigel jump out of his seat and dance around? I mean, yeah, it was definitely entertaining, and I was all ready to call it one of the best of the night, but it also had Katee in it. So. Katee is totally going to be the same thorn in my side that Danny was, isn't she? Except without the fantastic leaps.
Susie: *pounds head with sledgehammer* No, I am not even going to feel sorry that you heard your choreographer insulting your dance skills.
Marquis: Yeah, I'm afraid that thanks to TWoP, the only thing I can ever think about when I see him is those vague family issues he had as a child, a/k/a "which could mean his mom pulled him out of dance in hopes that it would make him not gay."
The Salsa: Blahcakes. Except for the Cirque-du-Soleil move from her.
Kherington: Still hate. Big eyes, big mouth, big gums. Her face is like a caricature if she smiles even a little bit. "Million dollar smile" my ass. When she looked all sad and pensive at Mia's criticism, it was the first time she looked anything close to normal.
Twitch: Still awesome. I don't even know what to say about him because he's in a completely different league from everyone else. Love! Plus he's so adorable with the partner encouragement, even with a partner like Big Gums.
Viennese Waltz to Celine Dion's "A New Day Has Come": OH YES FINALLY A SONG OF WIN! I have not heard this one nearly often enough. Plus I actually, surprisingly, really loved this! With the flowy white costumes - dress on her, loose and open shirt on him. Some gorgeous lifts and effortless twirls, and WHOA, what is going on with Twitchington! They're like magic, despite me hating the girl! By the way - calm down, Mia. Honestly. I didn't even realize there was a true story behind the dance until halfway through the judge's commentary, because Crazy Little French Man infuriates me so much that I have to just tune him out whenever he appears. In a related note, I hate when the judges start sobbing all over themselves because of the choreography.

Comfort: Still cracks me up. Less so than last week, but then again I'm also still laughing myself into fits from last week. Also, sweet, she's got really long hair. It looks great all loose and wavy!
Chris: Is already growing on me. Damn it. He's like the boy next door who has a crush on you, and you've been shunning him because he's way too dorky (I have not been overdosing on Grounded for Life reruns lately! Shut up!), but you're sort of reluctantly giving in to his earnestness.

At least, that's how I felt when I saw him come out for his introductory solo. Then I got to hear the charming interview about how much he sweats. BOY. STOP TAKING FIVE STEPS BACK. Honestly, I've never had a contestant seesaw so wildly, so quickly, on my favoritism scale.
The Krumping to Timbaland's "Come and Get Me": I just still don't understand why Timbaland is everywhere. That quibble aside, um, I felt a lot about this routine like I did about the hip-hop last week. It felt like it lacked intensity. But that might have been because I just can't stand this type of music anymore after being forced to hear up at least a few such songs a day on the Top 12/40 station. Normally I can only take a maximum of two a week.

In retrospect: I think I liked Chelsea/Thayne, Katee/Joshua, and Twitchington best. But while the last one came close, not one of the dances, nor any of the partners collectively, really blew me away. GET BETTER, SHOW. I'm honestly, I'm, there are so many bad people that I can't even begin to form a wishlist of who I want to get kicked off. Just don't take away Twitch, Comfort, or Joshua.
I am so dead-tired I'm not paying attention at all.  So far I've noticed that the group dance was awesome, as Shane Sparks hip-hop tends to be, and the tap-dancing guy made me very happy.  'Round time for the solos, I remembered I hadn't posted the first half of this entry yet, so I moved to the computer and thus reacted a little more.

Chelsea: Blah.
Thayne: Thayne can do pretty leaps.  *pause* Like, whoa, he literally looks like he is floating when he hits the air.  Jaw-dropping here.  I am literally a bit stunned.  Where did he come from all of a sudden?
Susie: Double blah?  Those twisty-waist-spins are not even half as fast as everyone's done them in the past.
Marquis: OH MY GOD I AM SO FREAKING AMAZINGLY SICK OF THIS SONG.  ("Stop and Stare")  He can do pretty leaps too, and WHOA he just made me eyes fall out of my head with that forward flip, but - not fair!  He's good in the manner of season 2 Ryan, where you're so bored by him as a person that you don't care!
Comfort: I'm biased because I think she's awesome, but I also think she had the best solo of the girls, so NYERH.
Chris: He did well.  It was nice.  He did not, however, blow me away like the other two.  I will be shocked if he's not going home.

-Flo Rida.  Oh my God, I violently hate hip-hop music more than I thought was possible.  I recognize this name because one girl at work is always blasting music from her cell phone when we're moving too much to have a radio, and unfortunately the chorus to to "Low" is just really damn catchy (Apple bottom jeans (jeans), boots with the fur...).  But this? The hell!  It's just like, headachey monotone noise.  Why are these stupid little girls screaming and cheering ecstatically?  Why are they reacting with anything other than a blank look of disdain and/or "Um, OK then"? 

Girl going home: Susie.  WOOT.  She *did* have the weakest solo, she *is* my least favorite of the three girls there, I wanted her gone anyway, and I am pretty darn excited about this choice.

Guy going home: Marquis.  Um, WHAT?  Dude, you have got to stop knocking partners off together.  I'm pleased with your choice, surprised and VERY pleased, but I don't like the precedent it sets.  I thought the whole point of doing solos was to not punish one person for having a sucky partner.  

Whatever.  Chris is still here, and now I don't know what to think as I was prepared to be outraged at his ouster and claim that he never got a chance to showcase his potential...but I am not prepared to actually get my way and have him stick around. Huh.

In a related note, I didn't realize how much I wanted Gev to go home until he escaped the bottom 3.  GO AWAY, GEV.  He's officially my least-favorite guy now that Marquis is gone.


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