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*is full of shiny, happy joy*

I've just seen the first episode of Pushing Daisies. Brilliance! Oh my goodness, I just cannot stop smiling! Which is rather impressive considering that the first five minutes seemed intent on making sure you never did that again. (or, you know, not that impressive since it's been on my to-watch list for a good 7 or 8 months and it has the endorsement of half the flist. Speaking of which, those of you who've got episode thoughts tagged, would you speak up so I can go read them? I skimmed through some while the show was airing, but it's different now that I've actually seen it)

General thoughts on the characters & random, slightly disjointed thoughts on episode 1x01:

-"Charlotte" is one of my favorite girl names in the world, and "Chuck" is flat and ugly, so I'd just like to register my instant, continued, and unending disappointment with her chosen moniker up front.

-That being said, I've been shipping Ned/Chuck since October or November. I've seen some clips, but not the ones from this episode (although I was aware of the monkey-figurine kiss, somehow). I would also like to register my continuing complete and utter adoration for the pair now that I've seen them in the context of a full episode. Ned more than Chuck right now, which is not how I was expecting things to be considering how stunningly pretty she is, but that was before he turned out to be twice as adorable as I'd ever imagined. Shy! Besotted! Unintentionally hilarious! Did I mention adorable? Because he seems meant to be squished and perhaps tucked into a pocket somewhere.

-Also, Chuck's more outgoing and forward than I expected, so that's going to take some adjustment. I guess she has to balance Ned, but still. I wanted to tell her to calm down a few times.

-My feelings on Olive are not official yet, since she hasn't done much, but while she was moderately cute with Digby sprawled all over her lap and slurping at her ice cream, my initial desire was to smack her for no apparent reason, and my favorite part of the first episode may have been when Ned ordered her out of sight with "Pie time."

-Also, the only part I didn't like in the whole first episode was the creepy scene with Olive purring about touching, and me almost shuddering out of my skin going "ew, creepy, ew."

-My feelings on Emerson involve the best quote ever:
E: Who died instead?
N: (hands over funeral home director's obit) It's a random proximity thing...
E: Bitch, I was in proximity!

*has tears in eyes from laughing too hard* CHI MCBRIDE: NEVER NOT GLORIOUS. And then he whapped Ned upside the head with the rolled-up newspaper!! HEEEEEEE, y'all have your third-awesomest-character priorities screwed up. Forget Olive. Emerson rules. *pause* Fourth awesomest. I almost forgot Digby.

-OMG DIGBY! Too cute for words, and he looks so soft and silky and pettable and I WANT MY DOG RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE. *sulks* However, can I just say how great it is to have a dog in the cast list? Because it's very great. Good job, show!

-I don't know how I feel about the aunts yet. Right now I find them slightly too cartoonish to take, even for the whimsical/surreal nature of the show.

-First Five Minutes of Death and Sadness: they really do a good job of crumpling your heart, don't they? First they have the dog hit by nothing less than a semi-truck (hey, is it just me, or was Digby remarkably unblemished for getting hit by that? Not a drop of blood in sight), and then a mother dies twice. Oh, and then the two kids move apart and never see each other again. Way to hit three of my triggers at once! Storybook narration doesn't fix everything, sir! I was all but on my way to the Kleenex box when they mercifully stopped the trip down Backstory Lane and moved into happier times.

In a related note, what "hormones" can you possibly have at age 10? Stupid narrator.
Voice: Say, whatever happened to that old pink diary I used to see lying around...?
RS: Burninated so you can't get at it.

-How much do I love that their first reward-collection involved clearing an innocent dog's name? If I wasn't already hooked with line and sinker, that would have kept me watching. They have smart writers, yes they do.

-Seriously, Ned/Chuck is too ridiculously wonderful for words. Vicarious emotional Heimlich maneuver! Pretend hand-holding! Monkey-figurine kiss! These things are adorable, while also giving a whole new meaning to "UST." The question now is which is more frustrating: watching two star-crossed people dance around the issue and/or date other people, while occasionally giving us shippy thrills via the excuse of friendship...or having it all out on the table but not being able to touch. Right now, am really not sure. Let the hunt for denial!fic begin!

-Ned is also very cute when woken from sleep, especially in order to have a conversation with Chuck (which I keep accidentally writing as Charlotte first, because my brain is that stubborn).

More quotes!
Chuck: I'll be so mad if you're lying, you'll have me scratching the drapes.
Ned: I'm not lying. Please don't attack the window treatments.

Chuck: You can't just touch someone's life and be done with it!
Ned: Yes I can, that's how I roll.
-*giggles harder*

-In conclusion: I officially love this show to pieces.
In an unrelated note, I could have sworn I double-checked the cans, but somehow I bought tuna packed in oil instead of water. One bite and I almost gagged. Disgusting. I don't throw out food often, but that hit the trash without delay.

In another unrelated note, ugh. Don't want to go to work tomorrow! Want to stay in all day watching TV! This is a particularly sharp want since the other crew that's been with us all week isn't working tomorrow. Their supervisor's gone and their residential area is still in use, so she gave them the option of a day off. All but one of them took it. We do not have this option. -.-
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