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CSI: NY: “Consequences.”  [black cocaine, "aliens," suspect cop on Flack’s squad, and Reed Garret

 The second half of this episode is much better than the first.  It starts off in a fairly slow and boring manner, except for the cool opening in the bar.  (sorry, not a paintball enthusiast) and doesn’t really pick up until they recognize Trina, a missing woman, as one of the people Flack talked to on the door-to-door search.  (oh in retrospect, it was kind of hilarious watching door after door get slammed in his face) I like that actress.  I’m jealous of her hair.  And the character was…wow.  So undeniably, sadly insane.  I wonder what made her snap all of a sudden?  I don’t know a lot of geologists/professors/children’s-book-writers that wander off one day with a steadfast belief in aliens and a different identity.  I’m disappointed that they didn’t explore that part of the story, but then again, there were a heck of a lot of storylines packed into this episode. 

 Poor Flack.  Thanks to fan fiction, he is one of the newest faces on my Lovable List.  The blue eyes really are irresistible.  And his expression at the end…  Once again, I wish I could translate the visions in my head into icons.  When he looks away from Mac and the dirty cop and bows his head…with the addition of a little tag in the corner reading “lost,” that’s what I want for an avatar/icon/user pic thing.  Awww…the confrontation between him and Mac was really nice to see, Mac being as delicate as possible but nevertheless relentless, and Flack bristling but trying to remain civil as he politely declines to help Mac oust one of his guys.  (badge loyalty.  Gotta love it.) And the conflict and helpless frustration at the end was…well, I’m pretty sure if I didn’t already love Flack, that look would make me love him.

Stella’s stalker storyline – before it evolved, it made for nice things, like highlighting Mac and Stella’s friendship.  I don’t think I ship them anymore – I used to, somewhat uneasily knowing this was the equivalent of Grissom/Catherine, but I think maybe I was just looking for ships to sail.  I really don’t see much of a romantic connection there – just a very deep friendship, and it was nicely portrayed by mentioning his birthday and having him offer to share a cab despite living on opposite sides of town.

Poor kid got chased through the streets twice, and nearly hit by about five cars and/or busses in the process.  I have to say, after the first time he got chased down and barely escaped, you’d think the kid would want to wear a slightly less conspicuous color than YELLOW.  Stupid teenagers, can’t even stalk people properly.  *g*

And now for the best part, the stepson storyline.  His name here is Reed Garrett (as played by Kyle Gallner), and I feel it’s important to note his because he’s a very nice looking boy.  In fact, probably the most age-appropriate TV crush I’ve had in the last couple of years.  IMDB says he’s just a few months younger than I.  Yeah, I recognized him instantly from his role on Bones two weeks ago (it irks me when actors do that, pop up on shows just a couple of weeks apart.  Unnerving.  At least it wasn’t on two different CSI shows), but he’s much better here, playing a slightly shy and awkward kid (okay, maybe he doesn’t ACT that shy, but that’s the vibe I got anyway), out looking for his birth mother. 

And as much as I loved focusing on the kid, the scene was about Mac.  Hey, I have no problem focusing on that either.  Poor Mac.  “So what did she look like?” Reed asks doubtfully, and although I think he was genuinely curious, the painful memories this is stirring up are plain on Mac’s face.  I have to pound it through my head that Claire was a brunette – I’ve always thought of her as being blonde.  Don’t know why…it’s just how I pictured it.  They probably talked about her more near the beginning of season 1, when I wasn’t paying attention at all.  Anyway.  This was a nice scene.  I felt bad when Mac gave him his card, clearly unwilling to so easily let go of this connection to Claire (slight as it may be), only to have the kid refuse to follow suit, pointing out that they weren’t related at all.     

I hope he shows up again.  I’m sure he will.  Whether he does or he doesn’t, fan fiction writers somewhere will concoct AU scenarios in which Claire kept her baby, and in today’s world Mac is a father.  (if they don’t, they SHOULD) I won’t pretend I’m not letting my mind run down that path right now.  The other place my mind wants to run is based on the sad look on his face when Reed asks if they had any kids, and his slow, heavy sigh when he says no…he clearly regrets that fact, whether just in retrospect or because they were planning on having kids and/or even trying for one at the time (will…not…let…mind run with…idea that she might have actually been pregnant).

 Claire Conrad Taylor is quite possibly the most fantastic character I’ve never seen.  I do worry, however, that this means a kibosh on things with Peyton.  I recently heard she was only signed on for a total of four episodes (Dear TPTB: She’s better than Eva LaRue/Natalia, so extend her damn contract already!), which adds to my anxiety.  Now here I go again projecting my own interpretation and feelings onto the characters - if Mac’s past is dug up again, it’s entirely conceivable that as much as he clearly wants to make things work with Peyton, the lingering reminders of Claire are going to be too much.  I have not yet decided if Peyton would be annoyed or understanding, but I wonder if Mac might not end it just because he doesn’t feel it’s fair to her.  Man, now I’m depressing myself.  Look, as long as D/L stays off the table, I got nothin’ to focus on except Mac and Peyton, so until you bring back the former, I’ll fight like hell for the latter. 

Speaking of next week…Lindsay gets cobra-bit!  How awesome is that?  Now all the CSI shows have featured snakes.  *cough* I mean, sweet, Lindsay finally gets an important role again.  Danny reaction, I assume.  AU scenarios to ponder either way.     

 House: Son of Coma [Vegetative State] Guy
 I’m disappointed.  (see strikethrough in title) I wanted the real thing. 

 That aside, this was a particularly spectacular episode.  It had little to do with actual gross medicine (although, son coughing up blood? Ew.  That always makes me gag) and more to do with the Cottages’ reactions and best of all, House and Wilson with the deep personal revelations (House) and the caring (Wilson)!  No doubt there are also several hundred slash writers happy about seeing Wilson and House share a hotel room, who will conveniently ignore the third person in the room a/k/a the patient a/k/a their reason for being there.  No, I’m not one of them; I’m just saying that I wade through the House category at every so often.

I wasn’t actually that impressed with the personal backstory for House.  (though that was a clever way of cramming in a whole bunch of it at once – have an annoying patient grill him with fan questions!) I just…eh.  Felt it was anti-climatic.  So, with regards to “the one thing he wants to hear from his father,” …is House just an arrogant SOB who needs to be right all the time, or is he just a lost little boy seeking his father’s approval?  Let me believe the latter.    

And back to the hotel.  Oh, Wilson.  It’s nice to see him stand up for himself once in a while…he’s losing patience with House.  Even he doesn’t know why he puts up with him – he almost says as much, when he accuses House of pushing every relationship (romantic or otherwise, I’m assuming) just to see how long it takes to break, thereby proving his point about how people are all horrible, or something.

 Vegetative State Guy’s demise – wow.  That was damn sobering.  When House told Wilson to get out, the pit of my stomach dropped.  Dead serious.  And also tugged at the heartstrings when Wilson started to protest, and House simply told, “Maybe I don’t want to push this until it breaks.”  Aw, what friends.  (PS: Thanks for the anti-PSA, House…”pills are the simplest”?  And what about if you don’t take quite enough pills, or the pills aren’t quite strong enough, and they merely shoot your kidneys to hell and leave you on dialysis?)    

 But Wilson establishing an alibi for him?  Couldn’t House have just walked around downstairs himself?  It’s not like he was actually in the room supervising anyway…seems like Wilson could just as easily have sat guard in the hallway.  Eh, whatever.  It was worth it to see the expressions on Wilson’s face as he made himself persistently chat up a married woman so that she’d remember him.  When he asked if she liked to swing, I laughed hysterically.  (and not just because I can twist that into a Swing Kids reference)         

 Tritter was back with a vengeance.  He’s one of the best villains ever.  He has a disturbingly talented ability to push buttons you didn’t know existed.  Expert at skewering people via collateral damage.  It’s interesting having the cop as the bad guy for once.  The only thing with Cameron was me waiting for her to defend House’s ability as a doctor.  He probably would have shot her right down,  but still, I think it would be worth noting that she’s not going to help him jail a brilliant doctor who actually helps people, saves people that nobody else can.  However abrasive his personality is.

And then Tritter the Bastard goes and freezes Wilson’s accounts!  ACK!  This vendetta is going waaaay too far. Okay, I know Wilson lied and all, but under the circumstances, I think it’s forgivable and in the grand scheme of things, is it really that huge?  (many people scream: YES!)  Special circs are in order, I think.  Anyway, I’m really curious as to how House is going to get out of this without losing his license and/or his freedom.  Well hey, maybe House could convince Tritter to kill himself.  Or convince Cameron to kill him.  House is getting good at the sort of thing that could be tried as some kind of murder on the Law & Order shows.  Seriously, short of death/permanent incapacitation, how can this possibly end well?  I know it has to, because the show is called House, but I’m curious and clueless.

 Bones: [of Vegas and fight clubs and ditzy-flirty Temperance]

 Finally got around to watching LAST week’s episode.  Was dreading it, in case there was some cold Jack/Angela standoff going on, but fortunately, there did not appear to be.  At least not that I remembered.

Okay: I am OFFICIALLY calling them Lab Puppies.  They’re just not nerdy enough to get the usual description “lab rats.”  I understand the more amusing dual-meaning of Lab Rat, but look!  There’s a play on words with Lab Puppies too!  Come onnnnn, they’re all silly and fun loving and they play around.  Sure, they get the work done, but I swear they’re almost less serious than the NCIS agents.  Plus they just…I don’t know; they almost look like pups.  Usually I compare people to horses (it’s a long story involving a book series called Winnie the Horse Gentler), but in this case, I think the team is like a pack of canines. You’ve got Cam and Booth as the alphas, Bones as the beta, kind of like an older sister who helps raise the litter, and then the young’uns – in descending order of maturity, Angela-Jack-Zack.

So: Lab Puppy interaction.  Zack’s never been in a fight.  Hee!  Jack’s slow and steady goading was hilarious.  Zack’s version of “snapping” was funny too.  He barely even blinks, he just gives this weak little punch and then goes back to looking like a frozen rabbit, rationalizing everything. Heehee, too funny.

And now, for the real storyline of the week – B&B!  Actually, not much to say about it, as I cannot possibly catalogue all the ways in which I loved Bones hanging off Booth’s arm, all dolled up and in a slinky cocktail dress, sporting a dollface accent and a ditzy giggle.  Every second of that was golden.  (well, not Booth in the ring…that was really rather gross…but the rest was good)  It was so much fun, I almost forgot to pay attention to what the case was about.  Hmm…not even sure I remember the case.  Had something to do with the fight club, but I failed

(PS: Dear World: If you do not already know that the first and second rules of fight club are “don’t talk about fight club,” I’ll come smack you.  It should be beaten into your perma-consciousness even if you’ve never seen the movie (which I haven’t).  It’s been in MY head since Mulder first informed Scully and I on the similarly-titled X-Files episode.)

This show has officially taken several jumps up the list of my favorites.  About as many as Numb3rs has fallen down, I think.  You’ll see all the details in my next State of the Networks post – sometime between the end of sweeps month and Christmas – but for some reason, I just can’t get that excited about Numb3rs…  

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