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Daisies 'n Dancing, Redux

Around episode 3, I realized that what was missing from my life...were recaps.  I ran straight to The Recapist, thinking one of my favorite authors might have covered the show, but alas, it's someone I don't recognize.  Turns out she's good, though (if a bit abbreviated - it's smoothly condensed, but sometimes I wish she'd expand certain places a bit more).  I have since discovered it's on Television Without Pity too, but I'm afraid to look at those because I don't think I could bear it if they got bitter and snarky about the saturation of cuteness.  Has anyone else read them?  What are they like?  

Anyway.  This episode has one bit where all I could think was "YATTA!", based off one screencap from the epic Doctor Who/Pushing Daisies crossover macro that I can safely say is the greatest thing ever posted to ihasatardis.  I believe I've linked it before in a DW post, but I think the PD-exclusive fans might find it amusing too.  GO NOW.  It's so important it's not even behind the cut.

'1x05, "Girth"
Can we all agree what an amazing Halloween episode that was?

The mysterious animal lover(s) gave me racehorses this week.  What's not to love?  Well, maybe the fact that the only actual live horses were constantly draped in shadow so that you couldn't see them properly.  But-but-but, horses!  :D  I just hate when they film close-ups of people riding, because it is so obviously, horribly fake.  And on a show like this, it's extra fake.  I wept every time they showed them on what might very well have been bobby horses. 

But along with this...D'OH!  I was cruising along so nicely in my Olive hatred, and then you went and made her a jockey.  I noticed the horse picture in her bedroom and was like "...oh crap.  Nah, it's probably just a random decoration; they wouldn't so cruelly toy with my affections as to make her like horses."  Then they did, judging as much by her former profession as from the various equine decorations still sitting around her house.  And now I'm all torn.  

(Actually, I remember reading about this one - find out she had been a jockey - but as usual I must have pushed everything important out of my memory, because I didn't remember that until a second before it was properly revealed in the ep)

What remedies that torn feeling rather fast, however, is watching her plant a giant smooch on Ned.  Sympathy?  Empathy?  Pity?  I have these feelings not.  Annoyance, irritation, displeasure?  These I have in ample supply.  I don't know.  I do know that when you have two characters clearly set up as storybook soulmates, I hate the generic third-party woman.  Lots of women sympathize with this (generic) character, because they can relate/they've been there.  Mmm, you know, I have been there.  But this is TV, and it is supposed to fulfill storybook fantasies of romance.  So gimme the fairytale without interruption, thank you.

...and, end digression; back to the kiss.  I actually rewound it several times in pure delight, just for Ned's utterly gobsmacked look upon struggling his way out of it.  It is possibly the best thing I've ever seen.  And, well, it's not like I can fault her for thinking the universe was setting up neon signs.  Scooping her up in his arms and out of harm's way was every bit as Prince Charming a move as waking Sleeping Beauty, and it almost would have been stranger if she hadn't tried to go for the kiss.  

Of course, none of this prevented me from laughing my ass off when he literally dropped her on the ground to go winging over to Chuck as soon as the latter appeared.   Come to think of it, that might be the main reason I rewound it so many times...

In an unrelated note, which connects to the digression I bit, I do so hate the part where they have the two women become friends, or at least find some common ground in which to get along.  I didn't mind Karen and Pam the first time around, but I can no longer stand to watch "A Benihana Christmas" at all.  And I don't care if Chuck is incapable of exuding anything but sweetness and light, it's still aggravating to have to sit through most of an episode of her caring about Olive's well-being.

A few other quick notes: 

-Ned's face upon seeing all the Halloween decorations: made of win.

-WOW, his father was quite the heartless bastard, wasn't he?  For as much as I can't stand the sight of Young Ned, my heart bled rather freely for the anguish on poor Grown-Up Ned's face.  Is there a good Ned/Chuck fic that makes use of this tidbit of backstory?  Because the fix for Ned's Halloween moodiness was a lot nicer in my head.  Hair petting was involved, at the very least.  Of course, in my head, Chuck can also touch him at will instead of forcing us to rely on Vivan's uncharacteristic moment of empathy.  

Still.  Teary-eyed Ned is a sight I will never turn down. 

-How much did I love the short, clipped exchange of subject-changing in the kitchen?  Let me quote Recapist,

"Oh my goodness, was this a fight? Gah, even their fights are adorable. Will this show's cuteness ever stop holding me hostage? Oh gosh, I hope not."

JJJ = Matthew from New Adventures of Old Christine!  BWA-HA-HA, I laughed for like five minutes straight.  And giggled every time he appeared thereafter.

Lastly, I am approaching a point where I want to punch the theme motif.  I don't know how you punch a sound, but I do it to Voice all the time, so it's clearly possible.  Along with that, did I ever tell you how much I hate when shows have a "previously on" segment?  Because I do.  I hate it a lot.  I realize that I could just skip it, and it's really not much worse than how crime shows have to set up their victim of the week by showing us their murder, but it's just such a waste of time/film.

Quote Exchange of the Week:
Emerson: Why should I care about a dude that sells fur coats?
Olive: Not a furrier.  A farrier.  Air.  
Emerson: Faaarrier?
Olive: It's a blacksmith.  Puts shoes on horses.
Emerson: Don't try to act like that's a word everybody knows. 

Also, the imaginary conversation with a wad of money?  And the mocking quip of 'I missed you too!'?  Oh, oh, and the bemused chuckling followed by "I love you, shovel" after whacking Murdersome Mother off her horse??  *dies laughing*  Emerson is vying very hard for the title of "best thing about this show." I think I've watched the shovel whack like eight times in a row, and it just never stops being hilarious.
I can't seem to get past the first four minutes of episode 6.  It's just TOO WONDERFUL.  And, well, technically - courtesy of a very good picspam I shall link to in the review proper - I have known about it since the day it aired, and have been dreaming about it since forever, but now I've actually seen it in video form and it actually, temporarily, slays me dead and I'm afraid to go farther.  [3:11 AM edit: Have made it to the end!  Turns out it gets even better.  *thumbs up*]

So, moving on to So You Think You Can Dance: 

Man, dance show results, why you gotta come at the end of the week? Don't you realize that by Thursday night, I'm exhausted from scrimping on sleep all week and generally require a 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon?  What I'm saying is that I slept through the first half of the show last night.  But I probably didn't miss much except the group dance, right? [edit: Mia Michaels!  I missed a Mia dance!  And I flatly refuse to spend time on YouTube to see it, so is clearly gone forever.  but yes, that's all I missed.]

Running Commentary
-Cat is in a bad 80's prom/bridesmaid dress, in a colorless shade of...dark gray?  Which I think might somehow be on upside down, despite the straps, judging from the hem-like ruffle at her neckline.  

-I feel like I should be happy that there's a guest group dance, which is what I always used to whine about there not being enough of,'s really stupid hip-hop, and I hate it.  I also think I just saw Dominic in there for some reason.  Oh wait, I did.  FREAK. GTFO.

-Just FYI, my lip curls at the sight of the stupdiity of the "Happy Dances."


Chelsea Solo: Go home, please?  That's literally all I've got to say.

Thayne: I still think his floating leaps are absolutely lovely.

Comfort Solo: Loving the attitude.

Chris Solo: I think it sorta depends which contemporary style you like best, Thayne or Chris.  And I like the former.

Kourtni Solo: I think it's entirely possible that this is only because she danced to Ani DiFranco [note to self: Fire Door, if you're bored and seeking music, as it was not Instant Song Love but possibly a Song to Grow On], but I thought she had the most emotion.

Matt Solo: *clings to Matt*  No take!  No take!  Did he not have some incredible lines in there?

Performance: Jordin Sparks (One Step at a Time): OMG OMG OMG OMG AMAZING SURPRISIIIISE!  *tackle hugs* Oh my God, this made my entire summer.  This is by far the best thing to happen on the show this season.  Oh my God, this is so freaking amazing!  I suddenly miss Season 6 of American Idol.  Firstly, I love this song - after a lukewarm reaction to my first listen, I now think it's my favorite of her three singles - and secondly, doesn't she just light up at the stage?  She's so pretty and so personable.  I completely adore the message in this song, and the music, and her voice!  I never listen to performers live, because I don't like change and live obviously doesn't sound exactly like the CD track I've gotten used to listening to, but that's how Idol makes 'em.  I had forgotten just what a joy it was to watch her come on stage and sing.  Possibly because she sang such boring sonsg 75% of the time, and only my faith in her potential (which she's finally fulfilling) kept me voting.  AND HEE! Love her comment about being able to see eye to eye with Cat.  :)

Look at me, being all bubbly and fangirly!  In one giant paragraph of text that I refuse to break up, since I think I just typed my way through the whole song, being very happy I sucked it up in 10th grade and learned how to touch-type so I didn't have to tear my eyes away from the screen.  But really, honestly, Jordin Sparks!

-This is why Nigel is better than Simon: he says they all need to step it up, but on the other hand, they also still believe in all of them.  "Otherwise you wouldn't be here."  Versus Simon, who just gets routinely pissed off that they can't pick more than 5 or 6 people every year whom he likes the whole way through, and takes it out on the rest of them.

Girl Going Home: Chelsea.  I find myself profoundly pleased with this decision.  I wanted to connect with her, but I couldn't.  Better hustle her off now. 

Guy Going Home: Chris.  I actually yelled "AW, DAMN IT!" when I thought it was Matt going home, realizing the instant the words left my mouth that a) my roommates were home, and that was definitely loud enough for them to hear out in the living room, and b) that was a fake-out.  I am not as happy with this result as I would be with, say, GEV (Mr. Bane of My Season 4 Existence), but out of the three choices offered, he's my easy pick.  Happy Thursday!

P.S. I swear, this is what's written on Thayne's face: That's what you get for stealing food, bitch!

Pairing up Thayne and Comfort, though...I'm not sure how that's going to work.  I think it's a step up for Comfort, and probably a lateral move for Thayne, but it's so different that I wonder if he'll gel as smoothly with her as he did with Chelsea.  I still stand by their court-royalty jazz routine. 
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