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New Amsterdam

After skipping sleep, didn't feel like I had enough energy to keep writing about Pushing Daisies...but did have just enough energy to finally hit the last item on my to-watch list.  As you may recall, I went back and forth on whether or not to watch it in the first place - on the one hand, FOX drama + no room on watch list anyway.  On the other, Zuleikah Robinson + attractive, angsty male lead.  Then FOX kicked it all around the schedule (finally airing it just prior to canceling it) and made it impossible for me to watch, but the internet brought back its 8 episodes.

I'm 3/8 episodes in, and so far it's not as good as I expected.

I don't has an excellent theme song (how come the good shows can't have good opening credits?), I like both John and Eva - if not completely blown away by either - and for the first time ever, flashbacks are actually my favorite part of a show.  I love seeing his life throughout various parts of history, especially the Civil War.  And he has a dog, which is cute, even if he insists on being boring and owning nothing but a long string of Rottweilers who go by number instead of name.

But I had to force myself through the pilot, because I felt like I'd already seen the whole show from its 361,278 promos - and frankly, I pretty much had.  Because of those, I'm also pretty sure that it doesn't matter whether they end on closure, a cliffhanger, or an arrow pointing towards potential closure; we can all just go ahead and assume that Sara (Dr. Lady) is irrelevant because his soul is wed to Eva Marquez's.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it, even though I currently see zero romantic chemistry between them.  Good working chemistry, though.

I don't see any chemistry between him and the doctor either, though, so while I laughed my head off when she introduced her husband and wondered how this love interest storyline is going to play out, I don't really care either way.  It makes me kind of sad that I have no inclination to ship such a nice-looking man with anyone in particular.  It's like the show has no meaning.

Mostly I find myself scratching my head by how bored I am with all the cases.  Are all crime dramas like this at first, and I've just forgotten because it's been so long since I picked up a new one?  I used to be thrilled by the crime-solving aspect; that's why I got into so many in the first place, but after a few years of it I'd pretty much sated my appetite for puzzle-solving for the rest of my life.  How long has it been since I added a new crime drama (Moonlight doesn't count) to my plate?  It's been, there was Standoff in 06...but then again they had a power couple right off the bat.  Yeah.  Wow.  I think I might officially be bored with crime drama (THAT IS NOT AN INVITATION TO CANCEL ANY OF THE CURRENT ONES), which makes me sad.

I'm going to finish the series, though, just because it is so short, and because I still feel like it's growing on me a little.  If it had been given a proper chance, and if my TV grid wasn't already bursting at the seams, I think it would have appealed to me a lot more, since quality-wise I still think it kicks the tail of most of 2007's offerings.  Poor little show that couldn't.  *pats it* 
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