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I am now almost out of excuses for continuing to put off Doctor Who.

New Amsterdam comes to a close...
Thoughts on the end: I actually think the penultimate episode would have made just as good a season finale as this one.  Possibly even better, because not a whole lot happened in this one, and I didn't feel like Sara was a loose end that needed tying up.  OK, fine, so he had that beautiful fantasy dream about dying and then woke up in the hospital to waves of crushing disappointment, which obviously meant that Sara (surprise, surprise) wasn't The One, but I think we all could have just inferred what happened afterward.  The breakup scene was just an unnecessary layer of awkwardness, plus - what a weird ending.  He dumps her, walks off, and the series is over.  Huh?  I'm trying very hard not to shake the screen and go "WHAT THE HELL WAS THE POINT?!"...but just know that's in the back of my mind.

Should I cling to the part where he hesitated before denying that there was someone else?  Is that my clue that Eva's The One?  Let's say yes, even though it's a fine time for subtlety, never their strong suit, to finally kick in.  I guess they could have done a lot worse; this was considerably less upsetting than the messy and unresolved cliffhangers I was fearing, but if I were to draw you a map of the ups and downs in this series' plot, it would pretty much be one long, flat line.  Maybe some little tremors, like your hand slipped while holding the ruler in place. 

The finale did give me a lovely little moment of Angry!John, which I suppose I'm grateful for.  Was disappointing that it all turned out to be an act, but still.  The man can do unhinged very well.  Otherwise, nothing.  Into the closet with other failed FOX ventures like "Girls Club" with you now.
Pushing Daisies: 1x08: Bitter Sweets
Despite containing Molly Shannon, a woman who makes me dig my nails into the wood of the desk and scratch deep grooves to keep from screaming in aggravated fury, this one was pretty amazing.  

-Yeah, I think I officially like Olive now.  Between the morose spinning on the stool and her archly perfect echo of "Some guy?", I suddenly find her cute as a button.  Probably I was always supposed to see her this way, but it didin't officially kick in until right now.  Even her infatuation with Ned is endearing, in the way you imagine a puppy declaring her everlasting and eternal devotion to an older dog who, having given up trying to drive her off, has reluctantly agreed to put up with having her underfoot. 

-However, I still find Alfredo trite and tiring.

-Andrew Brown the Evil Health Inspector was by far the best minor character of the episode.  His over-the-top-skulking (with Ned pacing, all perturbed, in the background - hehe), and the unholy delight with which he beamed "Surprise!", and the GROWL-OFF WITH DIGBY!  The growl-off was too good.

-"The Pie Ho."  *giggles*

-In a long, long list of adorable moments on this show, I think the blurted "Am I your boyfriend?" may have just become the best one of all.  Between the nervous rambling after asking and the expression of pure joy mixed with relief when she finally cuts him off with an affirmation, I fell in love with him all over again.  And from the way her smile actually lights up the room, is it really any wonder why these two are head-over-heels for each other?

-Cranky!jealous!Ned sending Tony back to a state of death was hilarious too. 

-Not to mention his indignant look at the Pie Hole being called "quaint" in such a condescending tone, followed by him surreptitiously, rather vindictively, swiping a chocolate.  Hehehe.  Of all the backstories I want to hear explained eventually, the story of how he got The Pie Hole is the one I want to explore the most. I'm intrigued by how much it means to him.  I would settle for a fic taking this angle.

-Adored Ned's increasing frustration at everyone else's refusal to adopt a stance of non-retaliation with him, but nothing so much as the exchange right before bed.  The look of disbelief on his face, the fraying edges, the anger (in a very subtle, disappointed-sounding way that's always so much worse than an outburst) to go "clean up another mess".

-Not many animals this week, but the rats were kind of cute, so I'll count them.

-Love Ned's triumphant (or ambling) return home, with the girls shrieking and Olive clambering all over him until he has to politely request release from her embrace.  

-And then the ending talk about phantom limbs (which sound rather unpleasant, from everything I've read, but in this context made for a cute reference), and me deciding it's literally impossible to get tired of the way he gazes at her, and just when it couldn't get any better... "I killed your dad."

I knew that was coming eventually, but I'd been assuming it was in the season finale.  And wow, let me tell you, I'm glad it wasn't because even at this late date I think I would have gone stir-crazy if I'd had to wait for season 2 to see the fallout of Chuck's reaction.  

Quote Exchange of the Week
Ned: I should just tell her.
Emerson: Well, that idea might make a stupid idea feel better about itself.
Ned: I can't keep lying to her.
Emerson: You ain't lying!  The only way you're lying is if she asks the question [insert hilarious, high-pitched lady voice here] "Hey, did you kill my father when you brought your mother back, which I didn't know about because you never told me?"
This is one of those 8-rewinds-and-still-hilarious parts.  The voice.  The voice!
1x09, "Corpsicle"
"Mommy, this show isn't fun anymore."

It's really not fair having a depressing Christmas episode, you know.  It just got darker and darker and by the halfway point, with Chuck doing the first truly stupid thing in her life and deciding "Hey, this weird guy that don't make no sense wants to meet me alone and/or acquire a lock of my hair for experimental purposes designed to expose my secret; WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG HERE?", that's when I whined the above quote.  The ending more or less came to resolution, and it's not enough for me to really be disappointed

-Can Oscar be another one of those characters who goes away and never comes back?  Because he's insanely creepy, and rather gross, and played by Peewee Herman, which doesn't help matters at all.  I've been reading things about him being a "possible series regular" before the strike shot everything all to hell (stupid writers, I hate you FOREVER AND EVER), and this makes my lip twitch, for obvious reasons.  You know, Olive recently vacated a spot in the Jack Harkness Circle of Character Hate.  *points*

I mean, despite Dilly, I went through episode 8 like three times.  This one I only held still for maybe 3 5-minute sections.  If that.  Neither the main (title) plot nor Oscar's side plot were any fun at all.  Come to think of it, neither was the bombshell about Lily being Chuck's mother.  I actually did not see that one coming.  I find I am shockingly less than intrigued.  So in other words, all that's redeeming this episode is Ned/Chuck, which goes on a sad downward slide throughout the episode.  

I still feel cheated that we don't get to see her immediate reaction to being told about her father.  I want to see the chorus of slamming doors!  I want to see Angry Chuck!  By the time we get to her in this episode, she's already progressed to a state of detached melancholy, which is nice but nearly so thrilling.  

Ned's melancholy is, though.  Tell me his wandering through the snowy streets, "moaning her name like something out of a Tennessee Williams" (when did Olive start getting all the best lines?), didn't make you go "awwww."   (I had an odd urge to sing Loreena McKennitt's "Dickens' Dublin" throughout this scene, which only reinforces my frequent notions that Ned & Chuck would really fit quite well as a 19th century couple.  I have not been reading a lot of books set in the past lately.  Yes I have.  Shut up.)

-Honestly, he looks so sad the first time he shows up at Olive's door.  "I don't know where she is."  He sounds like he's about to break in half, possibly in melodramatic way (I mean, really, she's a big girl, who's rather ticked off right now, so it's almost unintentionally chauvinistic that he's acting like she's lost and huddled up in an alley somewhere, in need of finding).  Still nice.  

And I really, really love how matter-of-fact Olive can be about it.  Acting/lying through her freshly-brushed teeth or not, I absolutely love her brisk sendoff of "Now go clean yourself up; ya look like crap."  I feel like she should win some kind of award from me for "most magically redeemed character in the history of my television watching."  I suppose saying so could count as a proper award. 

-...did Olive seriously just ask Chuck if Ned beat her?  Oh my God, she did.  I don't even... show, stuff like this does not help me stop visualizing Ned & Chuck as a married couple in past centuries. 

-Question #2: I'm sorry, did I say Ned looked sad before?  He reached a whole new level the second time he showed up at Olive's door ("Oh look, it's Ned!  *ducks out*").  With the teary/red-rimmed eyes and that tiny little sound of pain when she told him she couldn't even look at him, by the time he got to "Chuck, please," in a voice on the verge of breaking, I was gone for the 452nd time.

On the one hand, I completely understand her need to hate him for a little while, and this is an entirely necessary process of hurt and healing going through here - this is one of the few times in my life I've actually felt like "Yeah, you know what, this painful secret needs to come out" - but on the other, it's still really hard to watch.  I will say that the writers (whom as a collective bunch I hate forever and ever, damn strikemongers) are handling it very, very nicely, better than anything I dreamed up.

-All I remember about the final Ned/Chuck scene at the graveyard, besides the relief that we didn't have to wait until season 2 for her to forgive him, is the narrator saying "She wished the piemaker could comfort her by holding her close," and then I was completely lost to my daydreams of desperate longing.  Sometimes my desire for this series to last years and years is tempered by the realization that this would also equal years and years of exquisite torture.  Ned dropping his coat over her shoulders was a nice touch, but also quite torturous.

-Finally, my "OMG Emerson has a daughter??" hypothesis is merely that they're estranged.  I'm going to lay my money on her still being alive (though her mother might not be, and maybe that's part of the reason for estrangement?  On the off-chance?  Ooh, I miss betting games.)

-Oh, and I really loved him waking up and freaking out about being dead...and upon being told he wasn't, demanding to know if he'd stay that way for longer than a minute.  HEE.  Especially when followed by the "Oh, hell" upon seeing a friendly little snowman OF DEATH propped up on the lawn.

-And now I have to wait for the new season, because I am out of episodes.  On the one hand, yay for one of these shows finally not being canceled!  On the other, BOOO to waiting...over 2 whole months!  I know, haha, I'm spoiled.  Literally!  I have literally gone hunting PD spoilers already.  But I mean figuratively in this case.  I don't know how the rest of you survived/are surviving a solid 9.  OH WAIT, THAT'S KIND OF WHAT LOST FORCES ME TO DO NOW.  AHAHA.  Stupid Lost.

Words cannot express how much I love this show.  I'm looking forward to its return more than any other show.  Full season this time, yes?  That'll be amazing.
Random point of interest: I am extremely, perhaps unhealthily, in love, with Kid Rock's "All Summer Long."  Which is good, because it not only plays once or twice a morning on the Top 12/40 station, the country station has decided it's country enough to play there, too.  I even love the video, which is especially rare, because I never love music videos - I make a point of avoiding videos for songs I like because they nearly always ruin the mental pictures I've created.  But for some reason, this one appeals to me.

Maybe I'm just really into summer things this year.  Of all the books I read last month, it seems like every other one ends up being set in the summertime.  I swear I don't do it on purpose, it's just that I keep opening covers and going "oh, would you look at that!  It's June there, too!" 
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