RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I swear I'm actually saving some of my money...

1. I finally ordered my MP3 player!  I went with the 2 GB Sandisk Sansa, because no matter where else I looked, I kept returning to its shiny perfection.  Even after the freaking thing shot up twenty bucks in price during the week I was deliberating.  -.-  The mere thought of having portable music again is rapturous.  HURRY UP AND GET HERE, THING I ORDERED LAST NIGHT! 

2. While I was there, navigating my way to the ordering page, Amazon suddenly jumped out at me and went "HEY THERE, DID YOU KNOW THE O.C., SEASON 3, IS ON SALE FOR $17?"  Which, holy hell, even with shipping costs, that's an excellent deal.  And, well, The O.C. is not exactly high on my list of DVD wants - in fact, it's not even on the list, officially - but then it was right there and cheap, and I was swept away by a wave of remembering how much I adored season 3, with its happy Seth/Summer, and JOHNNY, and Sadie, and Marissa, needless to say, that's on its way to me now too.

3. I keep meaning to get a paid LJ account at some point too, but I figure I should collect enough icons to make it worthwhile first, and icon-hunting is something that always sounds fun, and makes me think "yeah!  I should do that!", but then I never actually get around to doing it.  I still haven't even filled up my 15 spaces yet.  I figure it's just as well, since other people always whine about how they never have enough...but I am still highly particular about my icon choices, making sure they'll not only be ones I want to keep around for close to forever, but that they will be applicable to multiple situations so that I need fewer icons overall.  I have a smallish folder of icons on my computer, but I'm not sure how many of them qualify as perfect, and I hate deleting icons and having old posts revert to your default.


5. Oh, awesome!  Yesterday I caved to cravings and bought Reese's Pieces from the vending machine, only to have the bag get stuck before falling, and I didn't have enough change left to try again. Today I returned with some of the extremely minimal change I have left intending to get something else...and found the bag sitting at the bottom of the machine, having apparently shaken itself loose sometime in the past 24 hours, and no one else had come by.  You know, sometimes having the campus be all deserted isn't such a bad thing.

Tags: dvds, o.c.

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