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Survivor: Aitu is great fun to cheer for.  When they do lose immunity, however, I won’t be sad to see Sundra go.  She’s kinda boring. 

Another week, another crapload of fish caught by Jonathon, who is channeling Ozzy and doing a spectacular job of it.  Also, watching the fishing makes me hungry.  I’m usually sickened by the sight of dead animals, but somehow, when I see fish, they only mean food.  Fish is expensive and thus I hardly ever eat it; I suppose that’s why.  End digression.

The reward challenge was interesting. It’s hilarious to see how the Raro members snipe at each other – those not participating sit on the bench and mutter amongst themselves about what pathetic morons their tribe mates are, while those waiting to take their turn yell encouragement that sounds similar to “OH MY GOD YOU LOSERS, STOP SUCKING!”

Also, I think Aitu’s super-vendetta against Candice is a little unbalanced, and unfairly biased.   Come on guys, I know Candice rocketed off first, but Jonathon’s the bigger bastard, and he’s a mutineer too, remember?  Plus if you’re trying to weaken one member…Jonathon’s the weaker one already.  Even if he can fish.  I laughed at first when they chanted “1, 2, 3, CANDICE,” as soon as they cut to her on Exile island, with her crying, I instantly melted.

Unlike most bimbos who start crying on this show, I feel genuinely bad for her.  Yeah, maybe jumping ship wasn’t the smartest idea for preserving her chances at actually winning, in the short term (and a while afterwards), it was clever.  And besides, she seems so sweet.  She’s just trying to be strategic, like all the other people she’s seen on this show.  Be serious – at a merge, wouldn’t she have been the first person you booted from your 5-person alliance?  Maybe after Jonathon, but…she’s got better chances with Adam and gang than with Aitu.  The schoolyard bullying is kind of over the top. Bet it was Ozzy’s idea.      

The reward challenge outcome – I usually don’t like to watch rewards where they eat, and I like the native-customs ones even less.  They just don’t interest me. Fortunately, they didn’t show much pigging out, and the customs were kind of cool – first they’re carried in on, um, whatever you call them – in particular, Ozzy looked like a smug little king, and Becky like a sweet princess.  Yul going turtle shell after being sandwiched between the two plump middle-aged dancers was funny.  HEE! 

Immunity Challenge: Wasn’t that exciting…again with the diving!  Yeesh!  The ending was more fun: kisses all around!  Ozzy drops a kiss to the tops of Becky and Sundra’s heads in turn, and then lest Yul feel left out, gives him a peck on the cheek as well.  :P  Also, Ozzy is definitely working the Will Turner thing.  It’s become disturbingly hot. 

Other random notes:

-Adam and Candice are almost a lil’ bit cute. All-American couple, indeed.

-Oh, Rebecca.  In studying for the second challenge, everyone treated her like a poor simpleton.  Especially Parvati; she was SO condescending.  “Am I confusing you?” She had that sugary-sweet tone of a rich private-school student helping special-needs children for volunteer hours, and feeling proud of herself for making a difference. 

- I wonder if they would have done the double-boot if nobody had mutinied and the tribes were more balanced?  I don’t think so.  I think Jeff & the producers just didn’t like so many people getting to avoid challenges every day.

-Jeff’s getting increasingly insulting with the commentary, too – when they were digging, and working hard at it too, it was “Raro’s moving in slow motion!”

On the boots: I feel bad for Rebecca, but as a player she wasn’t that interesting, so I’m okay that she’s gone.  The other boot was much better. My exact words were “Yay!  Now Miss Bitchy is history!”

Numb3rs: Hardball

Boring, boring, boring, BILL NYE!  *claps hands* Bill Nye is back!  WOOOOOO!!  Bill Nye, the…baseball guy?  Fantasy baseball, anyway.

Yeah.  Actually, this episode was so boring that even if it hadn’t stopped every 2 minutes to buffer, I still would have been paying more attention to my write-up of Survivor than actually keeping my eyes on the screen.  So boring, in fact, that I can sum up my remaining interest with a series of points. 

1. Megan: 20 minutes ago, I was on my couch, watching Blazing Saddles in my pajamas…

Larry: Red cowgirl PJ’s?

Me: :D

Megan smiles sweetly, admits it, and then gives Larry a private look that says, “HELLO!  Colby’s obsession with my love life is already creepy enough; don’t give him images to work with!”  Oh wait, Colby wasn’t there.  He’d be devastated if he knew he missed that tidbit.  Eh, it will still feed much fanfic.   

1.5 [I missed one]: David and the bamboo-pole throwing.  YOW!

 2. The baseball-stats kid [from Undeclared] didn’t have calculus in his high school?  What the fuck?  How does a high school even exist without offering calculus?  Damn, my school was all about the sucky integrated math, but even so once you did three semesters of that s***, and then a semester of “pre-calculus” to learn all the stuff you couldn’t learn with the integrated system, you got to go to the real calc…erm digression.

3. Green fluted bowl sighting!

4. Sleepover at Charlie’s house!  LMAO.  Okay, I don’t actually read Numb3rs fanfic, so I don’t know how rampant the slashers are, but I’m guessing that like any other fandom, there are enough to make me uncomfortable.  It just amuses me to see Charlie holding a plaid blanket and a pillow. 

5. Don played in the minor leagues?  Sweet.  I feel like we knew that already, but I don’t remember actually hearing it before.  K, and it was kind of fun watching Don’s baseball skills be dissected via statistical analysis.      

6. Freaky.  Colby sounds *smart* reeling off all the problems that come with steroid use.  He also used a medical term for “enlarged breasts in men” that I didn’t even slightly recognize.  Oh, so that explains the beginning.  I thought the baseball players seemed oddly out of shape for a minor league team.

7. There was something so ominous about the way Charlie said “keep in touch,” I immediately began chanting, “Get hit by a car!   Get hit by a car! …oh, or get mowed down in a hailstorm of bullets.  Same difference.”  You know, I actually thought that was the end of the episode.  I was all ready to be outraged, but thankfully there was another segment the kid was only grazed. 

8. On the note of that scene: SUPER CHARLIE TO THE RESCUE! 

9. “So I almost get shot, and you guys respond by…doing a lot of math?”  HEE.

10. Hey wait a sec, where’s Amita? Sigh.  They can’t improve their chemistry without practice.

11. Little-boy Don loved to play cops and robbers.  So, there’s fodder for all the fanfic authors who like to write about the brothers as kids. 

 Okay, so it got better as it went along.  But it still wasn’t great. Useful, but not great.

Numb3rs: Waste Not

*clears throat*  EEEH CHEMISTRY WHEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOLY EFFIN’ HELL, FINALLY! 
Good God!  I squealed so loudly the neighbors might have heard!  (and it was 1 AM, so, not that good). 

They were playing air hockey and I was smiling at the gosh-darn cuteness of it all (also WHOA that is one huge house!).  And then Amita started talking about how maybe it wasn’t such a great idea for them to be dating.  I moaned and smacked my head into my hands and groaned, “Nooo, you cannot do this to me; they were having such beautiful chemistry in this episode, finally; all they need is a little tip in the right direction, and this is the wrong direction, and…” And then Charlie came around the table to stand in front of her, and they were very close, and suddenly I stopped slumping and sat up quite straight, recognizing the lull before a Shipper’s Dream.  Amita confessed in a very sad voice that she couldn’t tell what was personal and what was professional between them, Charlie babbled semi-apologies for another half second, then very hotly shut himself up by grabbing hold of Amita and kissing her.  *insert squeal*

[A/n: also insert my hysterical laughter a half second later when Millie walked through the door.  Oh, the faces!  The faces of teenagers followed by the indignant “Are you checking up on us?!” and everything everyone said was hilarious…heeheeheehee!]

*stares* Holy CRAP!

And then and then and then YAHHHHHHH!  *spits incoherently for a while*  Christ-a-Lou, as if I weren’t already going out of my mind with the blitz of romance this week, like that kiss couldn’t have tided me over for the next five episodes, it’s hardly any time at all before the ending son is playing, and we fade to Charlie and Amita making out on the couch.  Again, seems like I should be frowning at this kind of image, but I’m so damn happy my ship is vindicated that I couldn’t care less!  See, see, I’ve been waiting for them to act this in love for a year.  Words cannot express my gratitude.

*takes a deep breath* And now moving on.

This episode was spectacular.  And not just because of the above two bits, although they were fantastic, for every second of this episode was interesting.  Okay, there was a wee bit of an Erin Brockovitch feel when Megan was talking to the parents at the school, but that was the only thing.  I mean, the episode opened with “the crazy Sister Act nun!”  (I know her name…no, I don’t.  I SHOULD know her name)  Okay, actually it opened with a shocking and disturbing amount of Amita cleavage.  I can only assume this somehow relates to reminding her boyfriend that he has a girlfriend, a hot girlfriend, to whom he should be paying more physical attention.  Oh, wait, that was me projecting onto the characters again.  She was just dressing for the dignified department chair inauguration.  No, wait, that doesn’t make sense either.  Eh, Spy will have it figured out next week.    

Millie dear was hilarious.  I mean, hateable in every sense of the word, yes, but I just kept thinking what a delightfully unifying force she was – via their common disgust with her, she kept pushing Charlie and Amita closer together.  Hope this thing with Alan doesn’t go on very long, because it’s creepy, but at least there was a hilarious look on Charlie’s face when Amita sweetly suggested that Millie could end being his boss and his stepmom!

Charlie: *vomits* 

Okay, so right up until The Kiss…was it just me, or was Charlie behaving in a phenomenally girly manner this episode?  It started with him sneaking up on Larry and pinching him…I mean, guys just don’t do that.  Girls do that.  I could tell you tales.  Anyway.  And the faces and the tone of voice when he was whining about not having time to plan the PhD thing…all of it.  Eh. 

Weird facts I didn’t need to know: Larry has a bathtub fetish.  Erm.  Yes.  Him living in the steam tunnels was sad and weird all at once.  Much nicer to think of him living at Megan’s.  Even if she’s not there.  *sighs* Here, fic writers…really, I must check out that category soon.

Now, about the actual CASE: Fascinating.  I never would have suspected the kindly old grandfatherly type, though I pegged the smarmy lawyer (who looked a bit like John Mayer) as a bad guy right away.  The teaser was one of the best ever, although I think it was particularly horrible that the sweet old lady died, especially since she wasn’t even in danger in the first place.  Just that one bratty kid who wasn’t even hurt except for a cut on her forehead…there was no reason Trudy had to lean dangerously over the edge like that.  Help would have been there in like, 15 minutes.  She should have just sat still and talked to the kids to get them to calm down.  I mean, she did not look strong enough to pull the weight of a child up, even if she hadn’t slipped.     

CSI: Happenstance

I couldn’t, I couldn’t, I couldn’t sit through this one.  I just couldn’t.  The player was acting up and being fussy, so I suffered through the first three minutes, and then skipped to the last segment.  Only actually paid attention to the GSR scene at the very end. 

(And kudos to how this show is handling the relationship, seriously.  Enough tidbits to make all the shippers purr with delight, but so in the background that the anti-shippers can’t complain.  Can they?  I’ll beat them if they complain.  If this was how romance went on the O.C., and icky couples like Ryan and Marissa merely made references to their affection, I’d probably own the DVDs)

Here’s how I interpret: I don’t think Sara was bothered at all; I think she was just letting him be.  Especially with the good-natured teasing about him missing the word “misanthrope.”  Obviously, it was just a little jab, because now that he’s with her, his misanthropic qualities have all but vanished.  She knows that he needs space every now and then, so she’s more than willing to let him stay at work and read for a while.  Grissom, on the other hand, looked a lot more thoughtful, and perhaps worried.  As someone said on YTDAW, though I paraphrase, “he’s probably thinking, ‘how long is she willing to wait?  Will she wait for me if I take the sabbatical?’” etc, etc.    

I may watch this in full later, or I may not.  I know the plot summary anyway, plus I know about the invitation to teach at Williams College (saw that clip too, thanks to  I’ve known about that for a while now.  Oh, and I caught the clip of Nick singing for his results, too, which would have been 50x cuter if Nick were not so damn ugly these days.  (see, a lot of men try not to look bald…because hair is important for attractiveness).  See, I’ve seen decent segments of this ep.

I’m just not seeing a major reason to sit through the whole episode. I mean, it sounds like a great plot line, and the quality is still lovely and cinematic, but I can’t get interested in it this week.  I think I’m too spoiled by the quality of Bones and Numb3rs this week.  I’ve been thinking.  I should chart my interest in shows.  Pick a “winning episode” every week, which show had the most intriguing episode all-around.  I’m already ranking the CSI shows against one another, but why not open up the pool?  Something to ponder.  


Law & Order:

This was a pretty decent episode, but one scene really stands out – the crazy guy taking a room full of elementary school kids hostage and waiting about 5 minutes before he opens fire and kills a half dozen of them.  I actually felt sick to my stomach when we heard the shots, and even moreso when they got to the room full of blood and motionless little bodies.  What the hell?  Why are kid-murder cases bothering me so much all of a sudden?  *shakes head* Anyway.  That was horrible.

Detectives Green and, um, the pretty young thing are probably the most likable partnership this franchise has ever had.  I never liked Orbach much, and while the white-haired mustache guy after him (sorry, sorry, names I know not) was pretty cool, Green was always my favorite.  (that is his name, right?)  Loving it every week, even though pretty young thing usually just serves to remind me how much I wish Jennifer Angell could have a slightly bigger role on CSI: NY. 

So I’m curious – New York DOESN’T have the death penalty?  I’m confused.  Because in 2004,  Mac Taylor said that New York had the death penalty.  True, Horatio countered that “you have not executed since 1976,” but I thought that just meant NY was wimpy and afraid to use it.  This episode was odd and confusing and made it sound like you had to jump through a thousand hoops to get it put on the table, under certain circumstances.  Huh.  Anyway.  I was just super ticked that the father of the murdered girl got convicted.  I know McCoy put on that great blustering speech about how the jury was not deciding whether what he did was right and justifiable, but whether he broke the law…but damn, I would have ignored that and let him go.  He’s clearly not going to go on some kind of renegade crusade shooting all the accused murderers in the city.  Sheesh.  At least McCoy eased his sentence at the end.     

And now for a minor aside: Alana de la Garza can talk all she wants about how much she loves her new job and what a great opportunity it was and how being killed off Miami was almost a blessing-in-disguise…but come on.  More dialogue does not a better job make (except in paycheck terms).  Don’t even tell me it’s more fun to play a one-dimensional lawyer than Horatio’s love interest & Eric’s sister.  It just frustrates me that her Connie Rubirosa character is so dull.  I know she’s new, but I’m ready for criminals to start making attempts on her life.  Oh wait!

That was one nice thing about the second half of this episode – she got to show a little emotion, not so much when the serial killer warned “next time I get out, I’m comin’ straight for you, bitch!”,  but her indignation and quiet fury when she suspected the defense attorney of setting up the whole murder-of-said-killer.  Or maybe I just imagined that.  I’m desperate for her to breathe life into this character, because it’s very hard to switch her out for Marisol if there’s no emotion to run with.  

(No, I’m never going to let this Marisol thing go.  Least not until Yelina comes back to flirt)

ER: (splitting this into five parts, one for each character/storyline)

Part I: Gates

Okay, so I was only about 50% right on the whole Gates/mysterious woman-and-daughter thing, but I was close wasn’t I?  True, there was no actual blood relation, and true, they were occasionally sleeping together, but I got the other stuff right, no?  He was watching over/protecting them.  The woman had fallen in love with him, and he didn’t quite push her away, but neither did he reciprocate in full. 

Because of that, the end of it sort of broke my heart.  Not only does she remind me of Suzie Barnum, it was just…it was heart-wrenching to watch her pleading for him to stay, her daughter loved him too, they needed him, etc etc.  Maybe the way she’s going about it isn’t the healthiest, but she clearly cares for him.  Maybe she shouldn’t – sounds like he has a tendency to sleep around and such – but I feel bad for her.  Before tonight, I was really gunning for the Gates/Neela thing to work.  A) because I want to keep her away from Ray and b) because, well, they look cute.  But now I feel a minor need to punch Gates in the face (oh wait, Pratt did it for me already), and seeing him happy with Neela just might leave me with a slight sour taste.

Hey, you know what just occurred to me?  That woman kind of had the Crazy Eyes.  I bet she has the potential to become a stalker!  I mean, if ER didn’t have one of those already.

Part II: Pratt

I feel like I’ve seen this before, estranged young black man reconciling with relative and then turning out to be gay.  OH WAIT – anyone remember Dt. Finn’s son? Psh.  That was the only thing that really bugged me about this episode.  It was a borrowed idea. Okay, and two boys in the bathroom wearing nothing but towels around their waists was something that gave me a shudder too, but mostly the borrowed idea.  Glad Pratt forgave him at the end.  He had a right to get pissed and throw him out, but if he hadn’t apologized later, I would have been disappointed in him.  The only other thing I have to say about this episode is that sincerely hope Hope ends up strangled in an alley soon.  Her bubbly/naïve optimism and relentless Jesus-love are slowly but surely driving me insane.  I would rather watch Kerry Weaver than Hope, and y’all know how much I hate Weaver.

Part III: Weaver

Actually, I didn’t hate her in this episode.  She was kind of cool, with the dramatic trachea rescue.  If she could confine her job to working for the news team, I might like her. 

Part IV: Neela

This is the storyline I really want to get to, of course.  Very, very well done, with the homeless/slightly insane street kid reverently calling her The Blue Lady.  Okay, I was set up by the way they did the lighting in the previews, but damn, I never thought of her as a lifesaving angel before.  It’s nice to view through the child’s eyes once in a while.  I think I’d feel very safe with her as my doctor.  Also, one way to tell this is ER and not House – when the first wild guess they make is rabies, it actually IS rabies.  Yowza!

I’d just like to point out that the rabies-infected kid got it from a bat (most probably).  A known carrier of rabies.  Not from being bitten by a damn caged tiger or an innocent little meerkat at the zoo. Sorry.  The mention of rabies just reminds of all the news reports around here about exotic animals being killed “to test for rabies” because they bit some damn child, and it pisses me off to no end.

Back to the ER story, t’was very touching.  I enjoyed it.

Part V: Luka/Abby (the afterthoughts)

Luka’s an idiot.  He should really listen to his wife girlfriend/mother of his child (damn it Abby, just go to the courthouse and sign the papers already, it would make my life easier).  I can’t believe he pulled rank.  And besides, does he really think the police are going to drop the case that easily?  The wife is injured and the guy’s a rampant drunk.  Even if she doesn’t give a statement, and he keeps blubbering that he loves her and would never hurt her, they’ll badger and push the hypothesis that he hurts her when he’s drunk without knowing what he’s doing.  That’s actually what I suspected at first, but Abby was so insistent that I changed my mind.  And there’s a CHANCE that it might result in jail rather than simply a treatment program, and that would be cruel.  Also, I’m fired up because I just read the newest chapter of Leah Kate’s “Lost” fanfic, On the Road.  Similar subject, in which people think Sawyer’s abusive towards Kate.  Strong case for it too, even though it couldn’t be further from the truth.  So that’s influencing me too.         

The OC: The Metamorphosis

 Oh yeah.  This ep was awwwwwwesome.  Try to catch the sarcasm in that statement.  Children, gather ‘round.  It’s time for a story. 
Back in the days of season 1, I used to scribble “reviews,” of a sort, in a notebook where I’d jot down whatever jumped into my head as I watched.  Beginning with the episode after Tijuana, at first they were happy and joyful.  And then the show began a slow descent into the murky and gross, and my reviews became increasingly disgusted and angry.  By the time of Teresa’s pregnancy, I threw the notebook at the wall and stormed away.

I found the notebook last night, and I was going to do a review like that just for old time’s sake.  But after only a moment, I found it impossible to write – 20% of the time I was too busy being transfixed with delight, and 80% of the time I was too busy kicking the wall and/or trying not to throw up before I fast-forwarded.  So instead I’ve broken it into storylines.

Also, please note that this is the first episode I’ve seen this season – and I must say, it worked pretty well as a season premiere.  Probably even made more sense than the actual season premiere, which seemed (based on what I read in recaps) like a whole bunch of crazy fanfic scenarios thrown together and somehow filmed.  Especially with the Grey’s Anatomy crossover and what not.  Kay, here we go.    


Kaitlin, Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee
Okay: I hate Kaitlin, as everyone knows.  But she is very hot, has major bitch-attitude beyond her years, and thus should be a very popular girl.  She should have throngs of friends.  And the Ward dorks?  Should not be among them.  Come on!  I know she likes to preen and have an entourage that drools at her feet, but where are her girlfriends?  They’re like, the dumb boys from next door.  The kids you hung around with growing up for lack of anyone else, but from whom you dissociate at school, especially high school.  (judging from what I’ve seen, not experienced)  I just don’t understand why she can’t find anyone else.  Are people afraid to talk to her in case the dead-sister subject comes up, or what?  Final word on the subject; I hate Kaitlin and I fast-forward every single scene she’s in.

Julie, the Desperate Housewife/Neighborhood Milf
Julie is gross.  Actually, as of late I can think of a long list of people I like even less than the cat-eyed lady, but I have never more fervently wished early menopause on a woman.  It’s gross.  At least it explains where Marissa’s nymphomaniac tendencies came from.  Really, I’m sick of watching her do dirty things with guys either twice or half her age.  (okay, Neil wasn’t old like Caleb, but still)

Going strong, yee-haw!  But while I insist upon this couple remaining happy simply because they are parents and have been married for twenty years, Sandy is really not hot enough for me to desire seeing any kind of on screen action beyond a quick kiss, and dirty-flirty comments are not appreciated either.  See previous statement about “parents.”  This is the one show on which I keep my eyes trained on the under-25 crowd.  (okay, so it’s pretty much the only show on my plate that even has an under-25 crowd…) And Sandy was just overly awkward in the whole golfing with Dt. Vartann thing.  (what?  I don’t know or care about his character’s name/role on this show)  The only nice thing was when they were at the restaurant and he said something like “Ah, you can meet one of my kids.”  I really never tire of hearing it reinforced that Ryan is a literal member of the family.  Maybe because Ryan himself still seems to need to hear it. 

Ryan, Taylor, Ryan/Taylor
Okay, even with all of the Julie and Kaitlin and whatnot, I didn’t actually taste vomit until Taylor appeared.  It’s official, the mere sight of her triggers a gag reflex.  She is truly disgusting.  I almost feel a need to apologize to Marissa for all the times I called her a slut, because while Marissa may have been naïve, emotionally needy, brain dead, and temporarily confused about her sexual orientation, when I look at her compared to Taylor, I almost see innocence. Taylor is a HO-BAG.  Oh, she doesn’t seem like it, with those fairly conservative clothes and the positive, in-control smile…and maybe whore isn’t quite the right word, but the girl is unhealthily obsessed with sex.  Usually in the kinkiest form imaginable.  I mean, my God, the word “peaches” practically sends her into orgasm at the thought alone.  She’s worse than Julie.  It’s been bothering me ever since we first found out she was sleeping with Dean Evil, and most episodes she was in after that only reinforced this icky image.

Taylor is, simply put, sickening.  Her sad-little-girl routine, about how she was alone in a foreign country and Henri was someone willing to take care of her did not win me over.  She might have been sincere, but she lies so easily and so craftily, that I don’t buy it, at least not completely.  I cheered Ryan on the whole episode. One thing I liked about him last year was that while Taylor latched on to Seth and Summer like the needy barnacle she is, Ryan could usually get by with pretending she didn’t exist.  That much is apparent at the beginning, when he’s completely clueless as to why she’s here, and blatantly tries to get rid of her.  Also, you don’t know what a disappointed howl is until you’ve heard me react to the news that unless Taylor could prove infidelity, she’d be back in France and stuck with her husband. Oh man, how I would have loved that.  I dream about that.  I hope he’s abusive.  I really do; I know he’s not and that’s an evil and horrible thing to wish for, but that is how much I hate this girl and want to see her suffer. 

The only positive thing Taylor brings to the table is her fluent French.  I purred and fawned and praised the show for having soooo many lines of French.  With my eyes closed, I understood about 2/3 of it, and reading the subtitles I knew where all the words matched up.  That’s the one thing I love about this show, all the rich private-school kids speak French instead of Spanish, and it’s delightful.  T’was fun. 

Also, I kicked chairs at the end because the Ryan/Taylor kiss was kind of good.  It pains me to say this, but I had to watch it three times.  And pretend it was Marissa, because Taylor is ick, but really, I forgot how very nice it is to see Ryan kiss someone without jamming his tongue halfway down her throat and working her clothes off a second later. It’s only happened like twice on this show.  I do not want this romance to become legitimate.  I fear it might, but oh, how I would rather it didn’t.  And if Marissa’s gone, and Ryan needs someone, can we at LEAST call Sadie back?  She was excellent, and she wasn’t on this show nearly long enough.  Fine, don’t listen to me.  Jerks.

I wasn’t completely lying at the beginning of this post: most of the good part of this episode was due to “awwww, Sum!” 

The five stages of grief = coolest montage ever.  The reunion with Seth = beautiful.  The adorkable, “Hey, you just hit me.  *pause* My baby’s back!” = This is why I loves this couple.

Could have done without the scene in bed.  Gratuitous and unnecessary – I mean, it would have been okay if this was like the only time in the whole series, but it just doesn’t need to be shown.  It doesn’t.  It doesn’t, and it bothers me, because while pillow talk is nice in all my crime dramas, is not nice for young, stupid, horny college students.  Also, this reminds me of the recent uproar in my idiot college’s newspaper, stupid freshmen ranting about the curfew and how since we’re adults, if we’re required to live on campus for the first two years, then the college shouldn’t get to dictate that overnights aren’t allowed and guys & girls need to be out of each other’s dorms by midnight (2 AM on weekends).  Just shut up. 

Okay back to Seth and Summer!  Seth…I dunno, I choose to wipe the events of the first three episodes from my memory; he was pretty sweet in this one.  Summer…I like her combination of new Summer & old Summer.  My only complaint is, come on, OK Magazine (that's what I wrote down...I might have just made that up based on what the cover looked like) is much more fun reading than demonstrations about solar power.  Yawn.  Summer should ditch the calfskin boots, though.  Cows are cute, damn it!  Cuter than chickens!  Especially baby cows!

Che is a gross hippie.  He looks like a burnout.  He also looks about 30 years old.  Not liking the Che. 

Best moment in this episode?  Seth curled up asleep on the bench outside the meeting hall, and Summer waking him up with a soft “Hey, sleepyhead.”  Sleepy Seth is adorable.  That scene was so cute.  Such a sweet kiss, too. See, see, this is what all their interaction should be like.  I’m gonna try not to get all fired up, but it frustrates me that all my crime-show dramas can do this perfectly every time, yet on O.C. I have to beg and plead and sit through about 500 make-out sessions before anyone delivers a proper soft kiss.  Unlike many internet fangirls, I'm still not willing to drool over and/or encourage so-called “hot” scenes.



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  • Survivor: Winners at War (warning: it gets long)

    Season 39 ended in the most boring way, so boring that after this week's premiere, we legitimately sat there for 5 minutes trying to remember…

  • Penultimate Survivor (aka P.S. what the damn hell)

    It was so awesome that Janet found the idol!! And so stupid that Dean both saw it and was rewarded with the option of an Idol Nullifer...which he…


    I didn't actually stop watching this season, not that you could probably tell anyway because I've gotten so bad about writing about TV in…

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