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*grits teeth*before this weekend is over, I am GOING to write a post that doesn't get me in trouble.

Here.  Have Doctor Who.  Does Doctor Who make anyone angry?  I don't even bash Martha that much.  Honestly, I don't. 

3x01, "Smith and Jones"  
Episodes without Rose: 2
Sanity: Still intact!

My initial feelings on Martha Jones were like so: A Day in the Life of Martha? Not nearly as cool as A Day in the Life of Rose. Useless siblings. Incessant chattering on the phone. Most displeasing. -.- Also, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw her parents. Not her dad so much, but her mum? I'd seen a brief clip of her in the "My Immortal" video, and I just naturally assumed that Martha was being raised by her grandmother. Quite a shock to find out that was her mother.

Question: Does her family make a lot of appearances in this season? I'm not nearly as spoiled about the overall plotline of s.3 as I was for s.2 (which...might change if I keep reading dwrewatch posts after every ep), but I find that at the moment I violently dislike every relative we've met, especially her horrible actress of a sister, much more than her.  So I hope not.

My post-episode feelings on Martha Jones, now that I've adjusted to the fact that she has a British accent (which, shut up. I knew she did, but my head doesn't think in accents other than my own, so I've never imagined her voice like that), are that...I still think she's faintly annoying at times, but less so than I did before. I highly doubt I will ever be one of those "WOO, Martha's AWESOME" people, but I can probably learn to tolerate and maybe even like her.  Because I find that I am easily swayed by the Doctor's opinion, and he seemed intrigued and impressed enough with her to make me think that she might not be an entirely awful person. When she's not needling about dates and kisses. Progress, I am making it slowly! 

Or I was until I noticed the tattoo on her arm, which at first I thought was just a bit of exceptionally grimy dirt, because THAT'S WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.  She needs to never be sleeveless again.  God, I hate tattoos.  *grumbles about steps being taken backwards*
In general, there was a lot to love about this episode. UNEXPECTED PAJAMAS, for example, which I was so thrilled about for sheer adorable factor that I didn't even recognize them until the blue bathrobe came on over them.  Then there was Unexpected Heart Stabbing (which was not exactly unwelcome, since it reminded us all of the only happy Christmas ever).

Anyway. Despite the fact that I had no bloody clue what was going on for the first quarter of the episode - a fact not helped by the fact that it took me at least 7 minutes to figure out that I had somehow gotten it into my head that the Chameleon Arch was in this episode, and I was getting more and more befuddled as to how they were going to fit that in - I was enjoying myself. LOVE the Doctor's knowing look and wink when Martha first hears the double heartbeat, and am fairly impressed by the way her whole face pulls back after she moves the stethoscope. Because I can't do that unless I'm genuinely surprised/unnerved- no, really, I'm trying to voluntarily get the muscles to do it and they WON'T.

Oh, oh, oh, I did not know about his sadface!moment, voice trailing off, at the memory of the real tragedy that happened at Canary Wharf!  WIN. *hugs Doctor* *also hugs writer* (why, that'd be RTD, wouldn't it?) 

Little farther in, hospital's on the moon, and I take a look at the shape of the black helmets and realize with UTTER JOY that this is the episode with rhinocerous-head aliens. In the very first episode! Space rhinos!! THIS IS EXCELLENT. A moment later, my suspicions are confirmed, and I think I can safely say that the Judoon are my favorite alien creatures ever. Forget the Ood. I love the Judoon!  Ugly as sin, but so homely they're kind of cute.  *giggles madly with joy* And I wish they hadn't assimilated English as fast as they had, because I kind of love their nonsense rhyme of a language and feel like I could listen to it much longer.

Also love the Doctor's whole interaction with Mrs. Finnegan.  I'd be surprised that she doesn't suspect him at any point, except that he does such an excellent job of sounding like a naive, half-frantic/half-fascinated human that by the third rewatch, even I'm starting to forget. The speech is hilarious, and I cannot stop listening to it.

You know what I don't love? The subsequent blood-assimilation scene. It was horribly graphic, or at least I believe it was horribly graphic because I held out as long as I possibly could, but they seemed to be focusing an awful lot on his neck, and when the straw touched it I finally I squealed, firmly covered my eyes, and spent the remainder of the scene shrieking/moaning "OH GOD EW EW EW; THIS IS WORSE THAN EVERYTHING IN 'MOONLIGHT'." 

That scene was actually much worse than the kiss.  I mean, after having seen the latter once in an icon and reading articles about it, I'd built it up to be a lot worse in my head than it actually was.  I don't know about you, or the weird, weird Doctor/Martha shipping section of the fandom (YES.  THAT IS WEIRD.  MY TERRITORY, MY RULES), but I am completely able to buy the Doctor's "It means nothing; honestly, nothing" without even a modicum of suspicion otherwise.  See my hackles?  Completely flat.  I feel, honestly, no resentment at all.  I also feel zero shippy thrill.  It all just rolls along as part of the plot.  

OK, it could be that I'm slightly gleeful about the insistence with which he drills its nothingness into her head before kissing her.  And I could be slightly annoyed that it all goes in one ear and out the other (look, I imagine a kiss from him WOULD temporarily rob you of a lot of your higher brain functions, but the fact that she just so completely ignores everything he just said, floating on a deluded plane of starry-eyed infatuation, makes me think that whatever chance they had at making Martha a half-decent follow-up companion DIED RIGHT THERE).  ...but overall, the kiss didn't bother me.  *twitch*  The ending more than makes up for it, though.  We'll come back to this.

I have zero notes written for the span of the Doctor falling unconscious to the hospital returning to earth, because despite having watched it twice I get so completely captivated by the thrilling excitement that I just can't tear my eyes away.  It's a plotty-type thing and yet it captures my attention!  Yep, that's good writing.  (in a nutshell: Doctor mostly dead!  Looking really, really haggard and oxygen-starved upon staggering up to save the day!  Forgetting that sonic screwdriver is fried to a crisp!  Saving the day anyway!  Totally blurring my eyes and pretending this is a Rose adventure when he carries Martha to the window!  Fantastic.)

...hey, what do you know, it's time to come back to the ending!

It's very meta-heavy, I admit.  It's like, hit-you-over-the-head-with-a-meta-sledgehammer heavy...but I absolutely would not stand for it being any other way.  I need literal yelling of "Not that you're replacing her!"  And the way he snaps that she gets ONE TRIP and then back home is suddenly very harsh and rather an overreaction - unless of course, you're a still-weeping Rose lover who really needs to hear that he's still stinging over her, and not immediately ready to gallivant happy-go-lucky off with the next pretty young thing who crosses his path.  Only with this comforting reminder ringing in my head do I feel able to move on.  (Melodramatic melodramatic)

Besides, I really can't blame Martha for wanting to escape that awful family of hers for a little while.  And I like the Doctor's cute initial offer of a trip, and the cheap timeline crossing trick.  :P  And the general introduction to the TARDIS - I snorted with laughter when he mouthed "bigger on the inside" along with Martha behind her back.  (Followed by "IS it?  I hadn't noticed!")  And of course:

"Well! Sometimes I have...guests. I mean, some friends, traveling alongside.  I had - it was recently, friend of mine.  Rose, her name was; Rose."  Oh yes, I very much like that her name comes up squarely front and center - twice! - none of that silly memory-burying stuff.  "And...we were together; ANYWAY!" (*is not deliberately misconstruing that meaning AT ALL*) I like all of it up to the meta yelling, really, and then it takes a sour turn south.

"Well, you're the one who kissed me." Somehow, I feel like this whole Martha-crush situation could have been avoided if he'd just fixed her with the same intensely dark glare he gave Donna.  I mean, she's almost sort of cute with her jokes about the tight suit, if my heart wasn't bleeding love for Rose and the jokes didn't have an undercurrent of seriousness to them, but mostly I am all GO DOCTOR, and "Stop it" is my new favorite sentence.  No means no!   

(Then again, I think he holds eye contact just long enough after "Stop it" to have it sink in that he's serious, which affords a last minute chance to DERAIL THIS PENDING TRAINWRECK OF A STORYLINE, but alas, nothing is accomplished).

Bits and Bobs
"That's weird. Have you got a brother?"
"No, not anymore..."
-Wait, what's that now?? Stop teasing me with Time Lord family members you'll never explain!

-I have to say, that is a really dumb way to explain the Martha/Adeola thing. She lost her "cousin" at Canary Wharf, huh? Her IDENTICAL cousin? What, did they not want to take away angst from the Doctor by making her lose a twin? (...actually, I'd be OK with that fact) 

Martha: What's that thing?
Doctor: Sonic screwdriver.
Martha: Well, if you're not going to answer me properly --
Doctor: No really, it is; it's a screwdriver and it's...sonic. 
-His hair is completely insane in this scene, in apparent preparation for next year, which is hilarious, but I'm more intrigued by his rather manic, frustrated insistence that he was honestly just traveling past, wandering, not looking for  trouble.

-"Barefoot on the Moon"! Now I understand fiery_twilight 's header! I always thought it was a really neat phrase, but I never quite connected that it was probably from the show.  AWESOME.  -Heyyy, those haunting vocals when the TARDIS disappears/reappers at the end there; is that "Martha's Theme"?  IT'S GORGEOUS.  -Finally Spy pimped  [info]ihasatardis  in the recap for this one.  And then she filled it chock-full of her own macros. My life is complete. This didn't fit anywhere else If I have one complaint about the show, it's this: Hospital: *gets noisily and conspicuously plucked from the middle of the city to vanish up to the moon*   Me: Does it, er, seem to anyone else as though the Londoners lately are getting hit a bit heavily with alien activity? ... Doctor: What do you think it is? Martha: Extra-terrestial.  It's got to be.  I don't know; a few years ago that would have sounded mad, but these days? Me: See, that's an aspect of the show that's beginning to wear thin on my nerves.  This whole idea of the mysterious Doctor and inexplicable events would be so much cooler if it weren't so EVERYWHERE IN YOUR FACE that ALIENS EXIST.  It makes it sort of, I don't know, less special to travel with him.  You don't need  to fly 'round the universe to encounter alien life and have adventures; you can find all the excitement and mayhem you want right here if you just wait a few months for the next event.   I've never minded when they travel in time vs. space - in fact, I think I prefer it - and their Earth-centric adventures have often been the best ones, but I've always liked the idea that knowledge of what was *really* going on was limited to the people they came in direct personal contact with.  Having the army routinely rolled out to blow up spaceships and the like...not so much. Up Next: Shakespeare turned out to be the biggest letdown of my literary career, in terms of how much I thought I'd enjoy studying it versus how much I actually did, but it looks like a fantastic Doctor Who storyline.  Oh, show.  Are you going to do that CSI-season-8 thing, where you mysteriously don't suck despite the absence of my favorite character/love interest?  Because boy, it sure feels like you are.  And that just goes against all my pre-conceived notions of season the third. ---------- There, that helped.  I should be in a good mood for...*checks watch* At least a couple more hours, depending on when I go to bed, before the emotional roller coaster goes crashing on a downward slope again.  Is Nature's version of Hell Week over yet? 
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