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Catching up on...a week?

 At home.  Internet spotty.  Nevertheless, I'm taking this time to post.

1) Reba rocks!  Kyra's back kind of!  (with positively gorgeous and exceedingly long mermaid-like hair) Barbara Jean is holy freakin' crap skinny.  And "new pretty."  And it's very, very weird and hard to believe, like it's a computer trick and not real or something.  Also...weren't Van and Cheyenne fighting in the season finale?  Wasn't Reba collapsing and in the hospital?  Why were those things not wrapped up?

2) The Class: You know those shirts that say "Talk Nerdy to Me?" Yeah.  Ritchie's magnesium analogy = heart -melting.   And the inflection in his tone when he begged, "I love you," sent me right over the edge.   I still don't see how anyone could actually find him attractive, but since Lina obviously does, all those perfect words and the teary eyes and the down-on-his-knees pleas for forgiveness really should have been enough to wipe out a lifetime's worth of principles and made her take him back with open arms.  I don't care if she was crying on the inside, I'm annoyed with her right now.  I didn't know Lina could be that stubborn.  They'll be happy and back together soon, right?  RIGHT?? 

Plus, although Ethan was only in it for about fifteen seconds, just to get sprayed in the eyes with Pam ("I'm sorry!  I thought you were someone else!" "Someone you didn't want to stick to the grill?!"), I still liked him. 

The Duncan and NICOLE (yay!  I learn!) storyline remained the dullest part of the night, but Duncan did get in one good romantic line of his own - Yonk asks how to make Nicole stop when she bursts out crying for no reason, and Duncan answers, "Nothing.  You just gotta hold her and let her cry." Aw, that's a cute image. 

The laugh-hysterically part of the episode?  The entire Holly storyline.  All the times Kyle nearly choked on and/or spit out his drink were...oh, they were too funny.  Holly's Very Gay Dad: "Just between it just me, or is Perry a little light in the loafers?"  Kyle: *long pause* So my choices are... is PERRY a little light in the loafers...or is it just you."

3) How I Met Your Mother: Slap Bet!  HEEEEEEEE!!  And Robin Sparkles' music video - that was really cool.  Like, I actually like the song.  Sure, I laughed hysterically throughout it, but I actually watched the video about three times over because it was just that cute and nostalgic.  The outfits reminded me of the covers of the early Baby-Sitter's Club books. 

4) CSI: Miami: Next time Calleigh goes down in a hailstorm of bullets, there had damn well better be blood and serious injury.  I admire Cal's made-of-steel tough-girl attitude, and all, but just once I want her to actually be vulnerable and need help.  

Also, it started out like a really good episode - well, average in any other season, but escaping the usual cesspool feel of season 5 - mostly because Horatio was in all the scenes, and actually seemed to be doing something instead of just wandering about aimlessly.  I was ready to praise it.  I already had it marked as the #2 ep of the season.  And then came the sniper rifle scene.  Which was SO UNBELIEVABLY LUDICROUS I can't stand it.  For god's sakes.  It's explosives.  National security at risk.  International terrorism.  HORATIO, LEAVE IT TO THE FREAKIN' FEDS.   There is no way they wouldn't have had a trained sniper in full protective gear ready to take out the truck.  It would not have been left to a damned head of a county crime lab/police lieutenant. 

5) Law & Order: SVU.  Damn it, after Elliot reached for Dani's hand in the hospital, I actually could have shipped the pair.  And now she's gone.  I knew she'd be leaving soon, I like her!   Okay, back up a little.
Firstly: you know, on CSI, when a little girl stabbed an old woman with a pen, she killed her.  I know Elliot's strong, but that kid looked like he had some collected rage to spend.  I would have thought there'd be a little more damage, is all.   But no matter, it was good watching.  And we got a hospital scene of cute, as I said.  But then...does Dani know he's *separated* from his wife?  Because the look on her face when Kathy came in (with daugher in tow) was like she'd been kicked in the gut.  She looked like she felt like a homewrecker. 

All of a sudden, I'm feeling really sympathetic towards Dani.   (who got to use some more French in this episode!  WOOT)  She's kind of a lost lamb.  She's a good person, and tragedy shouldn't have happened to her.  I'm beginning to feel very sad over her husband's death.  What is with me mourning characters I've never seen??   

The story itself was fan-freakin'-tastic.  Elle Fanning is better than her sister. And I myself felt really bad for that poor little girl with the big wide eyes.  When she begged to live with Dt. Beck...I knew she was right to resist, but at the same time, I kept wanting Dani to go ahead and bring her home anyway.  And then she did!  Yes, yes, I KNOW there were warning signs all over that this kid wasn't quite right, but I wanted to love her anyway.  And then when she set the place on fire, with an eerie lack of emotion, "so that you'd never leave me," eeeeeep.  That's the point where I realized this kid needed severe help.   Which made me sad, because I think Dani would make a very good mom...and while she's not likely to pursue the adoption option on her own, if she had formed a connection with a child on a case, that would have been a great excuse. 

The only thing we never got resolution on were the foster parents - were they good or evil?  Well, if all the kids were like [Elle], I'm inclined to believe they were good.  When you've got a kid that's hurting others, and going absolutely PSYCHO at times - my brother used to throw practically demonic screaming fits - I can see where shoving them into a dog cage is a very viable-looking option.  I think maybe the spooky kid was exaggerating when she said she was "very bad" because she "didn't finish [her] food."  She probably set the house on fire after not finishing her food, or something.  So yeah, the people practiced some extreme methods, but they probably thought they were trying to do the best thing they could.  Do they deserve punishment?  Yeah, because that was a little over the top, but not locked up for the rest of their lives or anything.      

6) Standoff: Pretty good episode here, too. Not totally amazing, but decent.  Also, okay, Matt & Emily are sleeping together.  I have, in fact, gathered that by now and no longer need to be reminded.  That's enough scenes without clothes for the year, I think.  You can back off a little. No no, don't take the romance out all together, know, I liked that "talk to me", but there wasn't really any need for Emily to be lying naked in bed to say it.

The rest of the episode was good.  Better than last week, and gonig by case alone, the best ep of sweeps.  I was pleasantly surprised when Matt acknowledged that the crazy woman had a crush on him; I was afraid it was going to be Emily who noticed and Matt who stupidly scoffed at her, which would most certainly have pissed her off.  Not that Emily didn't get a little ticked at him anyway, but...they seemed good in the end.

Whole ep kept me spinning 'round; for most of it I just thought she was totally off her rocker, pretending to be stalked as an excuse to get Matt near her, because she had formed a Taylor-esque insta-crush on Matt and was basically stalking HIM.  The revelation at the end, that she had been raped - which, why was Emily the only person who picked up on that fact from the phrase "I'M the one with the power!"?  It was BLATANTLY OBVIOUS, or maybe I just watch too much SVU - was a real shocker.  Usually I'm just annoyed by rape victims who are too ashamed to report it, but this time I actually understood.  "It isn't rape if you ask for it," she kept repeating, and I gather that she doesn't mean "asked" as in "led him on with skimpy clothing and flirting" but asked as in "I'll have sex with you, whatever you want" to make him think twice about killing her.  I'd sure be messed up and blame myself if I'd done that.  Doesn't give her an excuse to go shoot and torture her mainly-innocent stalker, but...

7) House: Oh, man.  House and Wilson's friendship is speeding downhill at a massively terrifying rate.  Also?  I'm starting to get distasteful images in my head.  Get them out!  Get them OUT!  Well, fairly innocent, but still in a scenario that shouldn’t happen.  At first I thought I was merely recognizing places where the slash writers would go (like last week’s unanswered “ever love anyone else?”), but now I've got storylines in my head, and I hate it.  One of the things that always bugged me about TV/moies was that whenever there was a strong friendship portrayed between two guys, half the world would want to speculate scenarios that went further, and I didn't understand why they couldn't just accept things as they were.  And now my own brain is betraying me.  DAMN YOU BRAIN.

Still, overall great episode.  If I concentrate hard, I can keep my brain on the friendship track.  Also, I want to smack Cameron for following Wilson around and verifying the prescriptions herself.  I understand her need to protect herself in the wake of Tritter - for example, I can definitely see him interviewing the patients to ask if they recognized the doctor prescribing their pain meds - but...Wilson is cute.  He asks you to do something, you do it.  Oi, I think I’m shipping Wilson/Cameron in alternate universes.  I'm really quite desperate for the poor man to be happy again.  

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